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Online reputation management is primarily concerned with the management of results on a website to mainly evaluate products and services and makes recommendations and referrals. The primary aim of ORM is to broaden public relations outside media relations. Recent studies by Online Reputation Reviews have identified it as a driving force behind Fortune 500 public relations since the 21st century. Online, the internet and the social media is now accessible, and it has a new meaning and is focusing on electronic communities, such as review sites and the top search results on the brand and individual. It is a company and personal responsibility to build a good imprecision when one googles them. Below are some of the things a person or a firm should put in mind about online reputation management.

Things you need to know about online reputation.

  • Protect your reputation: Your reputation can quickly be tarnished on the internet, so having online reputation managers. The managers specialize in making online makeover by burying the negative search results and replacing them with the client’s desire.
  • Protect your profile online: You can keep you safe online profile by installing anti-virus protection on your computer. The process needs an expert who designs and fixes your digital reputation and profile.
  • Be transparent: it is a communication mode to companies, and it is beneficial when embraced. It is important to be open to critics that come on your social media platform, provides feedback to the critics, allow your staff members to talk and discuss your products in public and also establish a 1-1 communication channel.
  • First impression: The first thing people see on your Google page will either attract them to your brand or push them away, always create the best first impression on your first page.
  • Understand your criticism: criticism can be the best school and chance to learn more about your audience and how to improve your brand and services.

Online Reputation Management helps marketers to analytics into guides that assist them to make decisions and grow their business. ORM helps entrepreneurs to know whether something negative or positive is happening to their brand and company. Business management experts advise company managers to hire online reputation managers for the long term advantage of their online business as well as reputation.


Discover How To Talk More And Pay Less

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Securus Technologies are a team of professionals that have expanded to a global network. Certification 1 is the approval of an international network for thousands of new customers. On the home front Securus Technologies provides their customers with real time calling features. Stay home and talk to your loved ones all you want with many advanced features. Securus Technologies has superior technology unmatched by their competitors. They are responsible for a recent clarification that improved the accuracy of Global Tel-Link. Their fourth-quarter audit made it possible for inmates to get free calls to their loved ones in Louisiana.


Securus puts the safety of their customers first with government regulated inmate call monitoring and surveillance. Your calls are required to have quality assurance through the Public Utility Commission and the federal government. Your calls are maintained with the highest level of customer service satisfaction. Inmates have access to their own personalized calling features and their loved ones limit their commute. There are a number of resources that can help inmates and their loved ones stay connected. Go with the inmate calling network that thousands of people across the globe can depend on. Securus Technologies is a name that is leading the competition.


Inmate Calling Features


Voicemail Options


 Voicemail options are now available to inmates through their personalized service options. Best of all, these features are available from the facility by getting an access code from your commissary. This features helps inmates transition for life outside of a correctional facility.


Advanced Pay


Advanced Pay options give you prepaid calling credits. You can get these minutes by ordering calling credits from the Securus Technologies website. Securus invites you to their easy to read and navigate website for more programs, services, and promotional offers to keep you connected to your loved ones.


Michael Zomber Just Added Another Rare Treasure to His Collection

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If you follow the world of antique arms and armor dealing chances are you are familiar with or have heard of Michael Zomber. He is a well respected antique arms and armors expert as well as a collector and seller.


Throughout the years Michael Zomber has accumulated quite the collection of antique arms and armors, as to be expected of someone with such a passion for history.

Recently though, Michael Zomber acquired a very sought after item. He became the new owner of the Bowie Knife that was allegedly used in a failed assassination attempt on abolition radical John Brown when he was announced as the winner of Sotheby’s auction for rare artifacts of the abolitionist movement.


Though there is no overwhelming piece of evidence or proof that proves without a doubt that it was used in an attempt on John Brown’s life, but the knife does have an inscription etched into it claiming that it was indeed taken from John Brown during the attempt.


Michael Zomber was more than happy to add the rare item to his already large collection of artifacts. The Bowie Knife is from a period in history that he is very fond of to say the least.


Michael Zomber has written and published works of historical fiction that are set in the Civil War era. The two works of fiction are A Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy That’s Me. Both books have received mostly positive reviews.  Also read more about Michael’s passion for history on Citrite.

Don Ressler Builds Exciting Clothing Line for Women

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Don Ressler is the type of person that looks at trends and analyzes the market. He takes the time to get a feel for what is going on, and he makes better decisions for his business based on what he has seen. This is how he has improved things for JustFab. Ressler has been able to take things to another level with his company, and that may be the reason people have taken interest in the things that he attaches his name to.

First it was Intelligent Beauty on that got people buzzing about the strength of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg as a team. After that it was JustFab. Now people are taking about Fabletics.

This and is a true sign of good marketing. People that have been customers for the various businesses created by Don and Adam have continued to follow them and check out their next move. These customers have been interested in trying out the different types of clothing that can be found on the websites that these two have created. Don Ressler knows how to build anticipation for the products that he is marketing. He has been able to promote his products in a way that allows him to truly set trends and get others to get on board.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg sought the possibility of starting a subscription service clothing company, but there were not a lot of other companies that we’re doing this. It seems like something that was very risky to engage in, but Don had already been watching trends in the clothing industry. He was aware that women were interested in shopping online, but there were some females that had no idea what they wanted to buy once they got to the website.

