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What Does US Money Reserve And Tax Tips Have In Common?

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Tax season is upon us and as a result, people everywhere are looking for a few last second IRA tips that will help with the dreaded tax season. These tips are easy to find and some may be helpful right away or in the future. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

One thing that you can do is to make a contribution to more than one retirement account. Many people don’t know that the IRS will not limit how many retirement funds you make contributions to. So, remember to use this to your advantage when it comes to tax time or at any time during the year.

Another idea is to secure yourself an IRA before the year runs out. By using an IRA you may reduce your tax bracket. If you are able to make a contribution of $5500 or more depending on your age, it can help you get out of the tax bracket you are currently in. Just remember to specify how you want your contribution applied. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Twitter

Another thing you could do is, if you are married, start a IRA for your spouse who isn’t working. If you qualify for this type of IRA, it could help you with your tax savings.

If you are getting money back in the form of a tax refund, you can also use that money to fund your new or existing IRA. This helps when you don’t have cash on hand to fund your IRA.

Using these simple tax saving tips can save you money n the long run and make you feel great about the future. Another way that many people do is to start a collection of some sort. Everyday people turn to US Reserve and the precious metals that they offer.

This company has a IRA kit that tales all about using Precious Metals in your collections. It is no secret that these metals seem to going up in value and while there is a chance that their value could go down, it is rare that that would happen.

The reason is because these metals are not being produced in some laboratory, they are real metals that are getting harder and harder to secure. US Money Reserve can give you the metals you want and send them anywhere you tell them to.

Just like tax tips, US Reserve can help you plan for the future. You go to their website and select the items you want to order and they will ship them direct to your door. How easy is that? As you already know, it’s very easy.


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Successfully providing their customers with financing solutions is what equities first holdings does very well. The company has been providing their customers with the funding they need to achieve their personal and professional goals since it’s inception in 2002, when it was founded by AL Christy in Indianapolis Indiana. The company has successfully financed over 700 transactions that total more than 1.4 Billion Dollars.

They do business in more than five countries that include the United States, The United Kingdom, Thailand, China and Australia. In Australia, Equities First Holdings has completed various transactions. the most recent one is with a company called Environmental Clean Technologies. The transaction between Equities First Holdings LLC and Environmental Clean Technologies Limited is valued at about 30 Million Dollars. The funding is for research and development in India.

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Bio-Technology Guru Jeff Aronin.

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Jeff has most of his time spent in companies that deal with biotechnology either developing innovations in medicine or performing research. Jeff Aronin has gained much experience from the work he has done in this companies that enabled him to win the Weizmann Leadership Award in 2017. Jeff currently leads the company Paragon Biosciences.

Jeff Aronin’s previous work focused on the research and innovation of rare disease and was able to create a drug that would enable the treatment of muscle disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that is frequent in boys. The drug is however on the waiting list of FDA approval. Paragon Biosciences, on the other hand, is investment firm which has pharmaceuticals under its wings such as Decade and Surgeon Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Jeff Aronin leads instilling the mentality that the needs of the patients come first. Aronin has a different perspective on patients as he acknowledges them as fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. The many years Jeff has in the field has made him develop a deep understanding of the needs and necessities of patients.

Jeff is not only passionate and enthusiastic in his work he is all rounded and eager in other spheres of life such as his family and community at large. The passion for being all rounded saw him be part of the executive board of Museum of Science and Industry, the Economic Club of Chicago and Discover Capital Services. Jeff has a goal of developing a better world through assisting the community which drives him to his day to day activities.

The people around Jeff improve his life as he has an environment enriched with the successful people that equip him with the winning mentality. Jeff appreciates the power of teamwork and tries to incorporate the spirit of his team. Jeff founded Ovation Pharmaceutical which he was appointed the president of the firm after he sold it to Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals. Jeff loves to see people able to reach their full potential and be part of their story. Jeff has been able to balance both his family and business time.

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Securus Technologies Ensuring Contraband Phones Stay Out of Hands of Prisoners

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Even though the correctional world is flooded with new and old companies that are trying to help the sector become more secure and safe for all the stakeholders involved, one of the companies that have been leading the industry for long is Securus Technologies. The products and services of Securus Technologies are widely accepted and admired for its effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability. Whether it is inmate communication services or the investigative services, Securus Technologies has ensured that it gives the best it can to the end users. One of the new technologies it has recently offered to the sector is the wireless containment system.


