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Christanna Bevin Provides another Face for Project Management

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When people think about project management, a few things generally come to mind regarding project management. One of those things is the idea that project management is all about managing. This is not the case. Project management involves a variety of skills beyond managing. While managing is an aspect of project management, a good project manager must be able to do many things well such as plan, schedule, assign tasks, delegate, handle meetings, make decisions, and numerous other things that are vital to a successful project.

A good project manager is able to handle all aspects of a project from beginning to end. With such diverse portions of a project, the manager of a project must have a very good understanding of all aspects of the project cycle. Therefore, a project manager must be able to develop a project and know what is needed to put a project together. Also, a project manager must understand how to put all the pieces of a project together and move the project from start to completion.

A point that is often overlooked is that projects rarely go as planned. As a result, project managers must be able to adjust to changes in a project without causing the project to stop. Many people can work on a project but being able to run a project is a different situation. There are pressures and stress that come with being in charge of a project. Good project managers are able to handle the pressure and stress without letting it affect the project.

Christanna Bevin is an excellent project management professional. She has managed many projects and has been able to successfully complete the projects. Beyond the aspects of the projects that she has managed, Christanna Bevin has shown an amazing ability to make projects not only meet the schedules and requirements concerning the projects, but she is able to make the projects a good experience for all the people involved in the projects.

Christanna Bevin is a name in the project management profession that people have started to recognize and appreciate for her abilities as a project manager. She is a face that will get notice in the project management profession.

Christanna Bevin can Bring Projects Full Circle

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A good project manager can save a project that is headed towards disaster. The role of a project manager is to make sure that a project is completed successfully. Many people can take a good project and manage a good project well. However, fewer people can take a bad project and turn it around into a successful project. Managing a project takes a variety of skill sets and a certain level of confidence to manage a project well. All good project managers are able to figure out a way to make a project work. While all project managers have different strengths and weaknesses, they tend to understand what those strengths and weaknesses are and they act accordingly.


Every project is not managed in the same way because every project is not put together in the same way. A project manager must understand all aspects of a project. This includes the initial phases when a project is being put together. In many cases, the project manager is not always an individual who had input on putting the project together. As a result, a project manager must be able to analyze a project to determine if adjustments need to be made regarding a project.


If adjustments are needed, the project manager needs to be able to determine what adjustments are needed. In addition, the project manager must be able to convey any updates or changes concerning a project to all the various people involved in the project. A project is a moving target that is constantly changing. While almost all the people who are involved with a project only focus on the tasks that affect them, the project manager must see a project from the micro and macro perspective.


Christanna Bevin is a project management professional who understands the overall picture of project management. She can manage a project from infancy to completion. She has a special talent for analyzing projects and determining what is needed to make a project successful.


Christanna Bevin along with her talent to analyze has the communication skills necessary to convey what her thoughts are regarding a project very well. She is able to take a project from any point and bring it full circle.



How Technology and Fashion Trend Together

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Over time, the fashion and technology industries have experienced many changes. In fact, the two grows together. Technology has become fashionable while fashion has become technologically fashionable. How the two grows together is an exciting journey. According to Christopher Burch, a preview of the past and present dictates what lies ahead in the future.


The introduction of the boom box in the 70s brought excitement as one would carry around favorite stations and tunes. It had two cassette decks where one would be used to play music and the other one for recording. The use of boom box was added to movie story line. Moving forward to the 80s, the Walkman enabled one to buy a more personalized music experience. A decade later, personalized music experience became even smaller with the invention of iPod. As such, technology seems to grow with the popularity of fashion. Today, technology and fashion continue to blend. Fashion designers take pride in creating technologically popular products.


Fashion needs technology to gain popularity and vice-versa. For example, wearing glasses was highly disregarded up until recently. From a computer geek’s viewpoint, Google Glass seemed intriguing due to the stigma of wearing glasses. Also, its cost seems astronomical for an average person. However, Diane Von Furstenberg came to the rescue of those that want the technology that does not require the wearing of glasses. Since fashion shows tend to wake people up to the latest trends, Diane’s model wears Google Glass as they are walking through the runway. Therefore, accepting Google Glass technology should have a similar effect on fashion shows. Thus, growth in technology may need assistance from fashion.


As seen, technology and fashion grow together and can even benefit one other. Therefore, the future of fashion leads into the future of technology. Technology and fashion work in handy to advance each other. Technology not only advances fashion but also creates functional fashion. The greatness of the future lies in what technology and fashion learn from each other.


About Christopher Burch


Christopher Burch is a renowned investor and entrepreneur behind the success of a series of companies. Currently, Burch serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. In many ways, Burch Creative Capital reflects Burch’s values and vision for new market opportunities. With a clear understanding of consumer behavior and experience in direct sourcing, Christopher Burch connects innovation to impact. Currently, Burch’s company supports the development of lifestyle and consumer products ranging from organic food, home furnishing, and apparel.

A Solid Foundation For Evolution Of Smooth

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EOS has gone from a little known brand to instantly recognizable in only a few short years. The growth of the company in such little time is an achievement in itself, but all of this growth was done without an active marketing plan. For the very small amount of marketing that was done to promote EOS, the growth rate at which the company expanded was almost quizzical. The answer to this puzzle lies in the genius packaging design that caught the eye of every woman and made it’s way into her hand and then her purse.

