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NuoDB: The Flexible SQL Database that Adapts to Cloud

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NuoDB is a new generation SQL database specifically designed for the deployment in the cloud. Further, it is a transactional database management system or DBMS that showcases the characteristics of traditional databases but scaling out cloud computing processing as well. As a flexible SQL database, NuoDB follows a three-tier structure contrary to traditional databases, and that are transactional, storage, and administrative tiers.

Interestingly, the layered structure of the SQL database helps it to work without any close coupling with any application and without storing data on a hard disk drive – the characteristic that makes it suitable for cloud applications. The working mechanism of NuoDB is that it divides data elements “atoms” – special type of software objects. The database comes with a durable distributed cache design that makes in-memory caches for supporting cloud-style elasticity. It also ensures that the data objects are entirely stored and maintained.

The SQL database is designed and developed by NuoDB Inc., a leading software vendor for cloud platforms. The initial version of the database – NuoDB 1.0 – was released in January 2013, and in the later years, successive versions of the database have been released. Currently, the vendor sells 2.0.3 version of the database, and the technology is utilized by industry bigwigs like UAE Exchange, Dassault Systèmes, Alfa Systems, and more.

Lime Crime Pocket Candy Palettes Are A Major Hit

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There are only a small number of brands worthy enough to be named revolutionary within the cosmetics industry and any self respecting makeup guru knows the super hip and super cute Lime Crime is one of them. This beloved company burst on the scene and made instant headlines as one of the very first beauty brands to make their start in the digital and social media world.

Lime Crime is an Indie cosmetics company best known for churning out some eye popping and wildly colorful lip shades. Their wonderfully eclectic colors are long lasting and comfortable enough for daily use. Vegans and animal lovers alike are thrilled at the fact that their products are certified by PETA as 100 percent vegan and cruelty free. Nature lovers can now be as trendy and chic as they are socially conscious thanks to the founder’s forward thinking.

One of the shining qualities about this beauty brand is that they don’t gear their products towards a specific demographic. This means that amazingly unique guys and gals are invited to take part in the wonder and sparkle of makeup without any restrictions. This company knows that makeup is for everyone and they produce magical colors and shades sure to be a hit regardless of gender.

Their latest launch to hit the shelves is the Polly Pocket children’s toy inspired eye shadow palette called Pocket Candy Palettes. These convenient, pastel works of art come in three different shades and house a total of five must see shades. The shades range from glowing and luminous to professionally neutral depending on taste and preference. The palettes each have totally adorable and delicious sounding names such as Pink Lemonade, Bubblegum and Sugar Plum.

Lime Crime has proven that they certainly know how to pair beautiful, buttery eye shadow shades with colorful and nostalgic packaging as with the all new Pocket Candy Palettes. At such an affordable price, you can take all three home for the chance to really customize your look. These beauties can be found online at Amazon or at the nearest Walmart or Urban Outfitters.

Greg Secker- Forex Trainer from the U.K

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Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur. He is well known for being a proficient foreign exchange trader. Greg Secker is also an author. He has written several books regarding foreign exchange. The most known being entitled Financial Freedom Through Forex, Trading Your Way to Success. He has also contributed immensely in publishing another book entitled The Book Of Success: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success. Secker has a series of companies that he has started. Most of them revolve around forex trading. They include: FX Capital, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software and Capital Index. Apart from being an author and entrepreneur, Greg Secker is also a philanthropist. He is the founder of a non-profit organization known as The Greg Secker Foundation.

Greg Secker was born in February 1975 in Norfolk, England. He attended the University of Nottingham. At the university, he studied agricultural and food science. However, Secker was not interested in starting a career in that field. While at the university he developed an interest in computer programming and started self-training in programming. This knowledge in computer technology is what would see him join foreign exchange trading after his time at the university.

Greg Secker joined Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist. Starting off he was not a trader but developed the interest in forex trading after seeing other traders in the company do it. He is the innovator of the first online trading platform known as the Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). This was the first platform that could avail real-time foreign exchange quotes. When he was 25 years old, he joined Mellon Financial Corporation as the vice president. Here, he was able to interact with fellow expert traders with whom they developed some of the most successful trading strategies that exist today. In 2003 he retired and started individual trading as a full-time job. He was trading from home. He started training people on forex trading strategies by setting up a trading floor right from his home. He founded a forex training group known as Knowledge to Action Group. He later founded the Learn to Trade so that he could reach more people in the whole world.

Sheldon Lavin Is A Patient Businessman

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Sheldon Lavin’s patience with business decision-making proved to be to his advantage when entering the meat manufacturing industry. Lavin took an unorthodox route into his meat industry career. It began more than 43 years ago. Sheldon Lavin was a banking industry expert and financial advisor when he was offered the opportunity to work with Otto and Sons. At this time Otto and Sons was primarily focused on its business relationship with McDonald’s. Lavin would eventually take the company to an international level.

OSI Group currently has a roster of over 20,000 employees internationally. Sheldon Lavin believes that the company is still family-oriented despite its tremendous worldwide success. The proof is in the longevity of every employee’s commitment. The turnover rate that OSI is very low. This dynamic provides the type of work environment that made the company special from the beginning.

Lavin entered the meat industry in 1970. He arranged the financing for Otto and Sons to secure their business relationship as the exclusive meat provider to the McDonald’s Corporation. At this point Otto and Sons had merely been there Midwest service provider. They had a chance to build a meat processing plant that would cater to the specific needs of McDonald’s and put them in an exclusive category with the fast food organization. Lavin was recommended by the bank to have a direct role in this process. He initially signed on as a consultant. His stipulation was that if he ever came in as a partner that he would have the same leverage in decision-making as the other partners within the company.

Lavin eventually became heavily involved in the operations at Otto and Sons. The company grew simultaneously with the McDonald’s Corporation. Leaders at McDonald’s recommended that Sheldon Lavin be a full time partner at OSI. Levin agreed due to his tremendous respect for the culture and business practices at McDonald’s. He pioneered the expansion throughout North America and Europe. Growth continued through the 1970s and 80s which included South America and Taiwan. Eventually Sheldon Lavin gained controlling interest of Otto and Sons once to the original owners sold their interest. Around this time Otto and Sons became known as OSI Group. Roughly 13 years ago the last remaining partner retired. This gave Sheldon Lavin 100% control of the decision-making at OSI.

OSI expansion has reached Australia, China, India, Philippines, and South Africa. There is a growing presence in Brazil and Europe as well. Lavin is currently in his 80s and actively involved in pushing OSI Group to even higher successes.

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Gregory Aziz And His Lifelong Commitment To Service

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Since he was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949, Gregory James Aziz has led a life punctuated by quality, determination and attention to detail. Gregory J. Aziz was first of all educated at Ridley College and then was an Economics major at the University of Western Ontario. In 1971 Greg James Aziz began to highlight his resume by joining Affiliated Foods, his family’s wholesale food import business. Under his direction the company grew to become the world’s leading importer of fresh foods from Europe and Central America to markets in Canada and America.


Had Greg Aziz stopped there it would have been impressive enough. However, he also sought to make his mark in the investment banking realm as well. From the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s he was a rising star in the field but he still felt something was missing from his career. Around late 1993, he couldn’t help but notice a unique opportunity in the railroad industry.


Like many other young men, Aziz grew up being fascinated with trains. He knew many individuals had devoted their entire career to these engineering marvels. That is why as 1994 approached he was intrigued by the new opportunity at railroad company National Steel Car.


Aziz worked hard to be considered for the position of CEO of National Steel Car, but as he was named to the new post he knew he had a daunting challenge ahead. National Steel Car was a railway company that was literally on its way out as far as influence went. True to his acumen, however, Aziz has fundamentally transformed the company to a leading railway company within the North American continent. See This Article.


How did he do it? By getting back to basics. He started by focusing on the engineering talents of those working for the company, he was able to improve the cars of National Steel Car and impress potential investors with their design. He also was able to attract some major investments into the company. Because of Mr. Aziz’s dedication, the car capabilities of National Steel Car grew from just 3,500 cars in 1994 to over 12,000 cars by 1999.

National Steel Car also has been highlighted by reinvestment into their local community. They have taken major involvement in Ontario’s Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, and a number of other local charities. National Steel Car is also providing leadership into the 21st Century by hiring more engineers who are dedicated to reducing the “environmental footprint” of the company. It’s all due to the leadership acumen of Gregory Aziz.

Gregory Aziz – Quite A Leader

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Gregory Aziz is the leader of National Steel Car. This company is the leader of the railcar industry. He is the President and CEO of this company, and he takes great pride in what he and his team members have been able to do. Since they are the leader in their field, they are continuously adding new and innovative ways to keep that lead.


He is a man of integrity, and it shows in all that he does to lead National Steel Car. Born in London, he was an Economics major and the University of Western Ontario. Since that point, he worked in all different types of financial endeavors, including investment banking. This enabled him to eventually purchase National Steel Car so that he could lead it to the success that it is today. It is known in North America as the best in the engineering and manufacturing of railcars. It is an honor to have been the leader for the past 18 years, and Greg is looking forward to that lead continuing for a long time to come. See This Page for additional information.


Greg and his staff regularly contribute to charities in Hamilton, Ontario. Some of them include the United Way and the Salvation Army. Along with his wife, Gregory J. Aziz takes part and sponsors a huge fair in Canada – the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This is a well-known in the area, and many people attend it. He welcomes all of his staff and their family and friends to enjoy all that they can when it is time for the fair to operate.


National Steel Car is a company that has an excellent staff of professional workers. They are dedicated and loyal to their customers and to their suppliers. Their level of workmanship and integrity is well known. They are respected by all of them, and they are sought after for the work that they can do. Their attention to detail and professionalism is applauded, and the future for this company looks extremely good. There is no end in sight to the advancements that they can do, and the ability for them to attract more and more customers in the years to come.


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People Love to See Market America Shop

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Built on products, powered by people. This is the basis of Market America Shop. A program that ensures stability, profitability and most important, longevity that is secured through productive brokerage. Market America is a new concept in online business and is designed to be a pinnacle for self motivated financial independence. Unlike many niches and startup companies that live and die by the successful rise of one product base, Market America has cultivated the ability to offer a wide range of product lines and branding across numerous markets simultaneously. These are not just small niche markets, but the top multibillion dollar enterprises. Everything from nutrition, to health to cosmetics.

People love to see Market America Shop. It has taken hold of industries like weight loss, household and gardening, and so many more. Market America is committed, as we always seek to provide innovative ideas, while building markets for some of America’s most popular product lines and useful services. Building our foundation in products, but continuing to be powered by people. This is what makes Market America something new and different in an age of copycats. Come see what members are doing, while shopping online this season. It will be an eye opening experience, one you won’t forget.

Goettl’s expertise on effectiveness of home air conditioning system

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A fresh and comfortable home during the hot and humid climates is everyone’s desire. Many people tend to invest in costly air conditioning systems. However, as advised by Goettl experts, there are many ways one can utilize to improve his/her air conditioning systems.

The homeowners need to weatherize their homes by sealing gaps, cracks and replacing the old insulation. Also, the air filters and AC units should be regularly replaced to make the system more efficient. The cooling system and thermostat need to be placed in the shade away from direct sunlight or heat.

Moreover, the Biz Journals experts advised on how the use of radiant barriers insulation helps in regulating heat in summer and winters. Consequently, the homeowners should induct a programmable thermostat. The mechanism can be operated via smartphone to control home temperature wherever the owner is. Finally, the owner should seek HVAC experts for installation, replacement, and tune-up of the air conditioning systems.

