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Hussain Sajwani As An Icon Of Success In The Real Estate Business

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Hussain Sajwani has built an incredible reputation in the Dubai Real Estate Industry. The Arab billionaire who is ranked fourth by the Forbes Magazine with a Net worth of 4.1 billion dollars is the founder of DAMAC Properties. The company that officially began business in 2002 has its headquarters in Dubai and has since opened new doors in places like the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Doha, and Qatar. It delivers lavish homes with comprehensive portfolios.

So far, DAMAC Properties has delivered about 20,000 finished home projects and have 44,000 units under construction. Under Hussain Sajwani, the company has partnered with renowned entities to bring in a different style. DAMAC has collaborated with fashion houses like Versace and Fendi Casa and has made deals with Tiger Woods for Golf course designs. Hussain Sajwani is known for his extreme marketing techniques and has co-partnered with Bugatti to facilitate his idea of offering Lamborghinis to apartment buyers.

Donald Trump contracted the services of DAMAC properties in building the Trump International Golf course in Dubai. Their business relations stirred up opinions in the general public because being the POTUS; it is not recommended for him to be running other businesses outside his role as president. However, Hussain Sajwani mentioned that he would not stop doing business with his family because Trump’s sons and his wife Ivanna, first lady of the United States, were capable of negotiating and closing deals on his behalf. Besides business, Donald Trump is his friend, and on the New Years Eve, he showered the DAMAC owner with endless praises having come all the way from Dubai.

The Billionaire started out as an engineer in GASCO, a national oil company and later left to focus on his catering enterprise that has grown to date and serves up to 15,000 meals daily to military and construction workers. The venture is still a part of DAMAC Properties. During Ramadhan, Hussain Sajwani gave AED 2 million in a donation on behalf of his company to help needy children. According to Hussain, children need a level ground to start their lives, and it was upon them to provide that kind of environment.

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Surf Rewards Member Loyalty

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Surf Air members already have access to unlimited monthly flights, global charter service, private airports and now they get a generous thank you for their loyalty. On their five year anniversary, Surf Air celebrated with enhancements in membership. As a partner with “All Roads North” Surf Air can offer more to its members.

Membership Enhancements for Loyal Members
Founders Card- networking opportunities, priority check-in, and complimentary elite status.
All Roads North- exclusive offers, luxury road trips, with amazing insider experiences.
The Private Suit LAX- hassle-free flying, private suites, runway view, daybed, food-service.

What Surf Air is all about?
Surf Air was founded in 2011 by Reed Farnsworth, Scott Craig Porter, Wade Eyerly, Cory Cozzens, David Eyerly, Peter Bi, and was launched in 2013. The California based company provides productive way of flying that makes the sky life easy and comfortable for all the members. Being such a young company that made partners with other powerful companies it is well on its way to success and great achievements. This is a company that is truly for the members. It is focused on making the experience as comfortable and hassle free as possible in the most honest way they can. In doing so they make a truly amazing club that is perfect for anyone whether you are a constant traveler, a large family who travels often, a business that needs to move employees often, or just need to travel and do not have the time for the hassle then Surf Air has set up the club for you.

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Ryan Seacrest and Rewarding Work

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Ryan Seacrest is the widely known “American Idol” host. American Idol is a massive television program that has been enchanting and thrilling people all around the United States since its launching all the way back in 2002. Seacrest has been its host since day one. The show is coming back to the small screen in 2018 for the spring season. It’s going to be part of the ABC network as well.

Seacrest is an esteemed figure in the media. He’s an individual who has received a lot of positive acknowledgement for his work within the field. He has many jobs to his credit. He produces and hosts all sorts of projects. His work spans cable television, broadcast television, radio and much more. Entrepreneurship is something that fascinates Seacrest day in and day out. It’s also something that has motivated him to take part in many entertainment and media entities. He’s a person who cares about doing positive things for other human beings. He manages all sorts of philanthropic duties that relate to young people in this world. His assistance has done so many good things for people all around the United States.

Ryan Seacrest hosts a radio show that’s known simply as “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.” It’s a morning program in Los Angeles, California. It’s on 102.7 KIIS-FM as part of iHeartMedia.

He’s more than proud to cohost “Live With Kelly and Ryan” next to Kelly Ripa. This is a highly regarded morning program. Seacrest is the man who is in charge of a business that’s called Ryan Seacrest Productions. He’s also clearly its namesake. This production firm has racked up a coveted Emmy award. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has been among the most famed reality programs for years. Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) serves as the show’s producer. It airs on the E! network. He’s even the producer of a drama that airs on ABC. It’s known as “Shades of Blue.” Jennifer Lopez acts on the program.

Lifestyle is yet another major focal point for Ryan Seacrest. “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” is a line of menswear. It’s available for purchase via Macy’s.

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Guilherme Paulus: Story Of Success

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Guilherme Paulus is a successful man in the business word and in the finance world as well. His hard work and the determination that he has shown through out the years have allowed him to become very successful and to be able to gain knowledgeable amount of experience in the field of his career as well.

With his hard work, he was able to become the co-founder of a company that is called CVC Brazil Operadora Agencia. He was able to become the co founder at a very young age in 1974, when he was only 24 years old. This proves to show that he has always been very determined and has always known what he has wanted to accomplish. This is one of the many reasons why many people look up to him and respect him his hard work.

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Guilherme Paulus has been able to reach high level of success through out the years because he has been able to work with strong business people as well. His partner was a Brazilian politician who taught him a lot about the industry and about the ways that he would be able to become a successful entrepreneur. Through out the years, his company started to become more popular and started to become more successful as well. The company was starting to make more profit and more investors started to become interested in the business. In 2009, some investors bought a piece of the company which was millions of dollars. After this, the company started to become successful and so was Guilherme Paulus. Guilherme Paulus has shown that hard work and determination pay off and that it is important to never stop reaching for your dreams in life. He has been able to inspire many and has been able to open many opportunities for them as well. His willingness to help put others is worthy of praise and admiration.

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Check Out Hussain Sajwani, Sole DAMAC Owner

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Hussain Sajwani is best known as the founder, chairman, and sole owner of DAMAC Properties, one of the Middle East’s most prominent real estate development companies. Big names in the Western world of business include Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; similarly, Hussain Sajwani’s name is big in the Middle East’s circle of commerce.

Mr. Sajwani was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to conduct an interview with IdeaMensch, one of the Internet’s hottest sites for sourcing interviews between its expert journalists and some of the greatest minds across the globe.

Here’s how Mr. Sajwani started off his career

According to, although his family operated its own business, Mr. Hussain Sajwani wasn’t born into wealth. He did, however, enjoy feeling like an entrepreneur whenever he was entrusted with the business’ responsibilities after school, on weekends, or during breaks from school.

When he attended the University of Washington’s economics and engineering programs in the United States, Mr. Sajwani sold timeshares across the nation. Combined with the uplifting feeling he received from the entrepreneurial endeavors of his own family, Hussain knew he wanted to found his own business after selling timeshares to supplement his income as an oft-broke college student.

Check out what Hussain Sajwani thinks is the most interesting business trend

Social media and digital marketing both intrigue Hussain Sajwani, the one and only DAMAC owner. He feels that the two interconnected fields are so interesting because it sprouted out of seemingly nowhere and is integrally important to the success of modern businesses. Organizations that opt out of entering and staying competitive within the fray of social media often don’t perform as well as their tech-friendly counterparts. See the properties built by DAMAC here.

Who is Hussain Sajwani?

Mr. Sajwani is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and the owner of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties was founded just 16 years ago in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, the center of all things business in the Middle East. Just two years ago, Damad Properties reeled in some $1.95 billion in revenue. It currently employs roughly 2,000 individuals around the UAE.

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End Citizens United Files Formal Complaint on Rick Scott to the FEC

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Andy Kim, from New Jersey; Randy Bryce, from Wisconsin; and Beto O’Rourke, from Texas all have one thing in common. Aside from all being politicians, they are endorsed by End Citizens United, one of America’s most noble grassroots organizations. End Citizens United runs their entire organization on less than 20 dollars in donations per member, and their primary goal is to correct the unjust political system in America.

The grassroots organization gets its name from a 2010 Supreme Court decision called Citizens United v the FEC. The decision opened up doors for corporations to almost entirely buy elections. They merely want to bring voting power back to the American citizen.

End Citizens United recently targeted Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida. Scott is currently running for U.S. Senate, and is known to accept corporate money. New Republican, a political action committee, is backing Rick Scott. Normally, under the new laws drafted due to Citizens United v FEC, this would be okay, but Rick Scott’s situation is different. Scott used to work for New Republican, and a member of End Citizens United claim that Rick Scott is directly in communication with the political action committee. This is against the law; a politician may not talk to anyone who is involved in organization third party contributions. A formal complaint was filed against Rick Scott to the Federal Election Committee.

This wouldn’t be the first time Rick Scott ignored the law. In 1997, while working for Columbia/HCA, Rick Scott was accused of Medicare fraud. Instead of taking responsibility for actions, Rick Scott accused his lower employees of the mistake. Eventually, Columbia/HCA was fined $1.7 billion, and he resigned from his position. Scott’s refusal to accept responsibility was made apparent in court when Scott refused to answer questions about Columbia and the accusations of Medicare Fraud.

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Sean Penn reveals the reality in the present society through his book, ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.’

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Sean Penn is a man who can do a lot of amazing things all at once. He is an actor, a filmmaker, a producer as well as a director. He was born in California in a family where his father was an actor as well as a director. His mother was an actress. This is one of the reasons he developed the interest in acting because his parents inspired him and he has always wanted to maintain their legacy in acting. He attended Santa Monica High school where he studied together with other actors such as Charlie Sheen and Rob Lowe.

Today he is recognized for writing numerous books and acting a vast number of movies. Fast Times at Ridgemont High was one of his breakthrough roles. He also acted the Dead Man Walking and other films during these times. He also wrote and produced The Crossing Guard and many more books that he has continued to write until today.

Besides, he is also an award winner. He was a winner of a couple of Academy Awards for the best actor. He increased his fame over the years especially after he married his wife Madonna who they later divorced. Among his recent credits for acting are the Tree f Life, Milk, I am Sam, The weight f Water, All the Kings Men among others.

One of his recent books is called’ Bob Honey who Just Do Stuff.’ In this book, he emphasizes strongly on the modern American Culture and Morality. The main character in this bk includes a man, Bob Honey, who is divorced and lives a kind of a secret life but does a variety of Jobs such as sewerage specialist, a government operative, assassin, Jehova’s Witness among others. Bob is described as a man who has been finding it hard to get along with other people in the society.

He is also said to be used by a secure kind of a government association to kill older adults using the country’s resources by assassinating them. He even tries to learn about marine life, but a journalist comes along to question him about the hatred for him in the community, but he does not like about people seeking to know about him. He hates media and advertisements. In this book, Penn tries to create the story of the Assassin Bob Honey with the new real-world aspects such as the Las Vegas Shootings and the Me Too movements.

Hussain Sajwani Moves Forward With DAMAC Properties

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Hussain Sajwani is listed as the fourth richest Arab in the entire world. His net worth is believed to be around 4 billion dollars. Hussain is a self-made businessman who began is entrepreneur career as a caterer.

Hussain Sajwani started business with a catering company that eventually landed contracts with the United States military and Betchel. He began with the project after working with Abu Dhabi Gas for only two years. Sajwani earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington and immediately went into business for himself. His catering company has grown to international levels and is now known as Global Logistics Services. It still holds many of the same important contracts that it did in its inception.

Hussain Sajwani went on to develop DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is the leading real estate developer in the middle east region. The company has several high-profile projects to its credit including a golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods. The golf course is managed by the Trump Organization and has helped Sajwani form a strong bond with Donald Trump and his family.

The states that DAMAC Properties has been involved in several other glamorous projects such as the Versace and Fendi Italian houses, as well as the Bugatti styled luxury villas and Suites. DAMAC Properties designed the Paramount Hotel and Resorts.

