Milan Kordestani Milan Farms CEO

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At first sight, Milan doesn’t appear that changed. He’s 18, sets off for college and appreciates being an equestrian. In any case, at that point, you get the opportunity to converse with him, and that is the point at which you understand how a customary school kid is accomplishing something phenomenal. A business visionary at such an early age, there’s a lot of difficulties you confront. Adjusting work with school can be hard, and discovering time for carrying on with that “perfect school life” might be significantly harder.

Be that as it may, for Milan, it’s somewhat extraordinary. Kordestani has the energy for not simply agribusiness, but rather straightforwardness inside the business. “Milan Farms is more than an original homestead. I trust that straightforwardness is exceptionally critical in agribusiness since it’s the best way to remain responsible for how you raise your creatures or deliver, and it’s the best way to stay aware of evolving requests.

Milan Kordestani Founder and CEO of Milan Farms, an understudy in the San Francisco Bay Area and author for the Huffington Post. In mid-2015 Kordestani built up Milan Farms to start his voyage of making a natural framework to raise poultry and naturally developing pure saffron. Milan Farms is at present offering, natural eggs, mint, and saffron. Milan Farms expects to give a genuine choice to the customer. Utilizing straightforwardness in raising their creatures and using natural options for their plants. Kordestani trusts that with regards to picking an item, the customer knows what they need, an unadulterated, good choice ought to be promptly accessible with no privileged insights concerning how it raised its produce.

In 2016 The Milan Farms logo and brand turned into a trademarked organization and had since extended to three separate homesteads which convey eggs the whole way across Colorado, including the west drift, and saffron over the world. While Milan Farms perceives the convention in the development and creation of saffron, they additionally put stock in advancement. They have seen achievement in both, however, are as yet exploring different avenues regarding shifting saltiness levels in water and also changing minerals in the water to guarantee we culminate our product.



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In a recent talk with CNBC, Jed McCaleb, the founder of Stellar CTO Mt. Gox, said that he predicts a single payment, Blockchain powered system for the whole world. Stellar is a Blockchain powered global payment system using digital tokens same as the Ripple. Jed McCaleb went further by stating that there is going to be an operable global payment network shortly. There is also a chance for hybrid system facilitating payments of fiat currency with the help of Blockchain.

South Korea has already lined Ripple up with Woon Bank for the execution on a commercial level in late 2018, stellar is under consideration by legal, financial corporations as part of a fundamental shake-up of their payment methods. Jed McCaleb said that Stellar’s blockchain innovation could power a Universal Payments Network that processes payments and also traditional assets such as shares as well as stocks.

Before its recent drop to 0.2512, the (XLM) the stellar Lumen had been thriving for quite some time. Its latest adoption of the lighting network assisting in the neutralization of future drawbacks has greatly aided in the lead of press coverage.

Jed McCaleb who has been a crypto designer for quite a while has anticipated Stellar’s innovation will change worldwide financial systems inclusive of payments, fundraising and stock markets by the year 2028. With a resume that incorporates the creation of the Mt. Gox Bitcoin as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Stellar, makes it hard to ignore him. What’s more, with the ongoing marvel of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), Jed McCaleb states that the financial framework does not directly tap the market.

The financial research organization, Autonomous Next reports these ICOs have assisted in the raising of almost $9 billion in barely over four years. However, the prevalence of ICOs has additionally observed the frustrating growth in numbers of fraudsters exploiting the innovations in raising funds as well as leave investors oblivious without their money. This movement has pulled in the attention of controllers from around the globe, yet supporters of token deals contend that they act on behalf of a fresher way of fundraising. Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

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Sheldon Lavin leads OSI Group to success in the food industry

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Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman of OSI Group, LLC. He is also its Chief Executive Officer, and the president of OSI International Foods Ltd. Sheldon is a notable character in the meat and food processing industry. He was involved in the Otto & Sons financing, which later developed into OSI Group. OSI Group grew rapidly from a national food processing company to a global industry leader. It has more than 60 locations across 60 various countries with 20,000 employees.

History of OSI Group

It all began with Otto Kolschowsky, who was a member of the thriving German-immigrant community in Chicago. In 1909, two years after coming to the U.S, Kolschowsky started a small retail meat bazaar and butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois. Within ten years, he had done such good business that he had extended into the wholesale side of it. This included relocating to Maywood. In 1928, after another ten years, the family business rebranded to Otto & Sons.

In 1955, Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. However, before he opened it, Kroc had agreed with Arthur and Harry, Kolschowsky’s sons to be the restaurant’s first supplier of fresh ground beef.

