Cancer Treatment Centers Of America: Breast Cancer Control

Can breast cancer be detected at an early stage?

. A mammogram is recommended for women aged 50-69 years. Practiced for 12 at 24-month intervals, mortality can be reduced by 23%. In women older than 70 years and between 40 and 49 years the value of this test has not been defined exactly.

Regarding clinical breast examination, there is no direct evidence that it is effective for this method of cancer detection.

Breast self-examination is recommended since the 1950s for its simplicity and low cost, seems an intuitive knowledge of women to rest, exercise, when done correctly and regularly, but recent studies have shown no advantage over mortality rates .

Which are the risk factors?

The clear meaning of this topic dedicated one of the most complete and detailed sections of the manual. A general statement is that the presence of estrogen (serum estradiol) plays an important role in relation to breast cancer, to reproduce potential genetic errors increases stimulate the growth of mammalian cells, and thus the development of cancer.

Seven are the factors that are systematically identified in early breast cancer: age, socioeconomic status, personal history, genetic mutations, benign breast disease, and family or personal history of cancer in other organs. Along with them, the co-authors analyzed specific factors, such as parity, infertility, breastfeeding, birth control, hormone replacement medications, race, obesity, daily alcohol consumption, etc. From a clinical point of view, the unit information on the mechanism of breast cancer growth, classification, stage of disease and find its rate significance and prognosis survival.

Where is the most effective treatment for breast cancer?

Although the highest incidence rate and one of the highest mortality rates is in the United States, the proportion of mortality incidence is the lowest (0.37), due to disease control is very effective . This is not the case in Costa Rica, where the mortality rate is higher (0.37).

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