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Upwork Tips on Making the Most of Your To-Do List Working as a Freelancer

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Upwork is one of the leading online platforms that connect businesses with freelancers who can connect with each other and collaborate on projects remotely. The platform has users from all around the world who utilize it for earning money, either full-time or part-time. Working as a freelancer offers many benefits, and one enjoys flexible working hours. But, sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all the work that needs to be done. It is the reason why creating a to-do list is so important.

Creating a to-do list is not as easy as most people would think. When creating the to-do list, you need to ensure that you have all the different tasks, big or small added to it. Many people do not add simple tasks thinking it would obviously be done even if they do not write it down. But, it will be the one thing that they forget completing. It is best to write down all the tasks that need to be completed. Always mention a deadline with each of the task that needs to be done. Instead of creating the to-do list in the morning, it is best to prepare it before going to bed. It means you will have enough time in hand to complete the critical tasks early in the morning and get a head-start to the day.

Always have one particular place where you are creating the to-do list. Do not let it be scattered around here and there that can make it difficult for you to track. You will also end up losing precious time going through different sources for the tasks that you need to get done before the day is over. It is also a wise choice to prioritize your list so that you do not miss out on any important task that cannot wait for tomorrow. But, remember that even the non-important tasks should not be overlooked and should be completed within a two-day period. Using the above tips will ensure that you can make the most of the Upwork platform and earn high income working as a freelancer.

Dr. Johanan Rand Develops an Effective Diet Plan for His Patients

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Dr. Johanan Rand is a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, and he developed a diet plan to help his patients to meet their weight loss goals. This diet plan, also known as the HCG diet, utilizes a hormone produced by pregnant women to help patients lower their daily calorie intake without feeling like they are starving.

This makes it much easier for his patients to stick to the diet plan and get rid of stubborn pounds. The HCG diet is a safe alternative to many “fad” diets and offers many benefits. The hormone used in his diet plan can prevent degenerative muscle deterioration and is ideal for anyone wanting to see results faster.

Dr. Johanan Rand understands the many challenges that his patients face when trying to get their diet and weight goals under control and his diet plan is a tool that they can use to get back on track ( The rapid weight loss that the plan encourages helps his patients to stay motivated and makes the plan much easier to stick with over gradual results that a more traditional diet and exercise plan have to offer.

He also helps his patients to relearn their eating habits, basically replacing the “bad” habits with healthier ones, and essentially resetting their metabolism. When a patient develops better eating habits, they will also gain improved health. Dr. Johanan Rand also incorporates IV Nutrient Therapy into the regimen that his patients follow (Weeklyopinion). This is an important component that helps promote improves health as well as higher levels of wellness.

Patients at the Healthy Aging Medical Center may undergo a series of tests that will determine the quality of their health and can even identify certain health risks such as heart disease, cancer, or obesity. IV vitamin treatments may be necessary to treat any allergies to food or mineral or vitamin deficiencies.

Dr. Johanan Rand developed the HCG program to help his patients achieve their goals without having to suffer, and it’s been known to be very effective. His patients obtain better health and find they have more energy and overall a better quality of life.



The Reason For The Establishment Of End Citizens United

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The traditional PAC, End Citizens United has been one of the leading groups backing the Democrats in various election campaigns since the group was established in 2015 with the sole aim of reversing the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. Over the course of the last eight years, the problem of unfair campaign financing has been growing in importance following the Citizens United decision and the arrival of “dark money” in U.S. politics; by the time of the 2018 Midterms, End Citizens United hopes to have raised the profile of the problem of campaign financing across the nation.

The roots of End Citizens United date back to 2008 when the Citizens United group began a campaign to broadcast a show on television called, “Hillary: The Movie”. As 2008 was an election year the showing of the movie on the eve of an election featuring a negative view of Hillary Clinton was seen as problematic and sparked a furious backlash and court case which would lead to the Supreme Court in 2010. As the case progressed through various courts it became a battle over where the financing for both “Hillary: The Movie” and funding for its broadcast came from which would lead to the decision to allow corporate and special interest groups unlimited funding opportunities during elections.

PAC President Tiffany Muller believes the issue of campaign financing is of great importance to the people of the U.S. as research shows a campaign message regarding election finance levels results in more votes for Democrats than their traditional message. The decision to support Democrats was taken by Tiffany Muller as Republicans have been the main beneficiaries of the Citizens United decision and are less likely to back calls for its reversal.

