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Get On The Move With Heal n Soothe

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If you are like me and suffer with pain you will want to read my experience using Heal n Soothe. I have had pain since I was a teenager, I’ve been on several different pain medicines and used the pain patch as well as muscle creams and rubs. I have had knee and back injections from my doctor but they just wore off and ended up causing more damage in the long wrong. My daughter kept telling me about Heal n Soothe and wanting me to try it. I am a very skeptical person so I had my doubts but I told her I would just try it. I really couldn’t tell a lot the first time but after continuing this I was noticing that I wasn’t laying around complaining anymore, Im up doing things that I didn’t normally do anymore. Needless to say, Heal n Soothe did exactly that.

I decided to research this herbal supplement and learned that it is made from natural ingredients so there is little to no side effects. It is an anti inflammatory supplement. My pain is now under control and it even helped my anxiety disorder and the pain I have from fibromialgia. I can concentrate better stay focused longer instead of my mind racing on one hundred different things. I keep up with conversations now and the best part for me is that I sleep well at night and wake up feeling refreshed. Before you say no to trying this herbal supplement just do yourself a favor, dont go by what other people say because what it does or doesn’t do for one person may be the total opposite for you. Order your bottle of Heal n Soothe today, I am so glad I did. If it helps you just a 10th of how its helped me you cant afford not to try this. I am sure glad I did, Its changed my life.

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Jeff Herman Increases Public Awareness About Sexual Abuse

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April is Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month. The federal government passed legislation in 1974, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, to protect children from child abuse. In addition to fighting for justice for survivors of sexual predation in courthouses throughout the United States, Attorney Jeff Herman works tirelessly to increase awareness about sexual assault, which is the focus of his law practice, Herman Law. As founder of Herman Law, Jeff has spent the past 25 years prosecuting more than 1,000 cases of sexual abuse and assault, giving a voice to victims and shining a light on the psychological, physical, and emotional trauma experienced by survivors. Advocacy and awareness including support for legislation to combat abuse are the cornerstones of the practice of Herman Law.

Child sexual abuse laws vary from state-to-state but Jeff and his team of compassionate attorneys, liaise with attorneys throughout the United States, successfully litigating cases in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. A bill that the Democrats in the State legislature of New York are trying to get on the legislative calendar for this year is the Child Victims Act (S.809). Introduced by Brad Hoylman, a Democrat representing Manhattan, the bill seeks to eliminate the statute of limitation for child sexual abuse cases and to increase from one year to 50 years the amount of time allowed for a survivor to bring charges.

Not only does Jeff Herman support legislation to make it less complicated to try to convict sexual predators, Jeff as an advocate for survivors and he devotes a lot of time to make the public aware of the devastation of a sexually abused child.

To bring the issue of sexual abuse out the darkness and to expose sexual predators and the institutions that hide them, Jeff Herman has been a guest on several TV shows as well as radio and print media. Topics Jeff covers are how to protect children and how families can help survivors to heal following abuse.

Making Waves with Brown Modeling Agency

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Brown Agency is based in Austin, Texas. It was founded by their president Justin Brown. Brown Agency is a modeling agency that handles commercial, fashion, film and television. It was formed in 2010 out of Justin’s passionate dream and a previous modeling group Wilhelmina Brown. A recent acquisition of Heyman Talent South has revealed that Brown Agency is making waves and raising the bar in Texas. The models and actors from Texas are no longer staying in Texas. Brown himself notes that they source their talent locally, but they present themselves nationally.


Justin Brown grew up in Reno, Nevada. He moved to southern California once he turned 18, and began working odd jobs and modeled while working through college. He discovered modeling’s lucrative benefit when he was working both at Lucky Brand and at a golf course. He made $100 an hour at Lucky Brand as a “fit model”. At the same time, Brown was only making $6 an hour on the golf course. Brown studied business management in college and used his education hand in hand with his modeling skills, learning how the industry worked while he worked in various modeling industries. He began to work in a section of modeling called “development and placement.”