Using a phone that is not authorized by the correctional agencies inside a prison is strictly prohibited and even punishable by law. The correctional facilities have means of communications with the outside world, and these days inmates can call, video chat, and also send an e-mail to their friends and family members from prison. However, even after so many facilities, it is surprising to find that the use of contraband phones in prison is on rising. The number of contraband phones that were seized from prison facilities in the last couple of quarters has been astonishing. It has become a subject matter of concern and discussion as something needs to be done about it because it potentially puts the lives of many prison officers and even inmates in danger. Many inmates, as well as the prison officials, has been hit and attacked in the past due to the orders were given using the contraband phones.


One such example is of the ex-correctional officer, Robert Johnson, who took around six bullets on his chest and stomach due to being exceptionally well in confiscating contraband packages in prison. It was an ability that interfered with the mischievous plans of the inmates and their extended criminal network outside the prison. Robert Johnson after the shooting incident left his job as a correctional officer and joined Securus Technologies. He used his over fifteen years of correctional experience to design and develop technologies that would override the methodologies used by the inmates to get contraband phones and packages inside the prison.


It is what helped in developing the wireless containment system that would eliminate the extensive use of contraband phones in prisons across the country. The prison officers don’t have to worry about who has the contraband phones and who is using it in the jails once the wireless containment system is activated. It is because this technology would completely block out the commercial networks from being connected to the contraband phones. Thus, the contraband phones would be ineffective in making or receiving calls. The wireless containment system is still in its initial stages of development but has performed successfully in its test run so far in the eight correctional facilities where it was tested.



Railways & Randal Nardone: Billionaire Tycoons

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Transportation is one of the primary elements of a productive workforce. American industrial development in the 1900s depended on railroad barons to connect the nation together. Now, billionaire Randal Nardone & railways are providing the next stage of transportation development.

Transportation Movements

Those who have achieved the highest level of transportation can build empires. Those who fall behind, might see their empires crumble before their very eyes. Transportation has played a pivotal role throughout human civilization.

King Richard III said the following, according to William Shakespeare – “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.

Once the Spaniards could reach the New World, they could conquer it. Once the Union could depend on its powerful railroad network, it could defeat the Confederacy. The railroad tycoons were the difference between success and failure for many small Western towns.

But, when the airline industry started to grow, the railroads were left behind. Many stopped paying attention. They preferred to turn railroad tracks into bicycle paths, but not Randal Nardone Co-Founder of the Fortress Investment Group.

Valuable Railways of Tomorrow

Randal Nardone’s Fortress has purchased a couple of railroads throughout its history. It rolled some of these into its RailAmerica holding company. Eventually, Fortress resold RailAmerica through an initial public offering in October 2009.

Another Fortress railroad consisted of tracks between Jacksonville and Miami, Florida. This was referred to as the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC). Eventually, this was sold to a Mexican rail freight transportation company.

In 2014, the Fortress added Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway to the fold. The hedge fund planned to invest $10 to $20 million to repair the railroad infrastructure. The plan was to re-brand the railroad as the Central Maine & Quebec Railway.

Not everyone can take an old transportation asset and make it valuable again. Randal Nardone’s Fortress was able to do this. He seemed to have a golden touch – just like the billionaire tycoons of old.

And, valuable assets like these also made a new class of billionaires, including Randal Nardone. In 2007, Randal Nardone was #557 on Forbes Billionaire’s List. Mr. Nardone has an eye for value.

Randal Nardone Vision

Instead of focusing on glitzy assets, Randal Nardone focused on key underlying value. His Fortress was an important capital source for revamping the lines. Every day, the freight of production move along these railroads and their failure could be a catastrophe.

The Fortress Investment Group has built up an impressive list of assets. They understand that new forms of technology still build upon the assets of yesteryear. The train has been called the “Iron Horse” and “horsepower” is still used as a measurement of force by the automobile industry.

