Buying French Wine Through UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a supplier of all kinds of French wines. But it suggests that people should first understand the basics about French wines before buying one. The French wines are based on the area where these wines are procured from. One of these areas is Champagne.

This is not a place just for a sparkling wine. In fact, this is the place for having perfect Champagne as it will come from this region located in northeastern France. These are the only real Champagne. The other bubbly wines would come from some other areas. Technically those would be called crémant.

UKV PLC further clarifies the difference between any standard crémant and the true Champagne. This would be in its production method. The Champagne region is at a high altitude. Hence it has a cold climate. Historically the local winemakers here would have made use of the double-fermentation process. Today all the producers in Champagne are not using this traditional method. Still, the region’s terroir can still be found in all its local wines.

UKV PLC specifies another region called the Loire. It is a highly diverse region for production of French wine. There are 87 appellations that are located here. This region is along the Loire River and is based in northeastern France. Every kind of wine is produced here, and all of these are available with UKV PLC, the leading wine supplier in the world. There are Loire producers who are closer to the ocean and produce Muscadet, which is a white wine that is light-bodied.

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