Justin Brown was interested in coaching and training models, and giving them the tools to become pro models. He moved to Austin, Texas, and founded the Brown Agency. Through his modeling agency, he can offer training to models, and also help them find work. Brown Agency models have been seen in many different venues, including: Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and Dallas Fashion Week. After acquiring Heyman Talent South, Brown Agency is one of the top competitors in Austin, and their local talent is being hired not just for local but national work as well.


Brown has a special view on modeling, possibly due to the fact that he worked on both sides of the camera in the industry. He believes modeling is about more than how you look on camera. It’s about who you are, the energy you emit to the world around you, and your ability to dig deep and share your true emotions on the camera. Those looking for training, networking and resources in the Austin and Dallas area can find Brown Agency in Austin for open calls, on their website or on social media. Talent and models can find work on the runway, in print and also in film. The talent that goes through Brown Agency have a leg up in many areas due to the resources they are provided. Perhaps that’s why Brown Agency is now the leading modeling agency in Austin, Texas, with no signs of slowing down. Check out their Instagram page.



A Glimpse Into Michael Burwell’s Financial and Leadership Expertise

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Michael Burwell is the current Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson focuses on giving financial solutions to the clients as well as providing financial advisory services. Michael Burwell graduated in his studies from Michigan State University in the year 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts. To add on this, he acquired a CPA in the course of his studies. He has been in the finance industry over 31 years with several leadership responsibilities in the topmost leadership positions. These include leading companies such as Global Transformation, Transaction services in the U.S., and also served as the chief financial and operating officer in companies within the U.S. He has worked as an audit for around 11 years and 12 years in the transaction advisory. According to Roger Millay, former CFO, Michael has a great focus on clients and is perfect for managing and leading a global company. He is believed to take the company to another level through his leadership and financial experience. He is an expert in financial matters and has all the information regarding the involvements in the market that affects the growth of a company.


On his announcement day, Michael Burwell thanked the leadership for the consideration and insisted that he is committed to customers and having integrative and collaborative engagements towards the success of the company. He said that he would look forward towards contributing to the wellness of the company tremendously. Michael Burwell has brought to the company top-notch expertise in handling finances. He is also very honest in his work, which makes the integrity the backbone of his work. Michael does a lot of work in effective management in the company, and as a result, the company is doing quite well. Other areas that have experienced growth include the mode in which transactions are carried out in the company. See Related Link to learn more.


Michael Burwell is an all-rounded person when it comes to roles and knowledge. These include the leadership roles, the human resource knowledge, technological services, strategies, financial matters, and outsourcing among others. This presented him the opportunity and honor to serve as the new chief financial officer at the company upon the voluntary retirement of the former CFO. All these have made him popular in his leadership and the financial sector. Thus, companies are looking forward to working with him. Michael has great value for clients and is committed to excellence in his endeavors. A combination of these has made him successful in business and his profession.


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“Warm-Glow Giving” A Jorge Moll Discovery

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In 1998 James Anfreoni, an economist described the economic phenomenon referred to as “Warm glow giving”. He attempted to explain why humans give to charities, and that we are not solely motivated by actual act of helping someone, but are also seeking the “warm glow” feeling experienced when giving money to the needy.

In the mid 2000’s there was an experiment conducted this time by renowned neuroscientist Jorge Moll. Jorge Moll and his partner Jordan Grafman sought to discover if there was any scientific evidence that is measurable to explain the “warm-glow” feeling experienced when giving to the needy. Moll and Grafman scanned the brains of 19 people using a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The 19 subjects where given $128, of which they had the freedom to keep the money or give it away to charity ( It was discovered that when the subjects gave the money, areas of the brains showed measurable evidence of activity in the same location of the brain associated with sex. This was the very first time scientist where able to prove there is biological evidence based data supporting the “warm glow” feeling we all experience when giving or putting other’s needs before ours.

Jorge Moll has always been passionate about scientific research and the benefits humankind can reap from it. The Brazilian native has always been a realistic dreamer, and understands there are limits on what dreams we can pursue and ones that are not. Jorge Moll understands humankind depends on sound scientific research and there are no short cuts to success. Mr. Moll has expressed his concern with the current trend in the scientific community with the lack of high risk and long term plans and goals.

