Big Things on the Horizon for Honey Birdette in the UK and US

What woman doesn’t fantasize about a trip to a lavishly upscale designer lingerie boutique? The textures, styles and fabric, of course paired with a glass or two of champagne are all appealing. In 2006, Eloise Monaghan and girlfriends shared drinks and discussed the fact that to have an experience like that, they would need to leave Australia to visit cities like Paris or London. Being passionate about always bringing the best to her home country of Australia, Monaghan decided then and there to open the first luxury sensuality boutique in Australia and Honey Birdette was born.

That was 20 years ago (2006) and today Honey Birdette’s only challenge is to maintain manageable growth. The company now has 55 boutiques across Australia and in 2016 opened the doors to its first non-Australian boutiques in the UK. These boutiques were in London, Westfield and and Leeds. The stores were a hit in the UK and it has now been announced that the UK boutiques are on track to massive growth. 

The goal is to have 40 Honey Birdette boutiques opened in the UK by the time 2018 ends. The first ten locations have already been specified, with more to follow after those ten are completed.

In addition to the UK expansion, Honey Birdette announced that it will grow its US offerings with the launch of its new e-commerce website focused on creating a better experience for shoppers in the US. The website is currently live and offers a widely expanded line of items that can be purchased and shipped overseas. US shoppers will also receive free shipping on all purchaes over $50 and faster shipping.