After a few years, Kroc bought out McDonald’s and became the Chief Executive Officer of the modern-day corporation. As it took off, Otto & Sons became symbiotically entwined to it. Soon, supplying the ever-increasing number of regional McDonald’s restaurant became Otto & Sons key task.

Sheldon Lavin takes over OSI Group.

In 1975, with plans to expand globally, Otto & Sons brought on Sheldon Lavin as a partner. Lavin had served as its investment consultant in 1970 and played a significant role in its capitalization efforts. In 1977, OSI launched its first facility in West Jordan, Utah. During the late 1970s and 1980s, other facilities followed.

Expansion in the international sector resulted in Sheldon Lavin becoming the CEO and chairman of OSI in the early 1980s. His experience in the banking sector and also as an investor proved CRUCIAL in his management.

OSI Group became ranked on the 2016 Forbes list of largest private companies as #58 with sales of $6.1 billion.

Sheldon Lavin was awarded a Global Visionary Award for bringing OSI Group onto the global scene. Under his leadership, OSI has received a sizable list of environmental and sustainability awards. Lavin hopes to motivate the next crop of leaders to commit themselves to responsibly expanding their companies. Lavin with the aid of his wife managed to raise three children and give back to society while expounding on his career as a leader.

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Hussain Sajwani’s Exemplary Leadership Propels DAMAC Properties to Unimaginable Heights

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The road to success is met with ups and downs. All in all, it is good to stay strong and strive towards achieving the set targets. As for Hussain Sajwani, emerging from a humble background did not withhold him from working towards attaining his golds in life. Hussain Sajwani’s ambition was always to become a billionaire, and he is currently one.

Background Data

Hussain Sajwani was always ambitious even at a tender age. Although he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he knew that he had to make it either way. Since his father taught him the basics that revolve around entrepreneurship, Sajwani would later use the same skills to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship. Sajwani started out with a catering business that would serve corporate clients around Dubai, UAE. As a man who valued customer feedback, he would interact with the various clientele. Among the clients who were served by Hussain Sajwani’s catering company were such as Donald Trump.

DAMAC Properties is born

Far from having a company that dealt with catering, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, acknowledged that his dream in life was to become a billionaire. Since the catering business only had the ability to make millions, Hussain Sajwani needed to rack his brains and find a viable plan that would steer him towards becoming a billionaire. Afterwards, he noted that the permit issued to foreigners by the Dubai, UAE government to own lad presented an opportunity. The foreigners would need to buy land and property. That is how Hussain Sajwani decided to form a real estate company, and he named it DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002. Since then, the company has been dealing in glitzy apartments and other forms of properties. Also, by working with like-minded individuals such as President Donald Trump, Hussain Sajwani has been able to steer DAMAC Properties towards unimaginable heights.


Although all Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) had was ambition, the application of proper strategy came in handy in his journey to success. The ability to identify potential played a pivotal role in Hussain Sajwani’s success and the success of DAMAC Properties. Far from boasting of his success as an entrepreneur, Hussain Sajwani also donated towards charity events. Recently, he donated AED 2 million, and this lump sum amount will go along in helping needy children.


US Money Reserve lands new deal

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In the modern generation, consumers are interested in the investments that offer quick returns. These individuals find themselves in trouble because whenever there are major economic changes, the investment they have made turns to be a loss.

There are so many investment opportunities in the global platform at the moment. Individuals who have been using technology for their investment purposes can attest to this. There are millions of opportunities online where people can earn some wealth.

However, with many conman everywhere on the internet, people are scared of trying some of these important opportunities. People have remained to be poor despite the many simple money making opportunities. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

In the past, wealth was considered to be invested in gold and other precious metals. People who had these metals in their pockets were considered to be wealthy. Gold was a crucial element in the society. With the changing market, people started to forget about this form of investment, and they focused on the modern ways of investment.

Veterans who felt that the consumers were making a mistake that they were going to regret in the future decided to start a company that would deal with natural metals that were approved by the American government. The company is called US Money Reserve, and it is one of the leaders in the international market.

US Reserve has been fortunate to land amazing deals since it came into the market several years ago. The founders and executive leaders of the organization had made sure that customers get the excellent results they want when purchasing precious metals. Customers are happy with the services they have been getting from the company.

This year, the company was fortunate to take part in the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. The event is expected to take place while the whole world is watching, and this is the primary reason the deal was offered to US Money Reserve. According to the news shared by most media companies, US Money Reserve will produce the coins to use in partnership with a company called The Perth Mint Australia.