The current President and Board Member of D’ Or Institute of Research and Educations (IDOR) and Director of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup, Jorge Moll earned his MD in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janiero. Mr. Moll earned his PhD in Experimental Pathology from Sai Paulo University.


Glen Wakeman’s Success in Venture Capital

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Venture capital is a growing industry. Many people have interest in starting a company. Some business ideas require more capital than others. Some business owners have trouble getting approved for conventional business loans. Utilizing venture capital is a proven way for new business owners to get the capital they need.

Glen Wakeman is someone who works in the venture capital industry. Glen Wakeman has had a tremendous career full of massive success. He enjoys working in the venture capital industry for multiple reasons. Not only is the work lucrative, but he also enjoys investing in new business owners. He is an active supporter of small business owners throughout the country.


Early Career

While Glen Wakeman was in college, he decided to pursue a degree in business. He had to work several jobs while attending college to pay for school. At one of his positions, he worked at a bank. The bank offered him a job after graduation. He worked in the banking industry for several years. During this time, he consulted with small business owners who needed financing for their ideas.


Venture Capital

After advancing in his banking career, Glen Wakeman received an opportunity to join a company in the venture capital industry. Although the industry was new, he decided to accept the job.

Glen Wakeman is now a prominent venture capitalist who is an expert on small business lending. His company is expanding, and he is working on an online venture capital platform for new business owners to utilize.

Although he has a busy schedule, Glen Wakeman finds time to invest in other asset classes. He firmly believes that investing is critical if a person wants to retire. Some people do not invest until it is too late. Anyone who wants to learn about venture capital should work with Glen Wakeman.


Graham Edwards Shepherds Telereal Trillium in Today’s Changing Markets

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Graham Edwards has been the CEO of Telereal since the company’s inception in 2001. Additionally, it was Edwards who led the negotiations which resulted in the company acquiring Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc. in 2009. Since its creation, Telereal Trillium has played a significant role in British property development. The presence of Graham Edwards in both of these deals, shows just how important he is to the formation and continuing existence of Telereal Trillium. As the company moves forward in to the vastly changing market of today, having Graham Edwards at the helm will help them stay on top of the property market.

It is Edwards who has been responsible for setting the tone and culture of Telereal Trillium since the merger of the two companies ( They have focused on seeing previously unnoticed value in properties and developing the talent and potential of all employees. Under Edwards Telereal Trillium has succeeded in the years since the merger, building a network of vast holdings and revenues. In his role as CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards has shown himself to be a highly capable and intelligent leader. The company adheres to several business principles, including diligence and intuitive thinking about what really drives value. This adherence is also what has helped creature a culture and tone for the company.

Edwards studied Economics at Cambridge and held several prestigious positions before becoming the head of Telereal Trillium. He worked for Talisman Global Asset Management as the chief investment officer. Today the company as assets under management in excess of £1 billion. Graham Edwards also held positions at Merrill Lynch Investment Management and is a member of various professional societies. In addition to his position as CEO of Telereal Trillium, Edwards is also currently the CEO and co-owner of Castle Water, which is a competitive water supplier in the United Kingdom.


Perry Mandera, Humanitarian for Many Disasters

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Perry Mandera has always been involved in community services and has centered his life on helping people. He served in the Marine Corps Reserves before starting his own charitable company of Custom Cares Charities Inc. Perry employs hundreds of people in Illinois.

He graduated from high school in 1975 and drove a truck for the Marine Corps Reserves. Perry developed a successful career in the transportation industry after working for many different transportation businesses. In 1980, at age 23 he started his own business. Perry sold that business five years later because his interests has changed to politics. He served the Republican Party in Chicago for four years. He was one of the youngest individuals to serve as a committeeman.

In 1986, Perry Mandera started Custom Companies, Inc. and his business is still flourishing today. His business recently exceeded $200 million in sales. In 2000, Perry Mandera was named “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the Illinois Transportation Association. He is now a board member of the ITA.