Instead of relying on the major donations of corporate groups and special interest organizations, End Citizens United has built a powerful reputation for itself based on grassroots donations. Operating as a traditional PAC is important as members are limited to just $5,000 in donations each election cycle meaning no single donor to exact undue political influence on the group and its work. The strategy of Tiffany Muller and her PAC has already proven a success in a number of special elections following the election of President Donald Trump in 2016.

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Frontera Fund Finances Organizations Fight for Migrant Rights

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The origin story of the Frontera Fund is a very interesting tale. The fund supports advocate groups for civil, human, and migrant rights. It is a subject made all the more important by the current hullaballoo surrounding illegal immigration. Founded in 2014 by Phoenix New Times co-founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin the fund is legacy-making insult to Joe Arpaio.

During his tenure as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arpaio caused much controversy in his methods to stem illegal immigration. Many called his tactics unconstitutional, chief among them Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The duo chased down every story they could find about the Sheriff, peppering his reputation with numerous scandals and allegations.

When he began investigating them the duo decided to print a confidential court-ordered subpoena. As this was a criminal violation Arpaio had the duo arrested. The arrest led to a wrongful arrest lawsuit, which then led to a $3.75 million dollar victory for the duo.

They turned around and used the settlement to create the Frontera Fund. Now they support groups who actively fight the legacy left by Arpaio, using money they won at his expense.

The Frontera Fund is a stern advocate Latino groups that fight for human, civil, and migrant rights. It supports numerous organizations, giving them the money they need to continue their work. The only requirements is that they be Arizona-based, and that the groups advocate for Latin-American communities.

The ACLU of Arizona

The AZ ACLU was created in 1959. In its long tenure it has accomplished many notable victories. A supporter of human rights, the AZ ACLU fights Arizona Laws that unfairly single out minority groups. It has successfully made many laws unconstitutional. Currently it defends worker’s rights to free speech, and ensures fair legal representation. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The AZ ACLU is the group that famously defended day laborer Ernesto Miranda in the case that led to institution of Miranda rights. They are always present in cases that fringe constitutional rights, fighting the good fight for minorities across Arizona.

The American Immigration Council

Based in Washington D.C., the American Immigration Council educates people on the topic of immigration. They show the history and struggle of the American immigrant in order to teach people about their plight.

The hope is that through such knowledge people will gain a better understanding of immigration, leading to a different course of action. The American Immigration council also advocates legal programs to assist immigrants’ treatment by the law, as well as policy programs to better the quality of life. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

By supporting these two groups the Frontera Fund fights for civil, human, and migrant rights. Ensuring that the Latin community of Arizona get a fair shake. Their advocacy has made life better for many, championing human rights and raising awareness.

How To Effectively Destroy A Walled City Or A Fortress With A Trabuco

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Medieval generals had to figure out the best way to defeat their enemies. One of the toughest challenges they encountered on the battlefield, was trying to overtake a walled city or an impregnable stronghold. A general had to have patience and a lot of man power to overtake these two positions. However, if they had certain types of war machines and siege weapons at their disposal, they would drastically improve their chances of success.


Armies that had a Trabuco, usually associated with the French’s Trebuchet, in their arsenal would use it to hurl large stones or other types of objects into enemy walls. They also fired objects directly at the people. Some generals would shoot darts, metal shards and even fiery pitch onto the enemy’s heads.


Meaning “sling” the Trabuco went through three stages of development. Invented in China one source states that the Tensile Trabuco wasn’t mentioned in Chinese records until the Thirteenth Century. Another source claims that the Wujing Zongyao a record of Chinese Military affairs written in the 1040’s mentions a Trabuco that required a crew of 250 to launch a 140 lb. missile. Produced in different sizes the smallest of Trabucos required a two-man crew.


There were teams of men who operated the Trabuco. These soldiers were siege engineers and artillery personnel. They would transport, set up, operate and breakdown a Trabuco. They knew exactly where to fire huge stones and how to consistently badger the enemy. Generals would consistently attack a fortress wall in the same spot.


One of the best things about the Trabuco was its ability to fire rounds from a distance. The long-range attack methods that could be employed by the Trabuco helped to save lives. They could easily defeat enemy soldiers or cause them to quickly surrender.


The Trabuco was an intimidating weapon on the battlefield. It is a known fact that many lesser equipped armies feared for their lives when they saw this weapon in action.