Recycling old transportation assets by the Fortress Investment Group has created a solid portfolio of wealth. This has sparked the interest of SoftBank, who added the Fortress to their Vision Fund Strategy in 2017. The railways continue to make billionaire tycoons, like Randal Nardone.

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Sussex Healthcare Helps Seniors Get The Best Care In The Country

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Sussex Healthcare is innovative. They know what they want, they find new ways to make more things happen and they provide their patients with the best options. They dedicate everything to their patients and they do what they can to make sure patients are taken care of. Since Sussex Healthcare is so set on how they can help others, they’re confident there will be more opportunities to give people what they need. As long as Sussex Healthcare continues their tradition of giving back and helping their community, they’ll always show people how things will make a difference.

Families who choose Sussex Healthcare as their senior care facility know their loved ones are in the best hands. They know the facility takes care of those who are elderly and those who are ill. Additionally, they know they do more than provide basic medical treatment. They give seniors a chance to live a better life. They’re dedicated to making seniors feel better about how they can be in different situations. The company’s mission is giving people what they need and providing them with options they can take advantage of on their own.

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As long as Sussex Healthcare is in business, they’ll always work toward helping other people. They are a strong company and remain stable in the opportunities they have. They’re also better able to give people what they need to feel good about themselves. Sussex Healthcare knows how to help others and dedicates themselves to giving them the options that will allow them to see success in the future. It is their job to give back and their job to make sure people understand what they’re doing. For Sussex Healthcare, the business gets better the more time they spend helping others. They’re confident they can do things right so seniors get the best care possible.

Even though there are times when people struggle, Sussex Healthcare doesn’t see it that way. In fact, they see how people can succeed if they have the right opportunities. Sussex Healthcare spent time making things better for seniors. They gave them a gym, offered new entertainment options and allowed them the chance to live their lives the right way. Sussex Healthcare has never believed that just because someone is at the end of their life, they have to end their life. Instead, they want seniors to thrive at the end so they can do things the right way and have a better life.

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Putting Your Energy In One Bulk Order

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There’s a bulk order waiting for you, and the package is energy. It’s true; you can comprise all of your energy into one source and not have to worry about paying more. Understanding why you can pay one bill for numerous energy sources is important. The world has changed and has become more energy conscious.

There are service delays, hidden fees and costly installations when managing all of your energy through multiple providers. This is why Stream Energy built an infrastructure to get society out of energy inefficiency. The efficiency of energy can only be found in one bill that covers it all.

We have that opportunity here for you today with Stream Energy.

More Than You Can Now Handle

Let’s consider what it’s like to pay one provider for our gas, electricity, phone, T.V. and even emergency medical services. Let imagine what it’s like when we can use all of these energy sources while having them active at the same time and every time. This means your financial responsibility comes once a month.

Failure to any of your Stream Energy sources is now handled by one professional who knows your power and consumption. Your new installations will occur through the same operators, and as we recognize you. Multiple energy outlets is more than what anyone needs to handle, so take your time in making the final upgrade to one.

A Simple Solution As You Take A Simple Step

The simple step you now take is to consolidate. You’re living in a new world. The slow, cumbersome and tedious processes are no longer delaying your energy use. Everyone must connect to energy in a different way now, and doing it through Stream is to embrace the future and a life with much more ease.

Find out about our specials, and get in touch with an operator today.

Stream Energy is an open agency that cares about its energy consumers and works to perfect every package sold. There’s a new world to uncover with how you use energy. Getting your start today brings your ease of life to full closure.

Newswatch tv: Helping Discern Quality

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In this day and age most companies can get their products seen by consumers through social media. This is very good and has revolutionized the way companies go about selling products. There is a new problem that has arisen from this however, as anyone or anything can put products out for consumers to buy. It is now harder to separate quality from cash grabs. What is good is still there but how can we hope to know which it is? There is an answer Newswatch tv.

Newswatch tv is an episodic show that showcases and promotes products for companies. They do this through in-depth product reviews that can be trusted by the masses. The show which first started airing in 1990 has won several awards. These awards speak volumes and gives validity to the quality of the show. The 30-minute show has over 1000 episodes and has won the silver Telly and Marcom award. There are real life good examples of the work they have done and the companies they have collaborated with them.


