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Drew Madden Trusts CVS and Amazon’s Shared Value for Consumer Healthcare Services

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When CVS moved forward with its agreement to purchase Aetna Insurance Company for $69 billion, analysts saw it as a preemptive move and tactic in response to Amazon’s ongoing interest in the healthcare industry.

It’s now been reported that Amazon purchased a pharmaceutical license which will be used for the sale of medical supplies and durable medical equipment in several U.S. states nationwide. With Amazon’s reputation for fast and convenient delivery services, this puts the retail giant on a higher plain for reaching the healthcare customer.

CVS had already taken preemptive steps in 2006 when the company purchased MinuteClinic and began to serve retail customers with convenient healthcare services at many of its pharmacy locations around the country. When launched in 2001 as the first-ever walk-in-clinic in the United States, many health-conscious customers were skeptical of the concept that MinuteClinic represented. However, the retail clinics now have healthcare services at over 1,100 locations within 33 states.

With everything that is known about Amazon and the aggressive actions it has taken towards gaining a market share of the healthcare customer, there will be greater ease to convert customers to receive medical-related items from the retailer. You can visit his website

The actions by CVS and Amazon provide a positive opportunity to bring a “consumerization” to the healthcare system that could transform it in a way that would be less-feared. With the bridging of customer-centric technology, the resources of a state-of-the-art pharmacy benefit manager alongside one of the largest insurance companies in the nation, CVS, Amazon, and Aetna could create a business model that allows people to live longer and healthier lives.

Drew Madden is an Executive Healthcare IT Consultant and successful entrepreneur. Drew Madden graduated from the University of Iowa College of Engineering and holds a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis in medical systems. He’s been serving as president of the firm for five years and contributed to the rapid associate growth while increasing annual revenue from $1 million to $130 million. Drew Madden has a passion for the electronic medical records system which he is a subject matter expert.

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Michael Burwell Named CFO of Willis Towers Watson

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On October 2, 2017, brokerage and solutions company Willis Towers Watson made Michael Burwell its acting CFO. Burwell brings with him an impressive resume, having spent the last 31 years climbing the ladder at Price Waterhouse Coopers. A graduate of Michigan State University, Burwell received his BBA in 1986. He immediately began working for PwC in the assurance department where he is handling audits. 31 years later the seasoned professional takes his second CFO position, only this time it is for a completely new company. Although Michael Burwell has been a CFO before, the opportunity to become part of a new environment is exciting. WtW has been around since 1828, and presently serves 140 countries spanning the globe. Burwell will find a new challenge here, and according to the current management of WtW, it is a challenge is more than experienced to handle.


John Haley, acting CEO of Willis Towers Watson, expressed enthusiasm for the new addition to WtW’s leadership team. Citing that his proficiency in finance will be beneficial for the company’s long-term growth. The appointment comes in the wake of former CFO Roger Millay’s voluntary retirement. Millay served the company well, but many prospects that Burwell’s addition will take WtW in a profitable direction.


Burwell’s tenure at PwC was very profitable. In 1997, he established PwC transaction operations in Detroit. The inclusion was successful, leading to the promotion of overall US Transaction Services Leader for PwC’s central region. Michael Burwell leadership improved over services for the central region, and lead to a promotion as CFO in 2007. From there he climbed the ladder to COO in 2008, and finally Vice Chairmen Global and US. In this role he augmented the organizational effectiveness of interior functions such as; Global Strategic Sourcing, Human Capital, and Finance Technology.


For his part, Burwell is looking forward to his new position. Impressed with the leadership of the company, which he managed to observe in numerous exchanges, Burwell is looking towards the future. Michael Burwell hopes that he can contribute to the fantastic culture has witnessed so far. Taking into account his stewardship of PwC as Vice Chairmen, such contributions will be many. Click Here for more information.



Richard Dwayne Blair’s Financial Plan

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Financial goals need planning. Richard Dwayne Blair offers wealth management and retirement planning to clients within Texas and greater Austin. Richard Dwayne Blair’s main objective is to see members of his community having a financial direction in life. Financial planning involves three main pillars approach These financial directions according to Richard will help the members with many solutions. The financial planning approaches allow Richard to focus on the current financial status of a client. Moreover, the approaches help in determining the client’s retirement needs. The approaches help Richard to come up with a better financial plan for clients.


