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The Value of Customer Service

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A lot of companies today are not doing a good job of helping customers. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are going on in life and in business. Goettl Air Conditioning is a local company that is committed to serving customers the right way. With all of the changes they have been working on, a lot of people are excited about the future. Now is the time to learn how to help other people in any way that you can. Over time, this is a great way for the company to grow during peak season.

Goettl Air Conditioning

This company was started by one person and has grown since then. Even in the beginning, the company was dedicated to quality customer service that a lot of people are excited about. Not only that, but this is a company that a lot of people love working with. A lot of times, HVAC work can become expensive. However, if you are able to find a company that a lot of people are excited about, they will usually have a lot of deals that you can take advantage of. If you will spend the time to help other people in your area, you can have a lot of success in business. One of the things that helps Goettl Air Conditioning stand out from the competition is how well they treat customers. This has been the winning formula for success over the years for this company, and it shows with the culture of the company.

Future Plans

With the rapid growth of the company, a lot of people are excited to see where the company is going to end up in the future. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are coming to the industry in the form of new technology. If you are excited about some of the changes that they are doing, some by and see them today. They want to be able to serve more customers, and that is why they are investing heavily into trucks and equipment that is going to help them last over time. Goettl Air Conditioning is the type of company that is going to make a big difference in the lives of other people in the industry. Now is a great time to try and figure out a plan for your future in business. Goettl Air Conditioning is the type of company to model yourself after.

The Leadership Skills of Jose Henrique Borghi at Mullen Lowe Brasil

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Advertising is not a bad word any more. Every company in the world is making use of it to do business today. They look for advertising companies online as well as in traditional brick and mortar shops. This is why advertising companies are competing in a tough market.

Jose Henrique Borghi always knew that advertising is a complex business as it has to show results besides being creative. Advertising requires a complete plan before getting implemented.

This is why advertising agencies today are highly specialized. People like Jose Henrique Borghi understand what it takes to produce an advertising campaign that is highly successful. This is why he is the winner of so many Lions at Cannes.

Every company and every brand are different. This is why what works for one company or brand may not work for another one. Hence each account must have its own advertising plan. This is exactly what Jose Henrique Borghi tries to accomplish for his clients.

His company is Mullen Lowe Brasil. This is one of the most popular agencies in advertising in Brazil today. It has an enviable list of clients. It is well known for providing creative and incredible advertising campaigns for all its clients.

Jose Henrique Borghi is the president of this advertising agency. He enjoys a good reputation in Brazil as he has been able to accomplish a lot in his professional career. He is known for his creativity and innovation. Few others are able to understand advertising the way he does.

Jose Henrique Borghi is also known for his unique working style. He asks the staff at Mullen Lowe Brasil to work in an outside environment and not in a normal office setting. They are required to assist in projects which are at other locations. This boosts their creativity. To know more click here.

The Messy Bun From Wengie

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Create a messy bun with little effort using a sock that you don’t use. Cut the toe off the sock. Roll the sock until it looks like a band. Tie your hair in a ponytail, pulling the hair through the sock until the hair covers the sock. This will create the ideal messy bun, and the sock keeps the hair from falling as it’s made of a stretchy material. You can add pins for securing the bun in place if you like.


NuoDB: Taking The Database Computing Throne

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In the overcrowded database technology niche, one name stands out – NuoDB. Conspicuous in a rather populated industry, NuoDB has fascinated technology hobbyists with its unique ability to morph according to user’s needs. As a matter of fact, its patent identifies it as an “elastically scalable database.” This magnum opus of software was developed by Jim Starkey, in collaboration with Barry Morris.

Though it has existed for only nine years, NuoDB has taken the computing world by storm. On two separate occasions, the program has been featured in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant list. The acknowledgments do not end here, as the prestigious Boston Business Journal bestowed NuoDB with the honor of being the leading innovation institution in 2014. This prosperity is a major pulling factor for investors, who have since pumped approximately $60 million towards the development of the business.

NuoDB employs flexible mechanisms in their SQL-based databases, meaning they can be adjusted without the need for additional hardware. The use of this technology further ensures lightning processing speeds, an advantage that suits the clients. To cap it all, the most outstanding merit of using NuoDB is its scalability, where servers can be added without overwhelming the computer system.

To keep with evolving trends, developers regularly release updates. This guarantees compatibility with latest technologies as well as upholding information security.

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Talk Fusion Helps You To Get Noticed

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The market is full of choices. Hence the customer is always asking what you offer different from your competitor. Worse still, the customer will not even wait for your answer.


Today the thing having the highest premium is time. No one has the time. It does not matter what excellent copywriting you have done. Getting people to read it is not easy. People do not have the time or patience to read an entire ad.


Talk Fusion understands this well. This is why they have come with their video solution. Now video can be incorporated in any form of advertising. It can be a part of a newsletter, an email or even an ad. There is no denying the fact that moving images create a lasting impression. In fact, a lot of studies have been conducted on this. Images work more than text and moving image have a higher impact than static images.


Now Talk Fusion brings this option to marketers the world over. And the results are there for all to see. This is the era of digitalization. The best way to reach people is through the internet. This means that Talk Fusion will reach your customer anytime, anywhere and through any device lake laptop, smartphone or even a tablet.


Video can hold the interest of the viewer much longer. Next, its retention power is also high. Such people are more likely to make a purchasing decision. Hence it leads to higher sales. This indicates that Talk Fusion is giving options to you for enhancing the sales of your company.


There is much more that Talk Fusion offers. After all, customers are looking for customized packages. Besides, they are looking for instant gratification. In case they have a query, they want an immediate answer. They do not have time to send a question and wait for a reply. In that much time, they would have gone to the competitor and made their purchase.


This is why Talk Fusion is offering live meetings. Hence you can chat with the customer immediately, understand his needs and provide him what he needs, leading to customer satisfaction.




Great Benefits of Studying Kabbalah

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In the world today, many teachings have captured the attention of many followers. Perhaps, it is high time you asked yourself what benefits you get from following such religious teachings. Some teachings have not benefited but only drain you of your spiritual nourishment that you have. Here I am looking at the great benefits that one gets after studying Kabbalah which is an international non-profitable organization. The teachings of Kabbalah have now been modernized, and there are even many ways you can now access this wisdom that existed millions of years ago though most people never knew of the existence.

Kabbalah is a spiritual system that offers practical solutions in your life. There is no big difference between the teachings of the other religions and Kabbalah, but the difference comes because Kabbalah who teaches practical knowledge. With Kabbalah, you do not wait to get fulfillments later in your life or somewhere else. If you learn the wisdom of Kabbalah, you will get the fulfillments you want in your life here and now. There are a lot of advantages you can get if you can only dedicate yourself to read this ancient knowledge and wisdom that has been passed by great teachers.

For example, if you take your time to understand Kabbalah you will get the connection between you and spirit. There will be personal empowerment and all the things that you have always felt that you have the potential to achieve, you will achieve. Once you study Kabbalah, you will be able to understand the world, and will not have to ask yourself many questions that you do not have the answers. As you know, since we are human beings, there are achievements that we want in our lives that we may not achieve. However, if you get to understand the knowledge and wisdom of Kabbalah, you will fulfill what you have always wanted in life.Kabbalah also enables one to become enlightened and have the power to understand all that is happening in your life. There are many questions that you ask yourself as human beings, and because of the limited understanding that you have, you may not get answers to these issues. However, Kabbalah is knowledge of the life we are living today. Here you get all the instructions that you need to live comfortably in this world. Participation in the lessons will make you a champion in all areas of life that you encounter.

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Entrepreneurial Mastermind Don Ressler

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Starting up a business can be a daunting task, but there are a few people that know how to work the market, and it shows in the work of Don Ressler. His involvement with the fashion company TechStyles (formerly JustFab) has helped the enterprise get off the ground and into the thriving business we see online today. Don Ressler is the co-CEO of TechStyles, working alongside CEO and long-time business partner Adam Goldenberg. Together, they have created an online shopping experience that has changed the way customers and businesses look at e-commerce. An example of this web-based store is Fabletics, which focuses on women’s athletic clothing which employs a subscription service to get access to a full range of features on the site. This subscription on comes in the form of a monthly fee, where customers pay to receive full outfits sent right to their inbox. Additionally, if a buyer chooses to skip a month, they can do so by logging into their account and selecting the appropriate checkbox.

During his time with his previous company Intelligent Beauty, a business dedicated to marketing product online, Don Ressler began to think about new, more efficient ways to market his product. He wanted to enhance the buying experience, and make it more personalized towards what the customer is interested in, rather than showing a web page full of clothing and styles that may not appeal to the client. Through the web-based subscription service, customers get exactly what they want in athletic wear without the hassle of browsing through pages and pages of product on Ressler also knows that size matters and is pleased to introduce an expanded size range to fit women from all walks of life.

It all started after Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg left Myspace. Don Ressler pursued his business in Intelligent Beauty but wanted something more that would revolutionize how online shopping was done. With Mr. Goldenberg, the pair came up with JustFab, a company that would grow exponentially in the next few years. They received $33 million from Matrix Partners, using the funds to start up their new enterprise at Once JustFab was well established, Matrix then supplied an additional $76 million to continue to improve, enhance, and maintain the company’s expenses. The company is based in El Segundo, California to which Don Ressler remarks is a fun central hub for their business, which allows them to stay on top of current styles and trends. Their hard work has paid off; their enterprise is worth an estimated 1 billion dollars and has recently rebranded itself into the TechStyles of today.

Equities First – Highly Indebted Financial Institutions Before The Crisis Messed The Traditional Lenders

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Much of leverage in financial institutions was enabled through complex financial tools, for instance, off-balance sheet derivatives and securitization which made it challenging for regulators and creditors to monitor and work to minimize financial institutions’ risk levels. Likewise, the instruments made the progress virtually impossible in reorganizing financial bodies in bankruptcy which facilitated the necessity of government bailouts. Financial institutions and US households became overleveraged and highly indebted before the crisis which increased their flexibility to crumple of the housing bubble and worsening of economic downturn.

Free money utilized by home equity extraction consumers doubled from $627 billion to $1,428 billion in 2001 and 2005 respectively with the housing bubble accumulating approximately $5 trillion within the duration, leading to economic development globally. On the other hand, Equity first US home mortgage debts in association with GDP went up from the average of 46% to 73% in 1990s to 2008 respectively, reaching $10.5 trillion. By the end of 2007, the US household debt as the year disposable personal income percentage was 127% compared to 77% in 1990. Most of the banks & lending companies have so far tightened their loaning standards to keep similar crises at bay. On the other hand, majority of borrowers are opting for optional lending services which come with affordable and manageable interests and rules respectively. Equities First is one of the firms that takes provide in furnishing businesses owners with alternative lending services with venture proprietors benefiting from stock-based loans.

In 2004 to 2007, the leading five investment banks in US greatly increased their monetary leverage, which extended their financial stock vulnerability. Modifications in capital necessities were intended retain US banks in competition with their counterparts in Europe, permitting minimal risks for AAA securities. Traditional loans today come with high interests’ rate with institutions aiming to repay their debts and also keeping riskier borrowers from getting loans. As small business owners are finding it tough to secure banks loans, stock-loans at Equities First ( have turned into a better alternative as the firm has been devoted in fulfilling its missions.


Celebrities and Their Myers Briggs Personality Type!

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You can argue that the Myers Briggs personality system is imperfect. In fact, just about every level of psychology and analysis can be considered imperfect. Still, we’ve found that the Myers Briggs personality test can be startlingly accurate. Today we’ll pick out a few personality types and their corresponding celebrities.


ESFJs – “The People Person” – Hugh Jackman

When it comes to ESFJs, they like to be the heart of the party. It doesn’t surprise us that mega-star Hugh Jackman has tested for this personality type. He’s a superstar in every sense of the word and you only have to catch his smile on stage to buy into what he’s doing.


ISFJs – “The Introvert” – Kanye West

It’s hard to peg a famous ISFJ at first glance. This personality type tends to be more reserved in nature, keeping everything close to their vest. Kanye West, for all of his bloviating, is a musical genius that falls under this personality type. Wildly enough, other ISFjs include George H.W. Bush and Mother Theresa. You probably never thought that you would put those three in the same sentence, did you?


ESFP – “The Superstar” – Leonardo DiCaprio

If you are an ESFP then you kind of think that the world is your stage, unlike INTP famous people, the people around you your audience, and your life a play. The ESFP is a superstar laden personality type that is headlined by people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Clinton, and Miley Cyrus. That’s one heck of a line up, isn’t it?

Brazilian Investor Igor Cornelsen’s Top Three Tips For New Investors

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Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor, foreign exchange expert, and a retired banker. He has made a name for himself in his home country as one of Brazil’s top bankers. Currently, he lives in South Florida enjoying his favorite hobby- golf.


From time to time, Igor Cornelsen works as a consultant in his fields of expertise and dabbles in the various investments markets. He has learned a lot about it over his vast years of experience and has taught many of the art of investment markets, and more specifically, how to invest in Brazil.


Igor Cornelsen’s first tip is to get to know the natives. Knowing your target audience is essential for every business, including investments. Brazilians are extremely friendly and social and would be glad to share their thoughts.


Tip number two is to be prepared to face the obstacles. The Brazilian market is growing but it is still on the fragile side, and so there are many regulations such as Restrictive labor market rigidity, high taxes, regulatory complexity, bureaucracy and much more. Those regulations can be difficult to work through, but Igor Cornelsen states that those who are willing to put in the effort and patiently get around the barriers will see great payoffs in the future. He says that only smart investors will see the huge payoff that lies in the future.


For his third tip, Igor Cornelsen reminds that there are a number of restrictions for a non-residential business doing foreign-currency transactions. He also points out that those transactions can be handled only by authorized financial institutions. New investors absolutely must look into that before they decide to go through with their plans. Doing the research beforehand might be the saving grace because uninformed decisions can be detrimental to new investors not only in Brazil but other countries as well.