Brazilian Investor Igor Cornelsen’s Top Three Tips For New Investors

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor, foreign exchange expert, and a retired banker. He has made a name for himself in his home country as one of Brazil’s top bankers. Currently, he lives in South Florida enjoying his favorite hobby- golf.


From time to time, Igor Cornelsen works as a consultant in his fields of expertise and dabbles in the various investments markets. He has learned a lot about it over his vast years of experience and has taught many of the art of investment markets, and more specifically, how to invest in Brazil.


Igor Cornelsen’s first tip is to get to know the natives. Knowing your target audience is essential for every business, including investments. Brazilians are extremely friendly and social and would be glad to share their thoughts.


Tip number two is to be prepared to face the obstacles. The Brazilian market is growing but it is still on the fragile side, and so there are many regulations such as Restrictive labor market rigidity, high taxes, regulatory complexity, bureaucracy and much more. Those regulations can be difficult to work through, but Igor Cornelsen states that those who are willing to put in the effort and patiently get around the barriers will see great payoffs in the future. He says that only smart investors will see the huge payoff that lies in the future.


For his third tip, Igor Cornelsen reminds that there are a number of restrictions for a non-residential business doing foreign-currency transactions. He also points out that those transactions can be handled only by authorized financial institutions. New investors absolutely must look into that before they decide to go through with their plans. Doing the research beforehand might be the saving grace because uninformed decisions can be detrimental to new investors not only in Brazil but other countries as well.