Cassio Audi – Multi-talented

Cassio Audi’s a former drummer for a rock band – Viper – which had was born in 1985. It, along with Audi, was born in Brazil. The Brazilian heavy metal band who got its founding influence from a previous English band – The Iron Maiden. In 1989, Viper released Theatre of Fate, a well-received mix of heavy metal with classical themes. In this album, a certain song bases its lyrics from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Another top song, perhaps one of Viper’s favorites, is Living for the Night. For this song’s album, Viper specifically choose to hire an English producer named Row Rowland. Together, he and the band also worked alongside a full orchestra. The results of the album were well worth the initial efforts as thousands purchased and spread the word. Viper was only on the road to success at that point.

Viper even outsold Nirvana in Japan, where Nirvana was most popular. Not long afterward, Andre Matos left Viper to further his education and Bassist Pit Passarel became the new lead singer. Audi played with Viper from 1985-1989 as the main drummer for the group. He was almost never replaced during this time, except for when sick. When he first joined the band, he was quite young – at 18 years of age. Unfortunately, he was not a member of Viper for too long.

The band released a documentary – 20 years Living for the Night. In it, a member places a cloth onto a stick and drops it onto Audi’s drums as Audi plays. Audi casually hits the burning cloth from off his drum stick and continues to play as if nothing has happened, even though the entire stage nearly went up in flames. That was some entertaining and hardcore heavy metal if nothing else.

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