A Better Financial Platform

Nexbank SSB being a part of Nexbank Capital Inc has recently attained College Savings Bank of Princeton located in New Jersey. College Savings Bank has 529 plan college savings programs that it concentrates on. The CEO and president of Nexbank Capital John Holt, stated that the New Jersey bank will maintain its title and branding as well as retaining their present tasks as a division of Nexbank. College Savings Bank manages the Arizona Family College Savings program-bank plan and Indiana College Choice CD 529 investments plan.


Nexbank capital is a financial service institution that concentrates on three main agendas; Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Investment Banking. Nexbank is located in Dallas, Texas. It is among the biggest and leading banks in the state due to its satisfying results. The financial service company was found in 1934 and throughout the years the number of staff has massively increased and so is its branches.

Apart from concentrating on commercial banking, mortgage banking and investment banking, the company also gives financial advice and guidance to different companies, real estate investors and starting businesses. In the year 2015 Nexbank stated a fast increase .of income in their resources. The percentage of their assets is evidently a good indication of the better growth of the company. Therefore, Nexbank maintains its assertiveness in supporting and helping clients develop their area of interest.