Bruce Bent II’s Idea of Achieving through Simplicity other than Intellectuality

Bruce Bent II, an industrious entrepreneur, and the vice chairman and president of Double Rock Corporation is mostly recognized for his creation of the best short-term asset management and cash related solutions for banks, retailers, qualified plans, and broker-dealers. His company is a financial technology corporation that deals with the provision of industry’s most innovative cash management solutions.

Bruce Bent II Leadership Capabilities

In addition to his leadership as Double Rock Corporation, his leadership skills have seen him serve as a senior executive of all six wholly owned subsidiaries of his company. These firms, which are highly recognized for their contribution in innovations for their respective markets include Island Intellectual Property LLC and Access Control Advantage LLC.

For 17 years, he has actively shown his managerial skills by acting as the CEO and manager of The Reserve. The company deals with mutual market funds and cash management business of FDIC. During his reign in the company, he oversaw the orderly liquidation and sale of the firm’s subsidiaries and affiliates during the 2008 financial crisis. Before the crisis, Bent had led the firm to become one of the world’s largest privately owned money market institution and the second largest money market fund.

Bent’s Key to Succeed

Bent is a strong believer of team work and believes that it takes one person to come up with an idea but a team to bring it to life. For this reason, he believes in moving and interacting a lot with people other than staying glued behind the desk all day. His team includes plain smart people who keep things simple rather than being intellectual. At times some of his team members may never even realize they are on the team.

Double Rock Corporation

Double Rock Corporation was started back in 1970 by Bruce Bent II’s father and his then partner. The company was started with the aim of inventing the first money market mutual fund. Over the years, the company has grown to become a trillion dollar company. Unlike many other multi-dollar companies, Double Rock Corporation ensures that billions of its interest go to the pockets of average Americans instead of ending up in banks. Also, the company has over 60 patents offering various financial services.