The first pillar approach helps in laying out the financial roadmap of a client. The approach helps in establishing the strengths and goals of the client, growth opportunities, and risk tolerance. This initial pillar helps in developing lasting and strong relationships between Richard and the clients. Throughout this pillar, Richard is able to gain a deeper insight into the concerns of a client. This helps him to come up with clear expectations.Visit This Page for more information.


The second pillar is developed to create an efficient, durable investment approach. The pillar is tailored toward the liquidity and distinctive goals of a client. This pillar is important because it helps Richard to reallocate and manage assets of the client. This in return captures the best performance when there is upward market movement. Moreover, it helps in lowering the impact on the portfolios of clients during negative markets. The third pillar involves the insurance needs of the client. No one knows when the storm comes. It requires proper planning in case the storm hits. Richard Dwayne Blair offers help to his clients in terms of life insurance, annuities, and long-term care insurances.


Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. The company is an investment advisory organization in Austin. The major goal of this company was to bring a positive impact on individual lives, small business owners, and families. Richard grew up in a family of teachers. His grandmother, mother, and wife were teachers. He understood from an early age how education helps one to grow confidence and knowledge. Richard realized at an early age that he could be of help to people with financial solutions. He found his way into the industry of finance immediately after graduation. In 1994, he established his own company Wealth Solutions. The company offers professional and personalized financial advice to its clients.




Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus – Making Medical Miracles

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Just over a decade ago, sequencing the human genome seemed to be the miracle, the Holy Grail, that was on the horizon. Once it was done, the first time in 2003, the question of what to do next has hovered as everyone has scrambled to make practical applications for this technical marvel that match the promise of a miracle attained. In a nutshell, how could this achievement be used to improve medicine and healthcare in a realistic and useful way, and the answer to that fundamental question may just be a start-up called Tempus from the co-founder of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky.

Tempus provides a combination of software and platform working to crunch both clinical and molecular data to deliver results that are tailored patient by patient. At the same time, it builds a foundation of information that, when analyzed, gives medicine the building blocks for better and more effective treatments in the overall battle against cancer. By pairing genome sequencing for a cancer patient with the clinical doctor’s knowledge of that patient’s disease, Tempus works to get an end result of higher-level, targeted treatments that work better and faster.

As a start-up, Tempus could probably have no one better at the helm than Eric Lefkofsky. A dedicated entrepreneur, he has founded at least seven companies since his Juris Doctorate graduation from the University of Michigan Law School in 1993. While his companies are certainly tech-driven as all of his companies tend to be, Lefkofsky serves the creative dreamer as well, serving on boards that include the Steppenwolf Theater Company and the Art Institute, both in Chicago.

Rising, at least in part, out of the eye-opening experience of Lefkofsky’s wife’s personal fight with cancer, he could see the huge gaps between what could be possible using modern data tech and what is actually done within the medical community for treating the disease. In the end, those gaps have to close, and Tempus may be just what’s needed to get the job done, making for a medical miracle that over 15 million Americans pray for on a daily basis.

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Stream Energy And The USA’s Push Against Coal

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Stream Energy is a company headquartered in Dallas, Texas that provides energy, Internet, surveillance, protection, and home service contracts to customers throughout the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast regions of the United States of America. Stream Energy is a proponent of alternative energy sources that don’t harm the environment, Stream Energy is in full support of the phasing out of coal in the United States, as well as the world, at large.


What’s Going On With Coal Here In The United States Of America?


A study done by certified government officials in the United States of America found that coal was the number-one source of energy – used for everything from powering large power plants, all the way to individuals’ stoves to heat homes – as recently as 2005.


That year – 2005 – the United States’ total energy production was made up of 50 percent coal. Eleven years later, in 2016, coal was no longer the most popular form of fuel for providing energy to the people of America – natural gas was.


Coal Companies Took A Major Hit


Today, people like green initiatives and generally aren’t comfortable with using harmful petrochemicals for energy, or for any purpose, really. As such, tons of coal companies, including power plants that formerly used coal as a major form of energy, failed starting in 2015.


Patriot Coal, Alpha Natural Resources, and Walter Energy, three very large coal mining giants, failed in 2015 and closed their operations. Arch Coal followed suit in 2016, a major blow to the world of coal in North America, as Arch Coal was the second-largest such coal mining organization in the United States. See This Page for additional information.