DAMAC Properties is known for its extravagant projects and promotions. Is has created several different clever marketing schemes in order to sell it’s properties to buyers. The company has developed over 19,000 apartment complexes that feature 44,000 different units.

Hussain and his family look forward to having a continued relationship with the Trump Organization. Sajwani expects to do business with Eric and Donald Trump Jr in the future. President Trump continues to acknowledge Hussain and his family as friends even though they can no longer conduct formal business. Facebook: @HussainSajwaniOfficial

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What Larkin And Lacey Have To Say About Immigrants And DACA Cases

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A young immigrant was recently detained by ICE in Maricopa County and was found out later to be legally allowed to stay.

His arrest occurred because ICE agents saw a tattoo on him that they thought was a gang-related symbol, but it was discovered that it was nothing more than a symbol of what his homeland represented. As a result, a federal judge ruled that he could not be held as he was not in any violation of any laws and was there under DACA.

It’s advocates Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who have been on top of his story who support immigrant rights groups and are fighting for fair immigration laws in courts. They publish these stories and gain favor with other support groups through the Frontera Fund, a foundation they run.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have used journalism as their way of effecting change and telling stories you won’t hear about in most big name newspapers. They first wrote stories when Vietnam War protests reached the campus of Arizona State University where they attended at the time.

They started out with a pilot edition of a newspaper that would become known as the New Times originating in Phoenix but later worked its way across the nation. Larkin and Lacey also formed Village Voice Media which became the parent company and center of the Arizona operations.

Over the years Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey covered controversial stories and found themselves in the crosshairs of individuals and organizations who didn’t like their ways of exposing wrongdoing. But probably none more so than longtime former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is the reason the Frontera Fund began in the first place.

Arpaio has often taken tough steps to come down on criminals in the Phoenix area, and he has even been known to bend the law a little in the name of protecting citizens. Larkin and Lacey started doing investigative reporting into him in the years following his first election to sheriff in 1992.

Joe Arpaio not only would plan various raids into Mexican American communities without proper authorization to do it at times; he also had some bad practices he enacted in the correctional facilities. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Inmates were known to be given pink underwear and rotten food, and some were even housed in a jail that had only tents for protection against the elements. But as Larkin and Lacey started calling out Arpaio in their articles in the New Times, it led to him going too far.

Arpaio decided to find a loophole to say the two men violated a court subpoena in a particular case they were working. He had Larkin and Lacey arrested in the middle of the night, but he could not hold them because public outrage followed, and a district judge ruled that Arpaio had no probable cause to do that.

But Larkin and Lacey didn’t stop the court battle there; several years later they won a lawsuit against Arpaio for $3 million which they used to start the Frontera Fund. Their goal is to fight for justice against all the wrongs Arpaio committed while serving as sheriff.

OG Juan Knows How To Party In Style

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Recently, The Bro Talk published an article entitled, “Juan “OG” Perez’ Big Pimpin’ Hundred Thousand Dollar Birthday Tab”.

OG Juan reportedly spent large amounts of money while out on the town with his wife Desiree, Jay-Z, and other friends for OG’s birthday celebration. This wild night made headlines for the extravagant amount of money that was spent during the time of the wild birthday bash. This story went viral due in part to a server who posted a picture of a nightclub receipt on Snapchat that night.

It is rumored that over $113k was spent alone that night!

For OG Juan’s big night, the Roc Nation Group started out with dinner at Japanese restaurant and then made their way to Made In Mexico, a popular nightclub. Finally, the group made their way to the Playroom Nightclub where they reportedly bought over 40 bottles of champagne in one night. Many sources say that they saw the group handing out plenty of bottles to other patrons that night. Most of the champagne that they bought was from the brand Ace of Spades.

Needless to say, OG Juan had a birthday night that won’t soon be forgotten.

OG Juan and Jay-Z have had a working and personal relationship for over two decades. Juan’s wife Dez has also been a major force behind Jay-Z’s career and together, the two make up a big part of the Roc Nation family. Their famous friendship has been referenced through several lines in many of Jay-Z’s songs throughout the years and spanning multiple albums.

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