The Wines And Services of UKV PLC

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UKV PLC is a company in the UK that specializes in providing clients with high-end wines that can be used for drinking or as an alternative asset. They are able to obtain a wide variety of wines because they don’t rely on any one source and instead have built a large network of suppliers. They focus on top-shelf wines from the best vineyards in Spain, France, and Italy.

In London, UKV PLC has a location where customers can obtain the wines that they sell. UKV PLC offers brokerage services for when clients want to sell part of their wine collection for the best possible prices. For customers who prefer meeting at their own location, the team of wine consultants at UKV PLC can accommodate this request by arranging a face to face meeting at the client’s home or office.

Not every client can maintain the perfect conditions to store wine for extended periods of time while they climb in value. In order to help these clients, UKV PLC has established a relationship with London City Bond which has been storing wine since 1870. Their warehouse is kept at the perfect temperature and humidity for storing wine for the long term. The wine kept safe from vibrations and sunlight, both of which can degrade a wine. Even better is if you’re a UK citizen then there are no duties or VAT to pay.

The Facebook page of UKV PLC continuously updated with new content. They like to keep people informed about all sorts of wine-related topics from how to store it to how to drink it to what the best accessories are. One recent article they published shows a very simple and cheap gadget that is also one of the best ways of keeping a bottle of wine fresher. They talk about the Vavu Vin wine-saving system which removes all of the oxygen from the bottle before you store it which keeps the wine much fresh for a longer period of time than any other method they have come across.

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LLS with Dr. Andrew Manganaro

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Life Line screening popularly known as LLS has been at the forefront of educating us how to prevent illnesses rather than treating them when conditions get worse. During a screening session with LLS, you can identify possible diseases you are prone to and decide on methods of how to prevent the illness from progressing and attacking your immune system. This screening not only keeps you healthy and happy, but it also saves you a lot of money and time spent on medical consultants and fees used when treating diseases.

Dr. Andrew Manganaro, the current head medical officer at LLS, was born in Brooklyn, New York. He also grew up in New York where he attended the renowned University of New York and acquired a master’s degree. Dr. Andy studied medicine and received first class honors in more than one field. During his career of more than three decades of experience, he successful done cardiovascular and thoracic surgery before finally retiring and opened up a private practice which is now known as the Life Line Screening. Dr. Andy has participated in some studies which included a two-year cardiac and vascular surgery research at the UCLA University.

Dr. Andrew states that, during his years in practice, he noticed a trend; most of his clients suffered from illnesses they would have easily prevented had they been aware. These conditions included the rupture of the abdomen aortic aneurysms and also strokes which were caused by carotids. At his private practice, Dr. Andrew insists that by knowing more about yourself, you can prevent getting into worse conditions.

His daily routine at LLS is just like that of any other Chief Executive Officer, only that he does it with extraordinary passion and love. He is involved in overseeing medical and scientific operations, carrying out research in medical science and cardiac related fields, guiding and helping physicians among other many things he does. All his activities around Life Line Screening  shows his hard work and loving nature which has helped a great deal in having a very supportive team. He says that we should take life as an experience that is here to teach us something we are yet to understand.


The Government’s Plan On Improving Sanitation: Felipe Montoro Jens is Leading the Charge

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To improve on sanitation in Brazil, the government has announced that it will be making concessions, this will be through a partnership with BNDES. Mr. Edison Carlos who is the current president of Trata Brasil did grant an interview in which he speaks more about the important points of this initiative. He does believe that the provided services will have to undergo through some improvements which will better the resource areas, management, and the structural areas.


Almost 90% of basic sanitation services in Brazil is handled by the public sector, of which 70% of these users end up being served. To avoid this, the private initiatives should not be designed to exclude the publics; however, they can be focused on assisting them since the collaboration with the government will work better. Mr. Edison does believe that the government bodies have more power when it comes to providing the required experience which can easily be leveraged by partnerships with other companies.