Lots of women that go out to shop with friends are indecisive. They put a lot of emphasis on getting the opinions of others in order to build an outfit on Wikipedia. What Don and Adam have managed to do is create an opportunity for customers to get their own personalized stylist for picking out clothes.

Ressler is someone that has been able to predict how women will shop, and this has proven to be very valuable in the e-commerce business that he is in. This is what has allowed him to become successful when lots of other online shopping websites may be struggling to keep their customers loyal.

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Healthy Never Tasted Sweeter With Markus Rothkranz

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Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, there is always one thing everyone craves and that’s chocolate. Two of the most desirable desserts are chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate peanut butter cups. Health guru and motivational speaker, Markus Rothkranz, demonstrates a healthier option for the desserts we love. Markus begins by making homemade silky smooth chocolate using Cacao powder (Nativas brand), carob powder, maple syrup, cashew butter (Artisana brand), alcohol free vanilla, and coconut oil. He uses the maple syrup as the sweetner for the chocolate which, as he points out, is good for diabetics as long as you don’t go crazy with it. He also suggests to cut back on the maple syrup if you’re not a big sweet eater.

When beginning to mix the ingredients, he starts by sifting the cacao powder and the carob powder to get rid of the lumps. He mixes the rest of the ingredients in and the results are amazing. It’s difficult to tell the difference between the vegan chocolate and regular chocolate. It’s absolutely stunning.
Next Markus takes a bowl of strawberries and dips a few into the chocolate to make chocolate covered strawberries. He gives an interesting tip which I’m sure is a surprise to most, but if you’re not able to purchase organic strawberries, Markus suggests soaking the strawberries in a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide to help purify its healthy attributes but he warns, make sure they soak for only a minute or else the peroxide will cause the red to be stripped off.

The next delicious treat was marzipan. Marzipan consists of crushed almonds and maple syrup. Once the marzipan is made, he pours chocolate into cupcake paper cups. He rolls a small piece of marzipan into a ball and then flattens it a bit before placing it on top of the chocolate. Markus also does a small sample of a peanut butter cup but with a marzipan center. The desserts look delicious. For more on this recipe, you can view the video at
Enjoy and bon appetit!

Heldrich Loan Fails to Make Payments

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In a Press of Atlantic City article, it has been reported that the Middlesex County Authority has failed to make their $1 million dollar payment on a $20 million dollar loan. They received this loan from the Casino Redevelopment Authority. This is not their first missed payment, they are almost $7 million in backed up payments over the past five years.
The original loan was made in 2005 to finance the Heldrich, a New Brunswick Hotel and Conference Center, that was developed by the New Brunswick Development Corp. The New Brunswick Development Corp, Devco has been set up as an example of what public money can be done with non-profit and is the model for Atlantic City Development Corp. Both New Brunswick and Atlantic City are led by attorney Chris Paladino.

The Heldrich, which opened in 2007, has failed to make the profit expected. The economic crisis did not attract the guests needed. The hotel is hurting and it had to tap into its 776,000 budget to replace things, like mattresses and carpet. That loan was part of a $107 million dollar. The rest of the package was stitched together by $70 million in bonds. They are hoping with the recovering economy that the Heldrich will start to repay the loan soon.

New Jersey Development Corporation is a company that specializes in urban development. They work with what the people need within the community to strengthen the community. They use their expert knowledge to leverage resources to public-private partnerships to develop urban projects that work.

SEO 101- Knowing Where To Place Keywords

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When it comes to search engine optimization most people know the importance of keywords. Keywords are what make the internet go round. Without them your potential customers would not be able to find your website.

If you are wondering where to place your keywords for maximum results, follow these simple tips from leading digital agency White Shark Media.

#1 – Place Keywords In The Page Title

The page title tells both searchers and the search engines what your website is all about. Be sure to place several of your main keywords in this section.

#2 – Place Keywords In The Main Headline

Having keywords in the main headline ensures everything is congruent. That means the same snippet searchers see in the search engine is the same topic they will see when they hit your landing page.

#3 – Place Keywords In The Meta Description

Placing keywords in the meta description tag is extremely important. While it won’t give you a boost in search engine rankings, it will help you better target your audience and improve overall click through rates.

#4 – Place Keywords In Images

This is something that is often overlook. Keep in mind the search engines will crawl every part of your website, even the images. Therefore, your image name as well as the ALT text should include keywords.

#5 – Place Keywords Throughout The Content

Again, the search engines crawl everything. Except of course the things you tell it not to. With that being said, placing keywords throughout the content on your website is extremely important. All you need is two or three keywords in the content and you should be good to go.

Don’t Overdo It

When it comes to placing keywords, the worst thing you can do is stuff keywords everywhere. While this worked 5 or 6 years ago, these days it is the quickest way to the Google sandbox. And once there you will lose your rankings and as a result your business will greatly suffer.