Newswatch recently worked with Saygus a cellphone company on a new review and promotion campaign. They hired Newswatch to do product reviews that were broadcasted on national television. Newswatch was so apt to do a good job that they traveled to Barcelona to shoot some segments. The results were outstanding for Saygus. Saygus had an Indiegogo campaign and a certain amount to reach which they overtook by over 300,000 dollars. They raised over 1.3 million dollars in all. Tim Rush the vice president of Saygus had this to say about newswatch’s work its “important to get the right message, delivered in the right way, at the right time, to the right medium, and Newswatch was able to do that excellently”. Newswatch is so good at helping companies get their products off the ground and this is just another example showing it.


Gregory Aziz: Figuring Out the Impossible and Doing It

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It’s difficult taking over a company that already has a well-established reputation. The older the company, the harder it is to successfully lead it into the future. There are many contributing factors that have to be considered at the same time.

If anyone’s thinking about joining a company that’s been around for more than 100 years, it’s not easy to take a management position. Companies that old have their rules and standards that every new manager must adhere to. At the same time, it’s important to bring their own flair to the company.

Trying to figure out how to introduce new ideas without stepping on anyone’s toes is nearly impossible. On one hand, the new idea might work out and earn that person a promotion. On the other hand, the idea might go against what the company believes in without realizing it.


It’s important to find that perfect fit when choosing a new CEO. CEOs, in particular, have to consider a lot before making any changes, major or slight. If they make the wrong the choice, it could affect the entire corporation and damage the company’s long-standing reputation. It’s almost not worth the risk. Get More Information Here.


Fortunately, this is not something that Gregory J. Aziz had to deal with when he joined National Steel Car. He joined and immediately noticed how much everyone wanted to be there, and how much the company enjoyed having everyone there. That’s something that’s easy to capitalize on without making drastic changes that dishonor the company’s founding values.


Luckily, National Steel Car values its workforce as much as Greg Aziz. James Aziz began making changes that affected the employees in a positive way. By lifting their spirits and making them valued members of the company, productivity and efficiency increased ten-fold.


Under his leadership, the company experienced more success than ever before. National Steel Car was already one of the leading manufacturers of steel cars, but James Aziz made them the first ISO certified manufacturer in North America. Little changes brought big success without very much effort on anyone’s part.


That’s the genius that is Greg Aziz. He figured out how to perfect the company’s already perfect record and developed more innovate products at the same time. The company’s customer base has grown exponentially.


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Shervin Pishevar says Fed will start QE4 if markets don’t normalize

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Over the last five years, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has soared to record valuations. This is not just true in terms of real dollar amounts. It is also true in terms of the values of stocks relative to their earnings. The current Schiller P/E ratio, a measure of how much stocks are worth versus their average earnings, is currently at the near-historic high of 33.

Through all of this, the question that many are asking is if there is currently a bubble in equity valuations. One clue that such a bubble may indeed exist is the fact that the market recently underwent a 2,500-point correction over just a week’s time. Shervin Pishevar, one of Silicon Valley’s foremost financial experts, said that the sudden drop in the Dow Jones was in response to just a few-basis-points uptick in interest rates. This, he says, indicates that the market has become exquisitely sensitive to even the smallest variation in interest rates.

But Shervin Pishevar says that this leads to some deep concerns about where the market and the economy as a whole are ultimately heading. Shervin Pishevar believes that the Fed’s planned winddown of its entire balance sheet could precipitate interest rate increases of up to 3 or 4 percent. This, he says, could result in a catastrophic market correction of as much as half of its value.

Shervin Pishevar believes that the Fed will not let anything like that come to pass without completely reneging on its promise to reduce its balance sheet. For this reason, he says that a renewed round of quantitative easing is likely in the event that the market corrects by a large amount. But Pishevar warns that the next round of quantitative easing is unlikely to be as effective as the first round. That is because the Fed will be expanding its balance sheet and allowing the federal government to increase its own debt cheaply by such a wide margin that it may begin to exert serious inflationary pressures on the dollar. This could result in major inflation, including the possibility of runaway or hyperinflation.