Focusing mainly on youth educational programs and youth charities, Perry has also given to the veteran benefits programs, cancer research and cancer prevention. His company tries to hire as many veterans as possible.

Custom Companies have donated transportation services to disasters reliefs such as the tornado in 2013 that hit Washington and Illinois and to the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina. His company donated supplies to families and Mandera purchased many supplies out of his own generosity. Mississippi and Louisiana were given supplies and food after Katrina. Supplies and food were also given to the California relief efforts after the devastating wildfires.

Custom Cares Charities was started by Perry Mandera and some other individuals and is a philanthropic appendage of The Custom Companies. Perry Mandera loves the winter holidays and strives to donate to those needy families through Custom Cares Charities.

Giving back to his community, Perry Mandera hopes to instill in all his employees that charity should not only start at home, but in the work place. Perry has an assorted list of charities that his Custom Cares Charities serves throughout many different neighborhoods and the Chicago area (Customcares).


Dr. Jennifer Walden, Cosmetic Surgeon of Austin TX

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon based out of Austin, TX whose practice’s philosophy promotes her clients’ health and well-being through a personalized comprehensive method of cosmetic surgery. Board certified as a plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Walden offers a comfortable and supportive environment with years of experience to help you achieve the look you desire. She is also a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and has been formally trained as a cosmetic surgeon, she also serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Membership to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is an invitation only association, Dr. Walden was honored with this proposal because of her recognition as a Texas Super Doctor and a Castle Connelly Top Doctor. Dr. Walden also served as an attending surgeon in plastic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, in addition to having been an attending surgeon in plastic surgery and as the Aesthetic Surgery Program Director at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She also held the position of Clinical Instructor of Surgery at The Hansjörg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery at New York University Langone Medical Center. Dr. Walden currently acts as the Clinical Assistant Professor in Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern.

Dr. Walden offers a feminine perspective that helps you enhance your image and helps you decide what kind of plastic surgery is right for you and to help you understand the impact plastic surgery can have on your life. She makes every effort to make sure that her patients are well-informed about the procedure in all of her services. She offers services in face, breast, body, hair restoration, laser center, radio frequency treatments, skin, vaginal rejuvenation, and IV Hydration therapy. Dr. Walden will turn back time enhancing your body image to bring out your inner beauty that has been locked away to improve your self-esteem and boost your confidence.

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From The Oil and Gas Ashes Grew Obsidian Energy Ltd

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Penn-West was a medium sized oil and natural gas producer headquartered in Calgary Canada which was formed in 1979. Due to a reorganizational change, Penn-West not only changed its name, but the company changed the way it operates. Obsidian Energy Ltd., is the new name of what is now a global energy company which is growing exponentially in other acquisitions, petroleum and gas explorations, and varied fuel developments.


With the restructuring of Penn-West to Obsidian Energy, the oil rich territorial coverage extends from the eastern and western Canadian areas into the United States, covering much of the state of Montana. Naturally there were many other evolutions like a different New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange logo and decisions to make in how and in what direction Obsidian is to grow. The company also changed how they will conduct business so that its industry symbol will be one of safety, strength, and a better run organization.


Other shareholder approved changes included a new executive compensation package, the reduction of Penn West shareholder capital revenues, and various amendments. David French is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian Energy. He spoke very positive about the company’s future which he says will be based on the principles of discipline, value-entrenched technical and commercial value, and the progression of innovation. Mr. French further said that the new reorganization will produce transparency with partners, shareholders, and the communities in which the company is operating in. Go To This Page for more information.


Mr. French stated that Obsidian Energy Ltd., is already designed with a healthy actuarial strategy that brings stability and better prices in this financially and energy driven environment. David says that the company carried a debt level during the restructuring. However, based on the recent daily barrel extraction numbers, there is vast improvement. The name Obsidian has meaning for the new company. Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that is easy to be sharpened with a keen edge. Like the new company, everyone has survived many obstacles to become a sharp focus in the industry. Obsidian management believes that its oil and gas exploration production will continue to grow by five percent for year 2018.


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