So avoid keyword stuffing at all costs. Read through all of your content before you hit publish. If you feel like you have repeated a keyword too many times, get rid of it or replace it with a different keyword.

About White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that has been around for almost 6 years. During this time they have helped thousands of clients improve their online businesses through the power of online marketing.

They have grown at such a rapid pace that Google invited them to their headquarters in 2012 where they were assigned their own support team to help them leverage their growth and better serve their clients.

The Contribution of Andy Wirth to the Hotel and Mountain Resort Sector

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Andy Wirth is a renowned professional in the mountain resort and hotel sector. He has been in working in the industry since 1986, and he is currently employed at the Squaw Valley Ski Holding as the president and the CEO of the company.

Andy has adequate knowledge and experience in the management of resorts, and this has made it possible for him to transform Squaw Valley into a destination that is visited by international tourists. He attended the Colorado University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science. He then enrolled at the Edinburgh University, and he was awarded a master’s degree.

 Mr. Wirth has been involved in national parks for a long time since his grandfather was a US National Parks Service Director. He has also worked as a ranger for the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area and the Rocky Mountain National Parks.

Andy was then hired by the Steamboat Springs Resort. He was in charge of marketing of the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation and was also an administrator of the firm. Intrawest later acquired Steamboat and Wirth moved to the company to serve as the executive vice president of the company is 2007.

 Squaw Valley is a top skiing resort that was established seven decades ago. The firm has been under the administration of the Cushing family for a couple of years before Nancy Cashing handed over the leadership of the business to Andy Wirth.

According to CrowdRise, Andy Wirth supervised an upgrading exercise that was worth $70 million and had an aim of making the resort to get to the same level with others in the industry. The status of the Squaw Valley rose in one year, and it was considered to be among top resorts in the sector. Mr. Wirth participated in the transaction where the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort was merged with the Squaw Valley.

 The Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation appointed Andy to serve as its CEO in 2016. The company was established in June 2001, and it has been striving to attract tourists to Reno Tahoe. Mr. Wirth is also a philanthropic individual, and he is involved in various charities.

Cone Marshall firm brings trust to Trusts

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The notion of assets held in an overseas Trust conjures up all sorts of images in the mind of the casual listener: car chases in exotic locales, briefcases full of diamonds, and shady characters known only by pseudonyms speaking in code about “assets” to be kept from “unwanted attention”. The reality of overseas Trusts, particularly New Zealand Trusts, is actually far better represented by a lengthy spiel about estate planning and ownership legalities, which in turn appeals less to the casual listener and more toward the financially savvy. The financially savvy would be well served to turn to the experts at Cone Marshall ltd for their information on setting up Trusts.

Cone Marshall ltd is a New Zealand based Law Firm owned by partners Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. Rather than dealing with some shady fixer in a tax haven prospective clients will be pleased to find that their trust can be held by Karen Marshall, a University of Otago grad with over a decade of experience at Cone Marshall alone.

With prior experience as an advisor to several companies that manage Trusts on behalf of companies and deal with liability, she also has a history of going after those who mismanaged Trusts and dealt in bad faith with Trustees. In short she is precisely the sort of person that one ought to trust with one’s Trust. The aforementioned briefcase full of diamonds, while optional, is hardly standard practice.

Cone Marshall’s position in New Zealand is ideal for the Trustee in many ways. Its banking system is highly transparent, and it holds its trust companies to a high legal standard. The system in place in New Zealand is highly conducive to outside finance without being some sort of tax haven. In an international environment recently rocked by scandal regarding offshore accounts in several countries the opportunity to do business in a country’s financial system that doesn’t inspire suspicion is the best move that a prospective Trustee can make. There is no one better to trust with your Trust than the good people at Cone Marshall. No briefcase, pseudonyms, or car chase required.

Shopping For Nice NYC Apartments for Rent

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Shopping for luxury NYC properties is one of the most important things investors are doing in today’s economy. They want to be sure that they can find a nice place to live, or they want to be able to find a place that will be fun to work in. It is very easy for someone to learn about luxury NYC properties when they are working with TOWN Residential as that is the best firm in the city for this sort of thing. TOWN Residential has provided customers with a lot of different options, and they will walk every customer through the shopping process.


The shopping process is very simple to comprehend, and it is something that every broker at TOWN Residential takes seriously. They know their luxury NYC properties really well, and they know the pricing for all these different places just as well. That helps when people are shopping in a certain price range, and it also helps when people are trying to get something specific. They can make major requests to a broker at TOWN Residential, and the broker will instantly find a list NYC apartments for sale that will suit them.


Shopping with a broker at TOWN Residential helps people find NYC Properties that will work for them. It is very easy for people to get the right property for their needs, and they can live or work there without any problem. They can get TOWN Residential to negotiate a price, and they can pay less because of their connections at TOWN Residential.


Shopping for real estate in New York City becomes much easier when the buyer is shopping with the right broker. The broker will help the client with any request they need, and they will keep prices low. There are many reasons for people to buy real estate in the city, and they find it easily with TOWN Residential.