These two companies have a reputation in the metal department, and they are considered to the leaders in the tight global market. US Money Reserve has appreciated the opportunity the event management has given it, and it promises the consumers nothing but the best services. US Money Reserve has already prepared itself for the event.

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Larkin and Lacey: Joe Arpaio Shouldn’t Have Been Pardoned

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Ten years ago, Americans witnessed a case that left many people shocked. Two respected journalists were arrested by the Maricopa County officials because of issues that were not known to the public. According to Larkin and Lacey, the county boss felt that there was so much information about him that was being published by a magazine that was owned by the journalists.

Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County sheriff sent his powerful forces to go and arrest the journalists who were in their homes in Phoenix region. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The families of these professionals were shocked because of the incidence, but there was nothing much they could do to make things better. The county sheriff was doing his best to humiliate and silence the journalists so that they do not expose the activities he was engaging in.

When Michael and Jim were in prison, they decided that they were going to fight for their rights and those of other people who were being ignored in the country. The two journalists were already experts in handling similar causes, and they were easily released from prison. The journalists presented their case in court, accusing the Maricopa county for false arrests and detention without the right procedures.

The journalists were quite fortunate this time round. The courts handling the case found the Maricopa County officials guilty of the arrest, and they were ordered to pay Jim and Michael a huge amount of money. The amount received from these county officials was used to start a human rights foundation that has changed lives of many Americans.

Jim and his friend have always been looking forward for the courts to rule in their favor and sent Joe Arpaio to court because of what he was doing when working as a sheriff. However, these journalists will not have their wish granted. Connect with Jim Larkin on LinkedIn

The case was ruled to favour the recently elected president opinion. Donald Trump announced that he was going to pardon Joe Arpaio, allowing him to walk free after committing numerous crimes. The American citizens are also not happy about the decision from Donald Trump. Most of them have watched the county sheriff operate his county with a lot of carelessness.

When Joe Arpaio became the county sheriff, he was highly respected, and people feared him because of the amount of power that surrounded him. This businessman took advantage of the power he was given, and many lives were lost during his tenure. Many people were angry because of these activities, and that is why they did not elect him for another term in office.

The people have been shocked by the decision that has been made by the president. Jim says that Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio are longtime friends who have worked together in the past.

Joe Arpaio was one of the strong supporters of Donald Trump and this is why the president decided that it was paramount to save him a jail term that was ahead of him. The decision has remained a huge disappointment to many people.

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Meet the Renowned Music Tour rigger and Sound Engineer, Clay Hutson

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Clay Hutson is one of the most recognized businessmen in the music industry who provides excellent services to event organizers as well as musicians. From the experience, he managed to garner the experience he needed to become a successful sound engineer and tour rigger.

His Soul2Soul World Tour

Clay Hutson had joined Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their second leg of the Soul2Soul tour which they began in 2017. The duo had considered Clay Hutson for live production due to his experience as a producer. The talented producer was happy to meet many other artists in the second leg of the tour including the Brothers Osborne, Devin Dawson, Midland, Seth Ennis, Margo Price, and many others. Clay Hutson noted in an article that he was honored to be part of the tour as Faith and Time were known to make an interesting team.

Success in the music industry

Prior to his music production career, he was a theatre design and management student. Clay Hutson had always focused on getting his career going in one of them being music companies. In his later employment opportunities, he became recruited as the general project manager. Clay Hutson had also worked as a sound engineer for Billy Graham team where he continued to gain more experience. Because of his love for rock n’ roll, Clay Hutson decided to join the music industry, and since then has been able to travel to different regions including North America, Australia, and Europe where he has entertained his fans.

Additional information

Clay Hutson had the opportunity to work with DiGiCo console which has increased his awareness of different music options in the market including SD7 and SD8. On his road trip with Marilyn Manson, the famous producer was able to experience a hand-built D5. Clay Hutson has always confessed that with the courage of founding his own company, he was able to launch the stage management and sound production firm.


Clay Hutson developed the love for music at an early age. He always got interested in different music sounds which perhaps influenced his career of a live sound engineer. During his career, he has registered several excellent performances with artists like Pink and Kelly Clarkson. Associating with these powerful musicians has played a great role in influencing his popularity. He will continue to excel, thanks to his commitment to the music industry. Learn more:

Paul Herdsman Shares 12 Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Starting a company is easier said than done; a lot of work and mental preparation is required. Paul Herdsman—Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global, shares 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman for new entrepreneurs.


  1. Find guidance. You need someone to look at your work from another angle. Choosing a mentor that knows your field can give you advice on details you may be missing.