A smart general knew how to effectively attack enemy positions with the Trabuco. One effective strategy was to block off the roads and exist points of an enemy’s position. This way they could starve or cut off the supplies of the people they were trying to conquer. A good general would have also known how to simultaneously use an artillery attack while using their foot soldiers to infiltrate from another direction. Go To This Page for additional information.


Knowing how to effectively assault an enemy force or position with a Trabuco was an important part of being a good military leader. A Trabuco was often necessary for generals who wanted to gain victory. They could destroy enemy walls, buildings, troops and forces and ultimately win the war.


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Jason Hope continues contributing to science and technology

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Although not a household name, Jason Hope ranks as one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona. He has been behind the formation of some of the most innovative companies in not only the state’s history but also that of the entire country. Hope has been behind the formation of such companies as Jawa, the first mobile premium content streaming service. In this endeavor, he was able to beat Apple to the creation of this business model by more than 10 years, proving him to be one of the most visionary entrepreneurs of our age.

Hope has also been responsible for the creation of many other highly successful startups. These have ranged from business-to-business application developers to web design firms. Today, Hope has largely stepped away from his incredibly busy and stressful schedule running his media empire. Now, the inveterate entrepreneur prefers to spend his time writing and blogging for various tech outlets. Hope has focused on the coming revolution that will be ushered in by the advent of the Internet of Things as well as the incredible advancements that will soon be taking place within the realm of medical technology.

As part of this vision, Hope has recently announced that he will be donating more than a half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation, one of the most important and cutting-edge research institutions in the United States today. The SENS Foundation was founded more than 10 years ago by one of the most prestigious gerontologists in the world today. Aubrey de Grey has won various awards for his insights into the aging process. Among his many discoveries, Aubrey de Grey has been able to isolate and identify seven distinct features that occur as all cells age. This insight into the aging process at the cellular level has laid the groundwork for research that may someday allow for the vast majority of people to live well past the age of 100.

For his part, Hope has said that the money that he has donated will be used primarily for atherosclerosis research. While atherosclerosis is one of the deadliest diseases in the United States today, killing more than 500,000 people each year due to conditions such as heart attack, stroke and other diseases related to venous insufficiency, Hope believes that understanding the inflammatory processes that underlie this condition will eventually lead to a much stronger universal understanding of the aging process itself.

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Top three tips for early retirement by David Giertz

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David Giertz is a proficient financial advisor with extensive experience of over 30 years. He is a graduate of Millikin University and the University of Miami with a BS and MBA respectively. David began his career as a Financial Services Advisor and rose through the ranks due to his exemplary work. He has been president of various organizations including Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc., Nationwide F1 Distributors Agency Inc. and Regional Vice President of Southeastern USA, boosting their income progressively. He is a qualified business coach who has inspired and coached many leaders as well. Below are some tips for retiring early by David.

  1. Save enough money

While still holding on to your jobs, David Giertz firmly encourages people to have savings accounts and save too. There is no limit to how much you can save because you have no idea how much money you will require after calling it quits. David recommends people to save up to ten times their yearly income. Following this program will find you with up to 15 times your salary saved up even after five years of early retirement.

  1. Have a flexible retirement plan

A well thought out plan comes in handy if you don’t want to be in a crisis in the first few years of retirement. David cautions people to choose the right retirement accounts that don’t incur any penalties on clients when early withdrawal is made. Roth IRA is a flexible plan, but it is limited to people with income less than $118,000 yearly. The other two are the 401(k) and 72t rule plans that help people who want to retire early with minimum conditions.

  1. Invest

David advises people to invest as it boosts possibilities of early retirement. Splitting your savings into a retirement and after-tax accounts whereby you can invest money in after-tax accounts and make withdrawals anytime without penalties. Health investments are also a thing to consider because the savings will cater for your medical bills in the future.

In a nutshell, consulting a financial adviser is a bold step towards making retirement plans. There are more aspects to examine before retirement because savings alone cannot be depended on. Unexpected as well as lifestyle expenses use up most savings. Thus, a well thought out plan for retirement will have you covered.

National Steel Car And Gregory Aziz

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There is a top leading company in producing and manufacturing railcars and the name of that company is National Steel Car. It is not just one of the countries, but one of the world’s leading companies. It is located in the town of Hamilton, Ontario. Who is responsible for it? The answer is none other than Gregory James Aziz.


