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An Elucidation of Kabbalah And The Kabbalah Centre

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Kabbalah means to receive. It has been around for many years and it deals with ancient wisdom. Kabbalah provides an explanation on how life and the universe bond. Therefore, it is simply a study of how people can receive fulfillment in their lives. The discipline has origins in Judaism. Additionally, its teachings are meant to expound on the connection between the mysterious, eternal, and the unchanging along with God’s creation, which is the mortal universe. Click Here for Kabbalah News.

Kabbalah developed from the territory of Jewish tradition. That explains why much kabbalistic regularly use standard Jewish sources to demonstrate and explain its esoteric teachings. Followers of Judaism hold to the teachings in order to understand the deeper meaning of the traditional Rabbinic Literature along with the Bible. They also define their transmitted dimension that was previously concealed. Additionally, they elucidate the value of Jewish religious observances. Practitioners of Kabbalah believe its origins pre-date various religions in the world. Therefore, it forms the blueprint of religions, creation philosophies, arts, political systems, and sciences.

Presently, the aim of Kabbalah teaching is ensuring that people live a fulfilled life. It helps people to realize that the entire branches of life including health, careers, and relationships originate from one trunk and one root. Kabbalah provides a way of viewing the world, which can link people to the sort of permanent fulfillment they seek. Kabbalah teachings are currently offered in different parts of the world. There are many excellent centers where people can get Kabbalistic teachings that can help them to live a fulfilled life and that includes The Kabbalah Centre.

About The Kabbalah Centre

Operating from Los Angeles California, The Kabbalah Centre is an organization that offers teachings on Kabbalah and courses on the Zohar. The Kaballah Centre provides these courses to study groups via city-based centers and through the internet as well. Currently, it is headed by Philip Berg. It has an international staff that trains and guide its students that come from different backgrounds and places.

As the largest organization in the world, The Kabbalah Centre is committed to offering wisdom. Its main aim is to provide people with the right kind of wisdom that enhances their lives. The Kabbalah Centre has 50 branches worldwide. Over 5,000 students study weekly through books, lectures, CD’s DVD’s, and prayer services. for more.

Brian Bonar Is Making History

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The Chairman, as well as Chief Executive Office of Dalrada Financial Corporation, is Brian Bonar. He is considered a specialist in the design process. He has an attention to detail approach towards his work. His experience lies in site design along with building design. Next is design development along with procurement, besides contract administration.He has a reputation for helping his clients as well as team members. He wants his project partners to achieve their goals.Brian Bonar has a wide portfolio. This includes retail commercial, besides aviation. He is involved in multi-family housing too. His experience lies in helping various education projects. He is an asset on various projects while he establishes client relationships also.

The Cambridge has named him Who’s Who Executive of The Year. This is in the field of Finance. It is a highly significant honor. This is because it is given to only two men and women in each discipline. The award is given on the basis of accomplishments. These include leadership abilities, along with academic achievements.Brian Bonar has over thirty years of professional experience that is mainly in the financial sector.In his current professional placement, he is looking after a huge selection of employee along with employer benefits. He looks after aftermarket products also. This is because Dalrada Financial Corporation is giving a wide variety of employee programs to its clients. All this helps to enhance the efficiency as well as productivity of businesses.These programs would include employee benefits too. Next is risk management insurance, along with various business management services. In addition, Brian Bonar is the Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc too. Besides, he is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service also.Brian Bonar is also employed as the Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies Corporation. This is into the field of development of color management software. It is also developing digital imaging hardware.

The target market of this corporation includes small as well as medium-sized businesses.Now Brian Bonar will be acquiring Source One Group. This is an employer organization that is helping small and medium-sized businesses in several things that include payroll as well as human resource assistance.The managerial genius of Brian Bonar is quite evident in Trucept Incorporated. This firm is helping the small as well as medium companies as it completes various jobs for them. This includes helping their payroll besides human resources administration along with employee benefits. This way business can focus on their real work as Trucept will be handling the rest. It even makes suggestions while respecting the unique work climate of all businesses. It provides temporary as well as permanent work force too.

The highlights of Agora Financial

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Agora is a company that has your future in their sights. They have a team of experts that can help you set your goals in investing money. Where you can start small and end up wealthy. So many people have no idea where to start investing for their future. They are there to help you figure out what you need to start. They want to ensure you can live a life of no financial worries.
Many points were uplifted like, how you go for the companies that aren’t widespread yet, so that it is cheaper to buy in, and that look promising in the future. Or how they dont just sit behind a desk to research their information. They travel all over the world to get their information correctly.
Agora works hard to find the best investment deals for each individual. Researching high and low to find what fits each person just right. The company has been predicting the correct investments for years. They know what is best for every situation.
Agora had you in mind when they hired their team of experts, from the Harvard Geologist to the three time award winning new York best selling autor. They want to secure your future for You. Many have set trust in them, you can too.
They have 20 publications so you can easily navigate through what you are interested in investing in. So take a look and see how you can invest your future. Agora Financial working hard so you don’t have to.

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Securus Technologies, Making Communication Accessible and Affordable

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Securus Technologies is a company that connects inmates with their families. The company has been around since 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. In recent years, Securus has made technology more affordable, so inmates and their families are able to connect at affordable prices. Securus has also decided to invest over 600 million in new technology to make the service even more affordable and accessible to customers. The company serves over 2,200 correctional facilities in North America. There are satellite offices across the US. The primary and most popular service is phone calls, however, Securus Technologies also offers services like money transfer, video chat, and voicemail. The company website gives full details on the products and services offered.


Securus Technologies has also taken on an initiative to be transparent in their pricing. This has been appreciated by customers who are able to more affordably connect with their loved ones while away. There are many different alternatives for those working with a budget such as prepaid calling, which allows a preset amount for calling. This is a good option for those who need to stay within a budget and don’t want unpleasant surprises on their phone bills, which has been an issue in the past with many inmate communications companies.


A recent article published by PR Newswire indicates that both the families and employees of the corrections facilities are grateful for the service. As Securus Technologies provides monitoring of the calls, many issues and crimes have been solved as a result of this information. Everything from contraband to discovery information has been recovered by the monitoring. This resolves many issues with things like drug sales and violence in the facilities. As Securus Technologies develops new technology, perhaps new advances will continue to assist in the criminal justice system.




Getting to Know Flavio Maluf

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Independence is a perfect thing, especially if it comes at a time when freedom exists. Flavio Maluf is one man who has always kept in touch with his inner being, and in turn achieved success. To date, he is renowned as the greatest President of Eucatex, a company he joined back in 1987. For years, Flavio has not only overseen operations at Eucatex but also made some of the greatest acquisitions in the corporation’s history. It is in 2010 that Flavio helped Eucatex open up another factory right in the heart of the City of Salto and Botucatu. Being the hardworking man that Flavio is, he has been able to drive Eucatex in the right direction, hence his fast rise to power. Eucatex has on the other hand grown to meet customer demands by supplying products and services to furniture manufacturers and large civil construction corporations.



As a Brazilian, Maluf has taken his nationalist spirit everywhere he goes. On this accord, he has been fortunate enough to work with other organizations across the divide. Maluf has also been instrumental in helping people across the globe reach a place of financial fulfillment. Contrary to beliefs that a person can only start a successful business with a boat load of money, Flavio thinks that you can establish a successful corporate empire provided that you have a product or service that attracts the attention of different clients. His advice to new entrepreneurs is that before setting up any business, you ought to do a pilot study and understand what your competitors are doing so as to come up with a better strategy than theirs.



Giving back to the community has always been something that Flavio Maluf has been doing, dwelling entirely on charity and philanthropy. Besides, Flavio has also been volunteering in programs meant to empower community members. Maluf’s passion has mainly gone to financially enabling the Hospital and Maternidade Idio Carli, a facility that was once home to the Santa Emilia Health. Therefore, Maluf’s insights show that he has the right ingredients to create and develop a business from the ground up.



E-governe gets powerful fleet management technology into the hands of local government

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One of the largest cost centers for government departments throughout the world is fleet management. This can include aircraft, cars, trucks, boats and virtually any other vehicle used for transportation, interdiction or surveillance. Fleet management is an area of governance that can be highly optimized through the application of scientific principles. Until recently, the body of modern logistics knowledge has been less known and poorly implemented throughout the developing world. This has been another factor that has significantly hindered the ability of developing governments to come up to speed with their more advanced counterparts.



e-governe puts advanced logistics capabilities into municipal government’s hands


As a developing country that has seen a great deal of progress over the last 50 years, Brazil has gone from a model of governance, in many of its smaller municipalities, that was, at times, hardly distinguishable from primitive tribal councils headlong into the 21st century. This has entailed a huge amount of modernization. Much of that has involved the implementation of various forms of electronic governance, such as automated healthcare billing systems and online enrollment for government programs.


But one area in which this transition to modernity in governance has been lagging is in fleet management. Many of Brazil’s smaller municipalities still rely on haphazard, unscientific fleet management techniques. The reasons may be a lack of resources or even a lack of understanding in just how powerful modern logistical techniques can be.

The power of optimized, software-managed fleet management may escape government administrators, who may not recognize that they even have a terribly inefficient fleet management protocol.


However, once a system like e-governe Vehicles is implemented, the results can be dramatic and nearly instantaneous. One of the largest costs that government organizations face is that of acquisition, fuel costs and maintenance of their vehicles. Yet these costs can be dramatically reduced through using state-of-the-art logistics management systems such as that offered by e-governe.


One of the more amazing revelations of modern logistics is that vehicles can essentially be kept in service indefinitely. This can be seen, for example, with the U.S. airlines. Since the early 70s, airlines in the United States have used sophisticated, computer-based systems to optimize aircraft maintenance. This eventually resulted in many airlines being able to keep aircraft in service for 20 to 25 years, representing tens of millions of miles of travel per plane. Rather than acquiring new aircraft, with the enormous attendant costs of doing so, they kept their existing fleet in the air and in top shape.


Many governments, especially those in developing countries who may be under strong budgetary pressure, can benefit from these same techniques. While it is generally not possible to keep most cars or trucks on the road for millions and millions of miles, as it is with jets, these vehicles can nevertheless have their useful lives extended to three or four times what they would have otherwise been without optimal maintenance.


Fleet management optimization is yet another area in which e-governe can transform governmental operations.

Cassio Audi – Multi-talented

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Cassio Audi’s a former drummer for a rock band – Viper – which had was born in 1985. It, along with Audi, was born in Brazil. The Brazilian heavy metal band who got its founding influence from a previous English band – The Iron Maiden. In 1989, Viper released Theatre of Fate, a well-received mix of heavy metal with classical themes. In this album, a certain song bases its lyrics from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Another top song, perhaps one of Viper’s favorites, is Living for the Night. For this song’s album, Viper specifically choose to hire an English producer named Row Rowland. Together, he and the band also worked alongside a full orchestra. The results of the album were well worth the initial efforts as thousands purchased and spread the word. Viper was only on the road to success at that point.

Viper even outsold Nirvana in Japan, where Nirvana was most popular. Not long afterward, Andre Matos left Viper to further his education and Bassist Pit Passarel became the new lead singer. Audi played with Viper from 1985-1989 as the main drummer for the group. He was almost never replaced during this time, except for when sick. When he first joined the band, he was quite young – at 18 years of age. Unfortunately, he was not a member of Viper for too long.

The band released a documentary – 20 years Living for the Night. In it, a member places a cloth onto a stick and drops it onto Audi’s drums as Audi plays. Audi casually hits the burning cloth from off his drum stick and continues to play as if nothing has happened, even though the entire stage nearly went up in flames. That was some entertaining and hardcore heavy metal if nothing else.

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The Benefit of Concessions for Sanitation Services According to Felipe Montoro Jens

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The water sector has taken the initiative to generate concessions from the BNDES program, which is debatable among many people. Edison Carlos, the president of Trata Brazil, believes the improvements that will come as a result of this motion as it will host new administration and better structural and resource areas. The overall aim is to decrease the levels of waste, according to infrastructure projects specialist Felipe Montoro Jens.



Felipe Montoro Jens is the executive officer at AC Energia SA, and he has held many, other lucrative positions. He gained his undergraduate degree at Getulio Varagas Foundation, and he gained his graduate studies at the Thunderbird School of Global Management.



Montoro Jens reports that the loss of water is one of the main concerns this infrastructure currently faces. He believes it is also one of the blows that this sector has had to take financially. Montoro Jens has also gone on the record as saying that Brazil needs to address its water supply situation with just rigor as there are vast means for improvement.



It is important to note that an alliance must also exist between codes of operation that are in place for water infrastructure and the citizen who makes use of the infrastructure. This aspect is suspected to help in lower costs, which also deserves a great deal of observation according to Montoro Jens.



The only way to really achieve any measured kind of improvement in Brazil’s water infrastructure is to create partnerships throughout the country. Edison states that the only way to achieve the changes that must be made is through these partnerships as it links the country together on a united front against the issue at hand. All parties involved thus far say the process must first begin with governors taking a close review of the concession’s activities.


The Mystery of Kabbalah

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The Kabbalah is the traditional Jewish mysticism subject that focuses on ethical and spiritual outlooks with firm religious roots. This subject is highly controversial, and several questions have been left unanswered over the years. The mission of Kabbalah centre is quite unusual, and several celebrities like Madonna have publicly espoused Kabbalistic doctrines. Judy Myers in the book Kabbalah Spiritual Quest has thoroughly undertaken a serious study of this phenomenon. Her analysis of the movement spans from its roots, teachings, values of spiritual healing, and its popularization in the US. She also takes us through the profiles of some adherents. Her major focus is on the sociological and psychological approach stressing on the movements functional character.

Traditionally, Rabbis highly believed that the subject of Kabbalah and its mysteries were so complex and very easily misunderstood. They, therefore, preferred teaching devout students over the age of 40(mostly males). Many traditionalists, therefore, associate Kabbalah to the ancient, secretive Judaism’s mystic tradition.

The Kabbalah Centre International

The Kabbalah Center International provides courses on the Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar through its regional centers, worldwide study groups and also online. It is a nonprofit entity based in Los Angeles, California with a multi-ethnic staff of international teachers to provide Kabbalistic studies and guidance to its student community worldwide. The presentation was developed by the Kabbalah Center director Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg.

The mystical tradition is quickly spreading through all the cities of the world including Boca Raton, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego, London, Toronto and Las Vegas. The Kabbalah beliefs and practices are quickly becoming fashionable, and the adherents are determined to stay on. There are concerns on whether this is a religion or a cult. But the leaders affirm that Kabbalah is simply a practice of universal wisdom.

Final Verdict

According to Kabbalah, all religious and spiritual affiliations across the world are specific branches of the universal wisdom. It is a resemblance to religions like Judaism, Islam Christianity and Buddhism in addition to new age teachings. The Kabbalah Center offers itself as a supplement to these religions rather than as an alternative religion. There have however been numerous criticism and controversies on the financial misappropriation with some media critics alleging that the charismatic Kabbalah leaders use the promise of wealth, good health and happiness to attract the vulnerable and the rich.

The Talos Energy Company

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Since the nationalization of oil industry in Mexico, there had not been an offshore exploration by partnerships or companies apart from the Petroleos Mexicanos, a monopoly company runs by the state. Therefore, the oil drilling after almost 80 years by a partnership of private foreign investors was a great achievement to the energy market at large due to the fall in market by Mexico before it opened a bid to private investors in which the partnership won. The partnership being amongst Premier Oil with twenty five percent, Talos Energy with thirty five percent and Sierra Oil and Gas with forty percent. The oil well was named Zama-1 well.
The well had a high chance of success due to its location at Sureste Basin off state of Tabasco. The Zama-1 well was believed to hold one hundred to five hundred million barrels of crude oil, which would take ninety days to drill at a cost of sixteen million dollars. As a non-Mexican state owned company, it would be the most interesting well to be drilled and therefore will be seriously watched by the other industries.
Talos Energy was started with one hundred and twenty employees comprising of geoscientists, receptionists amongst others. For this reason, it has been named as the best small business to work in. As a private gas and oil company, whatever it does defines its worth and the rate at which it grows. It is then expected to grow and create market for labor and therefore increasing the number of employees in the company.
Tim Duncan is the President and chief executive officer of Talos Energy Company. He believes that the combination of professionals and available resources would greatly lead to a great company with success. Michael Harding on the other hand feels that the small company makes him work to his level best because he gets to interact with everyone. All employees feel that the company is great since each one has their ideas aired and analyzed together. Full participation of everyone is recommended and encouraged. This therefore creates a serene environment for the innovations as geoscientists and engineers.

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