Peabody Energy Corporation, itself also a leader in producing coal on a global scale, experienced negative financial results from the shift away from coal in the United States and filed for bankruptcy slightly more than one year ago. 200 other coal power plants have followed suit since 2000.


Stream Energy


Stream Energy is happy to see the world switching to alternative forms of energy. The company is based in Dallas and employs roughly 250 individuals.


Stream also likes to give back to the community. Stream also provide hope to those in need by supporting our communities and local charities through Stream Cares and the Stream Cares Foundation.



Earning Money with the Help of Market America

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Market America is one of the most popular ways for you to earn money from the comfort of your home. The issue that so many people have with trying to find an at-home working opportunity is that it can sometimes be time-consuming or cost a lot of money. In order for you to get started with Market America, you’ll want to visit their site and see what they’re all about. This company is popular on sites like Twitter, and you’ll notice by their recent tweets that they have created a method to make money from home that enables freedom and financial growth. You will love what Market America can do for you and your family. Market America is a Better Business Bureau accredited business has earned an A+ rating.


One thing that sets Market America apart from so many of the other companies out there is that it’s something that you can do from home without putting a ton of money into it. This means that you can and will be able to be your own business owner within a matter of just a few hours after getting started. It’s a way for you to earn some cash potential without the headache of attempting to run your own company on your own. This is why it is so essential that you make use of Market America and know that it is a company that you can trust. View Additional Info Here.


On Twitter, Market America is popular, and they talk regularly about the ways that you can earn money from home as well as the large conferences that they have that are bringing them to light among other people as well. Make sure that you consider choosing this company if you would like to be able to earn cash from home without having to get started yourself or start from the bottom. This is a wonderful idea for anyone who is interested in working from home, so it is essential that you get started as soon as possible and know that this is something that is going to change your life for the better. Be sure to visit Market America on their Twitter account for more information on getting started.

Investor Sahm Adrangi for Hire and Help

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If you are going to need help with all of your investing, it is a good idea for you to hire a professional known as Sahm Adrangi. Sahm Adrangi has been around for quite some time and is one of the leading hedge fund investors in the country founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. His work within the field has been recognized by a lot of individuals, and this is why it is a good idea for you to consider hiring him for your projects. When you have a professional, who is there to help as much as possible, you will be able to get the most out of this option for yourself and know that this is someone who is going to be able to help you out.


The beauty about hiring Sahm Adrangi is because he knows what he is doing. He has worked on a wide range of different projects and has helped people of all types. This means that you can feel confident knowing that you are getting professional help when you need it the most. Be sure to contact Sahm Adrangi if this is someone who you think is going to be able to help you out and get you the work that you need. Once you do this, it is going to help you when it concerns any and all of your investment options. You can find out more about this amazing individual by contacting him or visiting him on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Find More Information Here.


Many individuals are finding Sahm Adrangi to be a wonderful choice for their investment needs because of how well he has worked with a wide range of different people. Once you make the decision to utilize Sahm Adrangi and his experience, you will find that he is totally different from anyone else that you might have used in the past, and this is why it is a good idea for you to utilize Adrangi’s experience for any type of project that you have coming up in the near future. Make sure to contact this professional and see if he is going to help out.


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Adam Milstein, His Mission

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Adam Milstein, a proud Israeli-American active philanthropist, was born in Haifa, Israel in 1952. In 1971 he served his country by joining the Israel Defense Forces. He fought in the Yom Kippur Wars in 1973. He married his wife Gila in Israel and in 1981 moved his family to the US where he attended and received his degree from the University of Southern California.

Adam Milstein’s goal is to assist Jews especially in America, but around the world in seeking their roots. He wants them to connect with the State of Israel and to ignite their Jewish pride. He believes that through education these goals are reachable. Adam Milstein believes whole hardily that knowledge and truth will eliminate the lies and prejudices that have been painted on the peoples

of Israel

In his pursuit of these goals, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila have together co-founded the Israeli-American Council. The aim of this organization puts into practice his determination to educate anyone who wants to learn about the true Israel. He feels that support for Israel is not only a partisan issue or a Jewish issue, but it is for people of all backgrounds from across the world.

Adam Milstein’s intensity and dedication to the peoples of Israel is confirmed by the sacrifices he makes and the time he spends sitting on the many boards of organizations committed to pursuing the same goals to which he is dedicating his life. One of these boards provide free books, monthly,in Hebrew, teaching Jewish values to more than 15,000 Israeli-Jewish-American families in The United States. Find More Information Here.