About Goettl’s

For many years Goettl’s has been extensively involved in production and installation of heating ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC). Founded in 1926 by three Goettl brothers; Adam, Bill and John Goettl. Goettl’s first established themselves in the town of Mansfield, Ohio. Later they shifted their base to Phoenix, Arizona where they started the Goettl Air Conditioning. Goettl’s went on to innovate and produce a variety of heating, evaporative coolers, and cooling technologies.

Goettl’s has grown through bumps and success, changing ownership a few times. Most notable was when Ken Goodrich bought the company on December 2012. Goodrich changed the company’s strategies by focusing on customers’ satisfaction. The approach improved the company revenue to reach $50 million per year. Also, Goettl has been involved in charity programs like the donation of tools to College of Southern Nevada. Visit the company’s website;


National Steel Car, The Backbone Of Canadian Railway Industry

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National Steel Car is considered as the largest and very famous rolling stock manufacturer located in Canada. Gregory James Aziz is the present chairman and chief executive officer of this company. He is also known by the name Greg Aziz. He has transformed the company into a really successful and progressive enterprise. In the past, the company suffered a huge loss and transforming this company was a huge challenge for Greg. It specifically revolutionized the Canadian railways in the 1900s. At that time, the Canadian train network was built from coast to coast.



During the rise of twentieth century, the Canadian government planned to create a strong network of railways that is able to connect all the cities, territories and provinces of Canada. In the year 1912, the National Steel Car was established and rolling stocks also known as train cars were the first products manufactured by them for the Canadian government since they wanted to expand their railway system. Right from the beginning, the investors envisioned a bright future for this company. A lot of investors started investing in this company. A lot of rolling stocks orders were taken by the company and they sold out fast. It signed a contract with the government of Canada that led the company to take up large number of orders. Seeing the success of its business, many business partners showed interest in it and that is why they signed many deals with the company. Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian Northern Railway are among these companies. National Steel Car signed a contract with two big transport companies to manufacture additional rolling stones that will be used for public transport. The revenue of this company increased drastically during the start of this company as the economy in the rail transport industry boosted suddenly. But, the company faced a huge financial loss in the 1930s because of the Great Depression. The Great Depression hit Canada as well apart from other developed countries and the economy of the country was badly impacted. To survive in such crucial condition, National Steel Car decided to start manufacturing other products beside rolling stones. A wide array of products was manufactured by the company at the time of financial pressure in order to survive among other businesses. More information Here.


During the Second World War, the company started manufacturing war machines and war vehicles. In this way, it revived itself and get into the world of great businesses.


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Linda Owen Partners with Highland Capital Management

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Highland Capital Management is a respected investment company that is based in the United States. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and it has branches in many parts of the country. The company has also expanded its products and services to the international communities. The firm was established several years ago, and it has properties worth millions under its management. The company has a team of leaders who work hard to ensure that the consumers get whatever they deserve.

James Dondero and Mark Okada are the two professionals who are responsible for the leadership and success of the international company. James Dondero holds the position of chief executive officer. Having worked as a hedge fund manager for a very long time, Dondero has all the expertise required to make the private company to remain a leader in the competitive industry. As the leader of the institution, James Dondero is responsible for the capital raising activities in the company. The hedge fund manager is also in charge of the day to day activities of the institution.

Just recently, the top management at Highland Capital Management announced that they were going to partner with one of the most respected civic leaders in Dallas, known as Linda Owen so that they can manage the charitable giving program at the firm. According to the leaders, the company charity program has grown significantly in the recent times. Linda Owen will be working closely with the famous Dallas Foundation to make sure that the funds make a great impact on the lives of the people.The Dallas Foundation is an institution that specializes in administering the donations from Highland Charity Program. Linda Owen will now be serving as the charitable giving manager of the company.

James Dondero, the president of the international, said that he had chosen Linda Owen for the prestigious position because of several reasons. First of all, Linda has served in similar positions before. Before her appointment to this position, the businesswoman was serving in one of the fastest growing charity companies in Dallas. This means that she has a lot of expertise in managing the fund. Her presence will make sure that the donations given are beneficial to the communities.