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Equities First Holdings LLC’s Offices and their Attractive Services

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Equities First Holdings LLC has just moved its Australian office to Melbourne. The position of the new office is easily accessible to the clients as well as the business associates. The company has maintained three locations for its business in Australia, and these include Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. Equities First Holdings avails stock-based loans to its customers so that they can access capital to expand their businesses, to make strategic investments and also for other purposes.The unrestricted nature of stock-based loans makes it possible to use the capital for any purpose. The loans are also non-recourse capital to them more open.

Equities First Holdings also has its presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, and Thailand with the headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It has been offering its clients alternative financing solutions and supplying them with capital to help them meet their personal and business objectives since 2002.To date, Equities First Holdings has successfully undertaken at least 700 transactions totaling over 1.3 billion dollars. Its shares are traded publicly in different locations around the globe. The customers enjoy high loan-to-value offered at low and fixed rates. EFH has today achieved the status of a global landing company so that its offices are in various countries across the world. The offices are in cities like Hong Kong, London, Singapore, and in Australia.

What EFH Specializes In and Who Stands to Benefit

EFH specializes in the development of products to effectively supply liquidity in terms that are attractive to the customers. The transactions here are always very secure and transparent. Various types of businesses and investors stand to benefit the most from working with Equities First Holdings. These entities received securities-based lending from the company. EFH critically evaluates the risks and the prospects of future performance in regards to bonds, treasuries, and stocks.


Avaaz – A Rising Organization of Global Activism

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Established in January 2007, the United States based civic organization known as Avaaz(A persian name meaning “voice” or “song”) is rapidly growing in its networking base, strength, and world wide activist activities. The organization is dedicated to the promotion of activism around the globe concerning issue such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict resolution. The company relies completely on the generosity of member donations and supporters — preventing the influence of any foundations, corporations or government sectors. The young organization has raised nearly $20 million in funding since its establishment.
As stated in this article, one only need look at their track record to see the organization’s growing influence and effectiveness. The Iranian presidential election of 2009 saw protests setup through internet proxy servers which allowed the uploading of videos and access to public websites by Iranian protesters(this was enabled due to Avaaz’s setup of the proxy servers). Next, prior to the Syrian Civil War, Avaaz helped support the civil uprising through delivering $1.5 million in internet communications hardware to aid protestors and trained the Syrian activists how to use it all effectively. Following this the organization helped send more than $2 million in medical technology into the areas of Syria held by rebels. Avaaz was also able to smuggle thirty four international journalists into Syria to help in the documentation and reporting of the situation.
Most recently, during the 2016 U.S. presidential election Avaaz helped promote the campaign against Donald Trump with their slogan “Defeat Donald Trump” along with the production of a software tool to help oversee voters register more easily and efficiently.
It becomes clear through researching up on this rising organization that they are dedicated to promoting universal human values, rights and actively involved in global affairs. They are a force for good, working for change in the right direction.

Bruce Bent II’s Idea of Achieving through Simplicity other than Intellectuality

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Bruce Bent II, an industrious entrepreneur, and the vice chairman and president of Double Rock Corporation is mostly recognized for his creation of the best short-term asset management and cash related solutions for banks, retailers, qualified plans, and broker-dealers. His company is a financial technology corporation that deals with the provision of industry’s most innovative cash management solutions.

Bruce Bent II Leadership Capabilities

In addition to his leadership as Double Rock Corporation, his leadership skills have seen him serve as a senior executive of all six wholly owned subsidiaries of his company. These firms, which are highly recognized for their contribution in innovations for their respective markets include Island Intellectual Property LLC and Access Control Advantage LLC.

For 17 years, he has actively shown his managerial skills by acting as the CEO and manager of The Reserve. The company deals with mutual market funds and cash management business of FDIC. During his reign in the company, he oversaw the orderly liquidation and sale of the firm’s subsidiaries and affiliates during the 2008 financial crisis. Before the crisis, Bent had led the firm to become one of the world’s largest privately owned money market institution and the second largest money market fund.

Bent’s Key to Succeed

Bent is a strong believer of team work and believes that it takes one person to come up with an idea but a team to bring it to life. For this reason, he believes in moving and interacting a lot with people other than staying glued behind the desk all day. His team includes plain smart people who keep things simple rather than being intellectual. At times some of his team members may never even realize they are on the team.

Double Rock Corporation

Double Rock Corporation was started back in 1970 by Bruce Bent II’s father and his then partner. The company was started with the aim of inventing the first money market mutual fund. Over the years, the company has grown to become a trillion dollar company. Unlike many other multi-dollar companies, Double Rock Corporation ensures that billions of its interest go to the pockets of average Americans instead of ending up in banks. Also, the company has over 60 patents offering various financial services.

Making parent-teacher conferences virtual: Class Dojo

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In an article on Tech Crunch, Class Dojo shows how it has grown from the first released free app in 2011 to the newly renovated collaborative tool that it is today. In the recent round of fundraising, this start up company has raised almost 21 million dollars. The company’s founders, Sam Choudhary and Liam Don, say that this money will be used to grow their team and the features of the app. Their desire is to expand not just the school features but the features for parents at home.