He is, in fact, the Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of the company. It is because of him that the company has risen to success in recent years. He took National Steel Car when it was barely producing 6,000 railcars every couple of years and raised that number to 12,500 railcars being produced and manufactured annually. With that number rising, the need for employees also rose. In a time of bleak futures and a job market that was very low and unstable, he created several new job opportunities.


The employment base at his company started at 600 and that number rose to 3,000 workers that were employed by the year 1999. Gregory James Aziz, also known as Greg, had a good childhood with a family that instilled in him the value of hard work and pursuing your dreams. Greg took note and when he graduated high school, he decided he wanted to attend Ridley College. He spent his days there studying and learning. Aziz discovered he had a passion for business and the distribution of goods. He moved on to the University of Western Ontario and majored in economics.


He thrived in the university and graduated. With his strong educational background, he decided he would partner with his family in their food business and help them out the best he could. He was able to expand their business, Affiliated Foods, and they began being able to distribute fresh food to markets in the United States and Eastern Europe from countries such as South and Central America.

Satisfied he had helped them achieve success, Greg Aziz moved on to pursue other dreams. He moved to the United States and began working. It was from here he was able to organize the purchase of National Steel Car in the year 1994. He took the little company and turned it into a huge success. Today he manages National Steel Car but also enjoys spending time with his wife Irene and his two daughters who have, no doubt, been huge supporters of him and have kept him motivated along the way. See This Page for additional information.


How Nick Vertucci became Founder of NV Real Estate

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Nick Vertucci is quite an exquisite man to say the least. He founded NV Real Estate which started from a very humbling past. As the common rags to riches stories go, Nick Vertucci did not start in a very wealthy family. His family always struggled to make ends meet and the situation never seemed to get any better. When he was only ten years old, his father passed away. To most people this might look like the end of everything. How could he endured such sadness, especially at such a young age? Well, by the time Nick Vertucci was eighteen he had already started his own business and specialized in selling computer accessories. This business however, came to a screeching hault in 2000 when the big computer scare went viral.

After his first business went up in the air and was far from sight, he started a new interest. The new interest was in real estate. Nick Vertucci realized that real estate was the way to go with his businesses and so this is where it all began. He knew that people would always need a place to live and there for, there would always be a demand for living places. He also kept in mind that as cities and towns grew in population, demand for living would increase, therefore yielding much higher profits through real estate.

Nick began training as a student in the real estate industry. He learned many skills from buying small houses to repairing old creaking houses. He had doned it all and found the perfect way to turn his bank account from an empty space to a flourishing spring of never ending money.

From all of the skills Nick had picked up along the way, he decided to go out on a limb and introduce NVREA. It’s now his real estate training company. He still currently works on the company day in and day out in the hopes of teaching many others the skills necessary to succeed in real estate. He has said that teaching will provide greater money than using that skill by yourself.

Chainsmokers, Poems Of Virtue

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The Chainsmokers undoubtedly tout themselves as above average musicians who allure the fans whom come into contact with their sound waves of interesting and audible electro pop masterpieces. They have delved into massive amounts of work to achieve what it is that they set out to achieve, but it did not just happen over night, nor did it just fall into their laps. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart both came from humble beginnings in their venture out into the lands of I Heart Radio and massive tours full of serious and musically clever indie fans. The pair did not even initially meet from the beginning of the Chainsmokers as a whole band. The identity and self preservation of the duet happened after an initial band member decided The Chainsmokers was not for him, and consequently the new band member was replaced by Andrew Taggart who hailed from Maine. They fit just right in the whole scheme of things and produced a lot of really talented and curiously beckoning electronic music to the world like Selfie, Roses, and Closer. As time revealed itself though Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart released a track which directed itself contrary to the patterns of music streaming out from the hearts and souls of The Chainsmokers. This diversified song set took another turn in their single track Sick Boy which apparently was experienced as darker, more honest, and radically transparent compared to the other work they put out in to the open boundaries of the music industry. The song itself stemmed from a deep and unwavering place of frustration, anger, and grief over the state of social dynamics and how they negatively affected the people who misplaced the importance of getting likes on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Yet even though the song has tremendous amounts of direct communication concerning the mental effects of using the social media sites to the extent the social media actually starts begining to use people, fans and newly acquainted listeners are drawn in and even inspired by the poetic and lyrical boldness which was casted out into the otherwise unsuspecting world by Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers.