Avaaz – A Rising Organization of Global Activism

Established in January 2007, the United States based civic organization known as Avaaz(A persian name meaning “voice” or “song”) is rapidly growing in its networking base, strength, and world wide activist activities. The organization is dedicated to the promotion of activism around the globe concerning issue such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict resolution. The company relies completely on the generosity of member donations and supporters — preventing the influence of any foundations, corporations or government sectors. The young organization has raised nearly $20 million in funding since its establishment.
As stated in this article, one only need look at their track record to see the organization’s growing influence and effectiveness. The Iranian presidential election of 2009 saw protests setup through internet proxy servers which allowed the uploading of videos and access to public websites by Iranian protesters(this was enabled due to Avaaz’s setup of the proxy servers). Next, prior to the Syrian Civil War, Avaaz helped support the civil uprising through delivering $1.5 million in internet communications hardware to aid protestors and trained the Syrian activists how to use it all effectively. Following this the organization helped send more than $2 million in medical technology into the areas of Syria held by rebels. Avaaz was also able to smuggle thirty four international journalists into Syria to help in the documentation and reporting of the situation.
Most recently, during the 2016 U.S. presidential election Avaaz helped promote the campaign against Donald Trump with their slogan “Defeat Donald Trump” along with the production of a software tool to help oversee voters register more easily and efficiently.
It becomes clear through researching up on this rising organization that they are dedicated to promoting universal human values, rights and actively involved in global affairs. They are a force for good, working for change in the right direction.