The main role of BNDES will be formulating action plans which will be designated for the states being served. To see this through, the company will be aimed at conducting surveys; these will assist in understanding the current conditions of these states thus identifying the required resources all over.


The Interviewee, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens


Apart from being interested in the infrastructure, Mr. Felipe is a finance professional. Through this, he can aid his clients in ensuring that he has secured their interests. More so, he is a head of several companies in which he has been at the forefront to ascertain their growth.


Some of these companies include AC Energia S.A., where he does serve as the executive officer, Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 2 and Sur Tramo 3 S.A., where he also serves as the executive officer, Concessionaria Travase Olmos, amongst others.


Lime Crime is Bold, Loud, & Proud

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Lime Crime is a line of bold, colorful makeup that is designed for both men and women who want to stand out and be different than the “rest of the crowd”. The company sells a great line of makeup including traditional lipsticks and eyeshadows in non-traditional colors such as blues, greens, and black as well as a variety of hair-dying products and also nail care items. In addition, they also sell makeup a line of make-up brushes. They also offer bundles of items prepackaged together for special prices. Lime Crime cater to a young, eccentric population who want to show off their unique side with their uniquely-colored and designed makeup and beauty products.


These folks are out to revolutionize the way people view wearing makeup, and to provide an alternative look for people who want to be bold, loud, and proud of their look. Whether you just want loud and bold for a special occasion or enjoy wearing that kind of look every day, this company has something in stock for you! They seek to set a different tone in the design and fashion world while other companies rush to copy the latest trend, these guys looks to avoid copying these trends to provide customers as unique and refreshing alternative choice to beauty products.


These products is also available to order online so if you don’t live near their Los Angeles-based headquarters you can still order makeup no matter where you live! Their products are also being sold by several retailers across the US including in Urban Outfitters and in Canada at places like the Hudson Bay Company. All of their products are certified vegan & cruelty-free. They were never tested on animals. They have the endorsement of PETA and the Leaping Bunny to prove it! Lime Crime is a great way to stand out, look unique, and ensuring that you are treating animals and the environment well while you do it!


Andrew Rolfe’s Work With The Ubuntu Fund

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Andrew Rolfe serves as the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, and he is funneling money to educational initiatives that make kids in South Africa ready for the future. A child in South Africa who does not get a good education needs all the help they may get, and the Ubuntu Fund is what pays for many kids to get their education. This article explains how the nonprofit and Andrew Rolfe are making changes to the way that kids are educated in South Africa.

#1: A Child Needs A School

The Ubuntu Fund pays for many educational locations around the country, and it is sending money to places that are good for children. Someone who wants to help children may give to see schools built, and Andrew Rolfe will ensure that the money is used for the proper purposes.

#2: Donors

Andrew Rolfe speaks to his donors about giving their money freely, and he wants to know that they will give their money without any stipulations. He knows that a number of donors will want to put limitations on their money, and he knows that he must ask them to give with no reservations.

#3: Who Benefits?

The benefits of the Ubuntu Fund are far-reaching because they help children and adults across the country. The country will improve as young children are given better ways to learn, and these kids will be leaders for tomorrow. A child that is learning through the Ubuntu Fund will feel much better about their chances of going to college, and they may succeed in life because they have been trained to do something that helps their people.

South Africa is growing because of the Ubuntu Fund, and Andrew Rolfe is ensuring that all the money raised by the charity is used for the proper purposes. He wants to help as many kids as he can with his charity, and he knows that a number of these kids will change their lives because they are in his schools. The career and charitable work of Andrew Rolfe are making quite a difference across South African schools and colleges.


Equities First Holdings LLC’s Offices and their Attractive Services

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Equities First Holdings LLC has just moved its Australian office to Melbourne. The position of the new office is easily accessible to the clients as well as the business associates. The company has maintained three locations for its business in Australia, and these include Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. Equities First Holdings avails stock-based loans to its customers so that they can access capital to expand their businesses, to make strategic investments and also for other purposes.The unrestricted nature of stock-based loans makes it possible to use the capital for any purpose. The loans are also non-recourse capital to them more open.

Equities First Holdings also has its presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, and Thailand with the headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It has been offering its clients alternative financing solutions and supplying them with capital to help them meet their personal and business objectives since 2002.To date, Equities First Holdings has successfully undertaken at least 700 transactions totaling over 1.3 billion dollars. Its shares are traded publicly in different locations around the globe. The customers enjoy high loan-to-value offered at low and fixed rates. EFH has today achieved the status of a global landing company so that its offices are in various countries across the world. The offices are in cities like Hong Kong, London, Singapore, and in Australia.

What EFH Specializes In and Who Stands to Benefit

EFH specializes in the development of products to effectively supply liquidity in terms that are attractive to the customers. The transactions here are always very secure and transparent. Various types of businesses and investors stand to benefit the most from working with Equities First Holdings. These entities received securities-based lending from the company. EFH critically evaluates the risks and the prospects of future performance in regards to bonds, treasuries, and stocks.


Avaaz – A Rising Organization of Global Activism

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Established in January 2007, the United States based civic organization known as Avaaz(A persian name meaning “voice” or “song”) is rapidly growing in its networking base, strength, and world wide activist activities. The organization is dedicated to the promotion of activism around the globe concerning issue such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict resolution. The company relies completely on the generosity of member donations and supporters — preventing the influence of any foundations, corporations or government sectors. The young organization has raised nearly $20 million in funding since its establishment.
As stated in this article, one only need look at their track record to see the organization’s growing influence and effectiveness. The Iranian presidential election of 2009 saw protests setup through internet proxy servers which allowed the uploading of videos and access to public websites by Iranian protesters(this was enabled due to Avaaz’s setup of the proxy servers). Next, prior to the Syrian Civil War, Avaaz helped support the civil uprising through delivering $1.5 million in internet communications hardware to aid protestors and trained the Syrian activists how to use it all effectively. Following this the organization helped send more than $2 million in medical technology into the areas of Syria held by rebels. Avaaz was also able to smuggle thirty four international journalists into Syria to help in the documentation and reporting of the situation.
Most recently, during the 2016 U.S. presidential election Avaaz helped promote the campaign against Donald Trump with their slogan “Defeat Donald Trump” along with the production of a software tool to help oversee voters register more easily and efficiently.
It becomes clear through researching up on this rising organization that they are dedicated to promoting universal human values, rights and actively involved in global affairs. They are a force for good, working for change in the right direction.

Bruce Bent II’s Idea of Achieving through Simplicity other than Intellectuality

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Bruce Bent II, an industrious entrepreneur, and the vice chairman and president of Double Rock Corporation is mostly recognized for his creation of the best short-term asset management and cash related solutions for banks, retailers, qualified plans, and broker-dealers. His company is a financial technology corporation that deals with the provision of industry’s most innovative cash management solutions.

Bruce Bent II Leadership Capabilities

In addition to his leadership as Double Rock Corporation, his leadership skills have seen him serve as a senior executive of all six wholly owned subsidiaries of his company. These firms, which are highly recognized for their contribution in innovations for their respective markets include Island Intellectual Property LLC and Access Control Advantage LLC.

For 17 years, he has actively shown his managerial skills by acting as the CEO and manager of The Reserve. The company deals with mutual market funds and cash management business of FDIC. During his reign in the company, he oversaw the orderly liquidation and sale of the firm’s subsidiaries and affiliates during the 2008 financial crisis. Before the crisis, Bent had led the firm to become one of the world’s largest privately owned money market institution and the second largest money market fund.

Bent’s Key to Succeed

Bent is a strong believer of team work and believes that it takes one person to come up with an idea but a team to bring it to life. For this reason, he believes in moving and interacting a lot with people other than staying glued behind the desk all day. His team includes plain smart people who keep things simple rather than being intellectual. At times some of his team members may never even realize they are on the team.

Double Rock Corporation

Double Rock Corporation was started back in 1970 by Bruce Bent II’s father and his then partner. The company was started with the aim of inventing the first money market mutual fund. Over the years, the company has grown to become a trillion dollar company. Unlike many other multi-dollar companies, Double Rock Corporation ensures that billions of its interest go to the pockets of average Americans instead of ending up in banks. Also, the company has over 60 patents offering various financial services.

Making parent-teacher conferences virtual: Class Dojo

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In an article on Tech Crunch, Class Dojo shows how it has grown from the first released free app in 2011 to the newly renovated collaborative tool that it is today. In the recent round of fundraising, this start up company has raised almost 21 million dollars. The company’s founders, Sam Choudhary and Liam Don, say that this money will be used to grow their team and the features of the app. Their desire is to expand not just the school features but the features for parents at home.


This app allows parents and teachers to communication about academics, social and behavioral interactions, and praise the classroom moments instantly. Since parents and teachers are able to communicate constantly, they are no surprises at back-to-school nights or the once a marking period parent-teacher conferences. In fact, the reports can make parents confident that they may not even feel the need to attend these events.


One cool feature is the photo and video feature. This feature allows teachers to instantly send a picture of the students fabulous work home or a classroom participation moment and share it directly with that parent. The free app is creative a positive classroom culture between parents, teachers, and students.


To date, the company reports that this app is actively used by 85,000 different types of schools nationwide from private to public. This 25 person start up has yet to generate revenue, which is why they seek investors. This company would never make any money of user’s data, because they work with an app that contains children’s information. Instead, they would create content and features parents would pay to use.


Class Dojo is an app that is web-based but does have a mobile version. It is currently free for teachers to sign up. The site generates student and parent letters with their own codes to make it easy for them to sign up and less work on the teacher. The app has ready made behaviors or customizable ones, allowing the teacher to modify to fit their class’ needs and goals. It truly creates a positive culture between the parents and teachers.


This communication platform gives teachers less paperwork to communicate with parents, and parents receive the empowerment to know how their child is doing in all aspects of the school environment. Features like student specific and class wide announcements allow the teacher to tailor the communication to a specific purpose. It creates a community in the classroom and a positive environment with change from the ground up.


Teachers can send communication to specific parents or class-wide, depending on need.


Susan McGalla: How to Succeed as a Woman in the Workplace

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Susan McGalla has just shared some important advice for woman in the workplace, and it’s worth paying attention to (originally reported on PR Newswire).


The original article starts out with some history, giving context to why McGalla’s advice is prescient to the modern reader. A century ago most women worked in the home, making up less than a quarter of the workforce. Today almost half of workers are women. That’s great progress!


Unfortunately women are still being discriminated against, with less than half of female workers in America holding jobs as executive officers. This indicates, and Susan McGalla reiterates, that many women have a hard time advancing in the workplace.


Why should we listen to McGalla’s advice?


Because she’s already proven herself in the business world and works to help other get ahead. She speaks professionally about how women can break through and get ahead in the business world.


So what is her advice?


First, McGalla advises getting a good education. Despite tuition costs going through the roof, she still advises getting a quality education to develop the skill set necessary to succeed in a primarily male workforce. The important thing, she stresses, is having a solid plan, which includes planning how to get money for college. There are lots of scholarships and other aid available to women who do their homework.


Her next piece of advice is to be confident. It’s easy to see why this would be difficult when trying to get ahead as the underdog in a field dominated by men. McGalla shares how management’s negative influence can reduce women’s ambitions. She recommends fighting this by finding and building your own support network to keep you motivated to push forward with bold career choices.


Her last piece of advice is to ignore the whole idea that it’s harder for women to succeed in the workforce, and instead just work hard. This prevents you from having an attitude or feeling that you deserve certain privileges, which can have a negative influence on how hard you actually work.


She ends with a great piece of advice: “Let your work speak for itself.”

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