When the company started out, they made sure they Target women and heard them about what they really wanted in a lip balm product. Easy to find in a purse, easy to open, easy to apply, and a pleasure to use all made the list. The company’s founders, previously in brand packaging and helping to run startups, put their expertise together and formed a product responding to all of these needs. The resulting product was colorful, fun, fit in the palm of the hand, was easy to open with a simple twist, conformed to the shape of the mouth, closed with a soft click, and was made with all natural ingredients. How could any woman resist, including the female buyer who was the first to initiate the product into any store, and that store was Walgreens. Ulta and Target soon followed the EOS product trend.

Success in their sales led them to invest in their own custom machinery instead of hype, so they could respond to the demand of the product, and the company now sells over one million units per week. The brand has kept up with their modern face and has invested in Facebook videos to promote their product now that they have reached success on their brand’s popularity.  See,


Kevin Seawright Helps Small Businesses

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Currently Kevin Seawright is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation (NEDC). This non-profit corporation was created by Ras Baraka, Newark’s Mayor, to aid new small businesses that must be located in that city through a city-wide development plan. That helps a business start off on the right foot, learn to understand their financials and tax and credit reporting, how to be successful, and how to be involved in the community and help the city move forward and grow.

NEDC also has its own loan specialist and helps with small business loans with very reasonable interest rates from some banks that are active in Newark, other EDCs and financial institutions, and the Small Business Administration.

In addition, the corporation has a small business development course one night a week for 12 weeks. The last time they gave a grant of $500 to each person who completed the course, and they helped locate a building or a kiosk for them.

Kevin Seawright is an administrative operations and financial leader in the private sector and in governmental operations. He is known for his strategic vision and business acumen, his keen ability to achieve goals and command opportunities, and being efficient in the outcomes by delivering results through the alignment of technological initiatives with economic and organizational goals.

Kevin Seawright acknowledges that you are only as good as the team that surrounds you. He has therefore worked tirelessly to establish a great rapport with those he works with, use his excellent team-building skills, enhance recruitment efforts, improve staff retention, and direct other negotiations. Currently he attends Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business for Executive Leadership.

For more than 13 years, Kevin has also used his financial expertise based on his Masters in Accounting from Almeda University to help better a number of communities on the East Coast and fosters positive relationships with city, neighborhood, and state associations.

Helane Morrison Works Hard And Climbs High

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There are many people that work jobs. However, the types of people who work hard and climb high are very few. For one thing, there are a lot of people that want to get promoted. The only thing is it takes a lot of work, humility, and love for the job in order to rise into higher positions. This is something that Helane Morrison has shown working at SEC. She has not only worked hard, but she has done the research and shown herself to be very passionate about the work she is doing for her career. She sees the purpose behind what she is doing which is making sure that the corporations are acting ethically.


As a director of SEC, she has kept the traders on their toes in order to make sure that they are following the established rules. One thing that she understands is that the rules are not just rules. They are put in place in order to protect both the corporation and the consumer. When things are working in a smooth fashion between the consumer and the corporation, then both parties are likely to be satisfied, and there will be a small likelihood of problems down the line.


Helane Morrison is someone who works very hard to keep the peace between two parties. She is also very passionate about protecting the rights of the consumer. When consumers are treated fairly, then they are more likely to want to return to the company they did business with. A business that regularly practices dishonest and unethical activities are going to make every institution look bad and as a result, lose clients. Helane Morrison wants to keep the industry strong for the corporations. She does not want people to leave these institutions. This is one of the reasons that Helane Morrison is hard at work in what she does as a compliance officer.

How Don Ressler Makes Fabletics Work

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Fabletics is a company that is designed for women who want to be able to have a great workout clothing lineup while still looking good in the process. This is something that the company feels strongly about and something that they have been able to do a lot of in the time that they have been in business. It has allowed Ressler and Goldenberg the chance to make things better during their workouts and has given them a chance to enjoy the convenience that comes with using a subscription service for the needs that they have in the fashion and workout industry.

People who are looking for a great deal can benefit from Fabletics. Don Ressler made sure that the brand was designed so that people could truly save money on the different things that the company has to offer. Ressler also wanted to make sure that people would get a chance to do more with what they had. The clothes that people can get from Fabletics are not extremely expensive. While they are made of quality materials, people do not pay a premium like they would with some of the other clothes that they might buy to be able to work out in.

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When someone signs up with Fabletics, they are given the chance to have a subscription box that is tailored specifically to them. This is something that they will be able to do when they are in different types of business and when they are able to do more with what they have. People who sign up with Fabletics get the chance to have an outfit that is tailored specifically to them and one that has been able to help them out with the different options that they have. This is something that makes Fabletics special to people who can do different things.

Despite the fact that most people understand how subscription boxes work, they must also make sure that they are getting exactly what they want out of the business. It is something that has been a major help for Don Ressler and has allowed him to make things better for all of his customers. He knows what people want and he is able to deliver that to them so that they will be able to get more out of the process of buying the clothes that they love and that they want to be able to have.

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