  1. Picture it. Picture what you want your business to become. Imagine what you would want it to look like in the future.


  1. Know the consumers. Always listen to what consumers have to say. Knowing what they want will tell you what you need to provide.


  1. Keep pushing forward. People get discouraged and give up easily sometimes. Push forward and be prepared for any downfalls, don’t give up.


  1. Be a risk taker. You will have to take risks. Investigate and gather substantial information before making risky moves.


  1. Do what you like. Like Paul Herdsman advised to pick a business you’ll enjoy. Find something that motivates you. Running a business can be draining if you’re not passionate about it.


  1. Learn from failures. Learn from the downfalls. The most successful entrepreneurs learn the art of recognizing mistakes through past experiences.


  1. Don’t cut corners. Be dedicated and ready to work hard. You will need to wear many hats at first and it might be a long time until you see the success you want.


  1. Go the extra mile. You must go the extra mile, especially when you have competition. Always do more for your customers than the competition does, stand out.


  1. Stay optimistic. Have a good attitude and be grateful for any positive outcome. Negativity is a killer, it will drain you faster and the vibe will reflect on your business.


  1. The staff matters. Be sure to build a diverse team. Take notes of your strengths and weaknesses and find those with characteristics that you lack.


  1. Your time is valuable. Paul Herdsman learned early that you sometimes have to say no. You may have to turn people down at times, but it’s inevitable. Focus on the company’s most important elements. See This Page for additional information.


Nice Global, led by Paul Herdsman, focus on employee satisfaction, skills, and professional growth. Paul Herdsman is also a co-founder of Inbound Call Experts LLC that has headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. His primary areas of interest are entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.


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Alex Pall a True Artist

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The Chainsmokers are a DJ/Production duo. Alex Pall was half of that duo. He grew up in New York City, and was Djing as a hobby. This hobby turned into a side job, and then a full on career. The Chainsmokers now manager introduced Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, which made them the duo they are now. They had a breakthrough in their career in 2014 when they released their hit single “#Selfie”. Which they then played as an opener for Timeflies at Terminal 8. Their careers just took of from there.

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In May of 2016 the chainsmokers released their new song “Closer”, which featured Halsey. Unlike their previous songs “Closer” has Andrew Taggart singing. Normally this would not hold any suspicions, but it is quite the opposite for these two. The duo usually count on songwriters and vocalists to give the human aspect to their electronic masterpieces. The Chainsmokers attempt in personalizing their music, is more than likely because they wish to be recognized as true artists, not beasts behind a machine.

Mathias Rosenzweig interviewed the two in May after their song came out. Rosenzweig says he finds it odd that they were singing on their own song, and Pall replies “Well, why not?”. Then he goes in more depth and says “..because none of these people write the lyrics to their songs.” The duo actually sit with their songwriters and write out their songs. It is always changing but it is always them. The music they create is about them, and they are apart of its creation.

Alex explains that their album which includes “Closer” is about who they are and portraying that to their fans. They did not want this album to be another DJ album. They wanted it personal and interesting. A big round of applause to the amazing Chainsmokers and their awesomely creative songs.

Upwork Tips on Making the Most of Your To-Do List Working as a Freelancer

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Upwork is one of the leading online platforms that connect businesses with freelancers who can connect with each other and collaborate on projects remotely. The platform has users from all around the world who utilize it for earning money, either full-time or part-time. Working as a freelancer offers many benefits, and one enjoys flexible working hours. But, sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all the work that needs to be done. It is the reason why creating a to-do list is so important.

Creating a to-do list is not as easy as most people would think. When creating the to-do list, you need to ensure that you have all the different tasks, big or small added to it. Many people do not add simple tasks thinking it would obviously be done even if they do not write it down. But, it will be the one thing that they forget completing. It is best to write down all the tasks that need to be completed. Always mention a deadline with each of the task that needs to be done. Instead of creating the to-do list in the morning, it is best to prepare it before going to bed. It means you will have enough time in hand to complete the critical tasks early in the morning and get a head-start to the day.

Always have one particular place where you are creating the to-do list. Do not let it be scattered around here and there that can make it difficult for you to track. You will also end up losing precious time going through different sources for the tasks that you need to get done before the day is over. It is also a wise choice to prioritize your list so that you do not miss out on any important task that cannot wait for tomorrow. But, remember that even the non-important tasks should not be overlooked and should be completed within a two-day period. Using the above tips will ensure that you can make the most of the Upwork platform and earn high income working as a freelancer.