This app allows parents and teachers to communication about academics, social and behavioral interactions, and praise the classroom moments instantly. Since parents and teachers are able to communicate constantly, they are no surprises at back-to-school nights or the once a marking period parent-teacher conferences. In fact, the reports can make parents confident that they may not even feel the need to attend these events.


One cool feature is the photo and video feature. This feature allows teachers to instantly send a picture of the students fabulous work home or a classroom participation moment and share it directly with that parent. The free app is creative a positive classroom culture between parents, teachers, and students.


To date, the company reports that this app is actively used by 85,000 different types of schools nationwide from private to public. This 25 person start up has yet to generate revenue, which is why they seek investors. This company would never make any money of user’s data, because they work with an app that contains children’s information. Instead, they would create content and features parents would pay to use.


Class Dojo is an app that is web-based but does have a mobile version. It is currently free for teachers to sign up. The site generates student and parent letters with their own codes to make it easy for them to sign up and less work on the teacher. The app has ready made behaviors or customizable ones, allowing the teacher to modify to fit their class’ needs and goals. It truly creates a positive culture between the parents and teachers.


This communication platform gives teachers less paperwork to communicate with parents, and parents receive the empowerment to know how their child is doing in all aspects of the school environment. Features like student specific and class wide announcements allow the teacher to tailor the communication to a specific purpose. It creates a community in the classroom and a positive environment with change from the ground up.


Teachers can send communication to specific parents or class-wide, depending on need.


Susan McGalla: How to Succeed as a Woman in the Workplace

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Susan McGalla has just shared some important advice for woman in the workplace, and it’s worth paying attention to (originally reported on PR Newswire).


The original article starts out with some history, giving context to why McGalla’s advice is prescient to the modern reader. A century ago most women worked in the home, making up less than a quarter of the workforce. Today almost half of workers are women. That’s great progress!


Unfortunately women are still being discriminated against, with less than half of female workers in America holding jobs as executive officers. This indicates, and Susan McGalla reiterates, that many women have a hard time advancing in the workplace.


Why should we listen to McGalla’s advice?


Because she’s already proven herself in the business world and works to help other get ahead. She speaks professionally about how women can break through and get ahead in the business world.


So what is her advice?


First, McGalla advises getting a good education. Despite tuition costs going through the roof, she still advises getting a quality education to develop the skill set necessary to succeed in a primarily male workforce. The important thing, she stresses, is having a solid plan, which includes planning how to get money for college. There are lots of scholarships and other aid available to women who do their homework.


Her next piece of advice is to be confident. It’s easy to see why this would be difficult when trying to get ahead as the underdog in a field dominated by men. McGalla shares how management’s negative influence can reduce women’s ambitions. She recommends fighting this by finding and building your own support network to keep you motivated to push forward with bold career choices.


Her last piece of advice is to ignore the whole idea that it’s harder for women to succeed in the workforce, and instead just work hard. This prevents you from having an attitude or feeling that you deserve certain privileges, which can have a negative influence on how hard you actually work.


She ends with a great piece of advice: “Let your work speak for itself.”

Find out more about Susan McGalla:

What you need to know about Kabbalah

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Did you know that originally, Kabbalah was thought t be so complicated that it could not be taught t anyone else apart from men who were at least 40 years of age? The main aim of these teachings, which have their origins in Judaism, is to try and explain the relationship between the unchanging, eternal and mysterious infinity and the universe as we know it. Most people have the misconception that Kabbalah is a religion, however, these teachings are not a religion, but are used by many religions.

Origins of Kabbalah

The origin of the teachings was within the Jewish tradition. This is why it is not uncommon to hear Kabbalists making use of Jewish sources in their attempts to explain and make sense of esoteric teachings. It is however believed that Kabbalah may have existed even before all other world religions. As a matter of fact, it is believed to have formed the blueprint that formed creationist philosophies, political systems, religions and arts. Currently, the teachings are used by Judaists to try and explain the innermost meanings of the Hebrew bible and other rabbinic teachings. Click Here for NewYork times news.

Why Kabbalah is a grossly misunderstood doctrine

This is probably one of the most misunderstood parts of Judaism. The misunderstandings started occurring when Christians, occultists, and mystics started defining the teachings and warping them to fit their dogma. Recently, there have been people that try to use the teachings in activities such as tarot card reading, which distorts the true value of the teachings. The fact that celebrities are adopting this magic-like form distortion of the teachings does not make the case any better.

Is Kabbalah a belief in Magic?

Most people think of magic when they hear the word Kabbalah. While it is true that the explanations that the original Kabbalah gave about the universe and how it works contain some connection to magic, there is more to the explanations than that. There have been accounts of rabbis that performed acts that could be described as magic in the modern context. For instance, there was an account of one rabbi that created a man (golem) from clay and brought him to life by simply reciting the various names of God. While there may not be any evidence to show that this is no more than a legend, it is great to recognize that not all religions are willing to have faith as deep as the ones that adopt Kabbalah related beliefs.

Changing the image of Kabbalah

The many misconceptions about the teachings are perhaps the reason why the true followers, rabbis and devout Judaists are coming up with Kabbalah centers around the world. These are non-profit organizations that provide courses about Zohar and other Kabbalistic teachings. The courses are available both online and through some of the regional centers that the founders have put up around the country. The headquarters of the school are in Los Angeles, California. There are other Kabbalah centers around the world, with another one being located in Europe.

About the founders

The founders of the kabbalah center are Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg. The two opened the center in 1984 and it has been growing ever since. The need to set the record straight about the true nature of the Kabbalistic teachings is what motivated the two to start the center. However, the original American center was founded in 1965 in New York City. This was after the death of the founder of the original center in Israel. for more .

Karl Heideck’s Tips For Success In Litigation Practice

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Karl Heideck's Tips For Success
Karl Heideck’s Tips For Success

Anyone who knows Karl Heideck knows that he is a reputed attorney in the Greater Philadelphia area. He is one of the best litigators in the state.

A graduate of the Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law, Karl Heideck got his JD in 2009. Prior to that, he had attained his English and Literature Degree from the Swarthmore College.

Karl Heideck started off his career working for several law offices. He was previously working at Pepper Hamilton, LLP. He also worked at Conrad O’Brien, another good law firm in the United States. As an attorney, Karl Heideck is well-versed and knowledgeable in various areas of law and litigation practice. He is a legal research expert as well as a writer. He is also experienced in commercial litigation, corporate law, civil litigation and employment law.

Karl Heideck is also a mediator and an arbitrator. These skills have enabled him to represent his clients better. Whether he is involved in the court trial process or an out-of-court settlement, he makes his skills and experiences serve him best.

Anyone who would like to be as good a litigator as Karl Heideck must be more than ready to put in the work. There are many lawyers in the country but only a few of them gain recognition for their prowess in winning challenging cases. Once you gain admission to the bar association, you can start to practise. Choosing an area of specialty which you can grow into is very important too.

Journals of Wessex Institute of Technology

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Wessex Institute of Technology, or simply WIT, currently publishes seven international journal titles containing well researched information. Each journal is a compilation of articles based upon a certain subject. The writings and viewpoints of many different researchers join hands to produce these journals containing valuable information. An eighth is due to be released in 2018. The journals published are as follows: WIT Transactions on the Built Environment, WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences, International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, International Journal of Energy Production and Management, International Journal of Heritage Architecture and International Journal of Environmental Impact.

These journals are published by WIT press, the publishing service. They are also archived online in the WIT press eLibrary. Many of the journals published are marketed by Elsevier with editing links retained by WIT. More journals are scheduled to be released in the future. With many different topics, each reader is sure to find a journal which catches their interest.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Introduces Clinical Pathways

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson. The first hospital to open was Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Illinois. Other locations include Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Goodyear, Arizona, and Newnan, Georgia. Its headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida and consists of five hospitals that treat cancer patients. They offer various services including surgical procedures, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. They also offer integral services for side effects such as depression, anxiety, pain, nausea, and fatigue.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been recognized for high levels of overall patient satisfaction and has received various awards. This is mostly due to their highly personalized approach to care and dedication to each individual patient. They have state of the art technologies and their supportive therapies are evidence-based. This approach allows each patient to have various options to chose from. Their experienced staff is very knowledgeable and informed especially because cancer treatment is the sole focus of the hospital. The staff realizes that no two cases are the same and this is why people benefit so much from personalized care.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently partnered with two organizations, Allscripts and NantHealth in order to create Clinical Pathways. Clinical Pathways is a new oncology treatment plan. Essentially, this platform will allow Eviti (a clinical decision-making support service) access to Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. This method will comprise various treatment options so that patients can review them. It provides treatment methods, comparisons, access to guidelines, a list of negative side effects, and clinical data.

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Understanding the Kabbalah Centre

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Understanding the Kabbalah Centre

When you need to make sure that you are adding something to your life, it is important to focus on spirituality. Keep in mind that we are all spiritual beings and there are spiritual laws of the universe that dictate our lives. By taking advantage of some of these tips below, you will be able to reach out to the Kabbalah Centre and learn as much as you can about these teachings. Click Here for Kabbalah news .

Consider some of these facets of the Kabbalah Centre in order to learn as much as you can.

What are some areas of focus of the Kabbalah Centre?

First of all, you need to understand that every being on this earth is one. This is a foundation aspect taught at the Kabbalah Centre which will allow you to understand your connection to your fellow person. This is one of the most important aspects to remember as it pertains to learning the spiritual laws.

It is also important to realize that ego is something that we all have that separates us from one another if we allow it to. You need to strike a balance with the ego and use it when necessary to drive you to success, while recognizing the way it limits you as well. Being in touch with an aware of your ego is absolutely necessary.

Further, the Kabbalah Centre focuses on the teachings of the Torah in a way that is more esoteric than necessarily literal. By taking this approach, you will be able to see why every book of the Old Testament is in active and living text that can guide you accordingly. It is important to understand these meanings so that you are able to apply them to your life.

Consider these tips and reach out to the Kabbalah Centre in order to learn more. for more .