It goes without saying that such devotion and commitment to a cause will reap, through belief in that cause, and working toward its fruition, the accomplishments that are sought. Much has been achieved, but the work will continue until the true destiny of Israel is reached.

In 2016, Adam Milstein was named one of “The top 100 people positively influencing Jewish Life”. It is wonderful to have one’s efforts applauded, but in the end, the best reward is knowing that strides are being made toward seeing Israel obtain a place in the world, built on truth, strength, and pride.


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To Those Seeking the Ideal Plastic Surgeon in the La Jolla, San Diego Region, Consider Dr. Mark Mofid

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Sometimes genetics is a mixed blessing. You exercise, conscientiously count carbs, and yet there are still parts of your body that refuse to lift, curve, or tighten, “Perhaps it’s time” you say to yourself, “to find a good plastic surgeon.” Assuming you’re a golden-stater, living in the La Jolla, San Diego region, who’s just reached this pinnacle decision, what sort of qualities do you want in your doctor candidate? How about a candidate that’s thoroughly committed to his patients and the practice of plastic surgery, someone that puts in the time to consistently improve, who inspires confidence?


Sound good?


Dr. Mark Mofid shared a seminal story, about his surgical beginnings, on It seems his first customer had such faith in the newly minted doctor, his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and his medical accreditation from John Hopkins attesting to his stellar academic chops, although thus far having only his residency under his belt, that the customer followed him from Baltimore to San Diego.


Not only did this customer have the confidence in Dr. Mark Mofid needed to follow him cross-country, it was for the purpose of receiving a full body and butt lift. Talk about pressure! As Mofid explains it, the procedure was just hitting its stride in the US. So, he spent weeks of training and preparation. Not satisfied with having the basics down, Dr.Mark Mofid went to the source, to get further training in Brazil. Today, Dr. Mark Mofid feels confident in calling himself a professional. A glance at his profile at indicates his current customers concur. Take Rosa M. Herrera, for example, who states, ” Very attentive, did a great job with my breast reduction. No stitches and wonderful scarring. ” Go To This Page for additional information.


Regarded as a welcome staff addition, with privileges accorded him at numerous La Jolla and San Diego hospitals, it would seem Dr. Mark Mofid ‘s standing is equally high amidst the reconstructive community. His written work has graced the acclaimed pages of the journal, “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,” and he’s a clinical faculty member of the University of California’s San Diego Division of plastic surgery.


Is Dr. Mark Mofid your ideal candidate? He might be!



The Life and Philanthropic Work of Adam Milstein

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Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel in 1952. His mother, Eva Temkin Milshtein, immigrated from Mexico at 18; his father, Hillel Milshtein, immigrated from Argentina at 19. They were married in 1950; later Joshua was born in 1957 along with Dalit in 1959. To support the family, Hillel worked as a building framer, and Eva was a homemaker. The family decided to leave Haifa, and they settled in Kiryat Motzkin. Since they moved, most of Adam’s childhood was spent in Kiryat Motzkin.



At the age of 21, Adam Milstein fought in the Yom Kippur War in 1973; a year later, he married Gila Elgrably in Haifa. Another commitment he made was attending Technion; while pursuing his degree, he helped his father grow their real estate company. Milstein graduated from Technion in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics.



Milstein and his family left Israel and moved to the US in 1981. Two years later, he received an MBA degree from the University of Southern California. After earning his MBA, he began his career as a sales agent in real estate. Adam Milstein is now a managing partner of Hager Pacific, a private real estate company. His job is to supervise Hager’s financing, disposition and property management.



Also, Adam Milstein n is a philanthropist, and his work focuses on Israel and the Jewish people. He co-founded the Adam and Gila Foundation; the foundation helps students connect with their Jewish culture, while instilling Jewish pride along the way. Also, students learn how to be advocates on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. The foundation also helps many organizations in their efforts to strengthen the Jewish people, the State of Israel and the relationship between Israel and the US. Go To This Page to learn more.



Adam Milstein is also the co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Council, and he serves on the board of other organizations such as the Israel Campus Coalition, StandWithUs and the Jewish Funders Network. Overall, his work has made a great impact; in 2017 he was ranked among the top 200 of the world’s most influential philanthropists.