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Larkin and Lacey: Joe Arpaio Shouldn’t Have Been Pardoned

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Ten years ago, Americans witnessed a case that left many people shocked. Two respected journalists were arrested by the Maricopa County officials because of issues that were not known to the public. According to Larkin and Lacey, the county boss felt that there was so much information about him that was being published by a magazine that was owned by the journalists.

Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County sheriff sent his powerful forces to go and arrest the journalists who were in their homes in Phoenix region. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The families of these professionals were shocked because of the incidence, but there was nothing much they could do to make things better. The county sheriff was doing his best to humiliate and silence the journalists so that they do not expose the activities he was engaging in.

When Michael and Jim were in prison, they decided that they were going to fight for their rights and those of other people who were being ignored in the country. The two journalists were already experts in handling similar causes, and they were easily released from prison. The journalists presented their case in court, accusing the Maricopa county for false arrests and detention without the right procedures.

The journalists were quite fortunate this time round. The courts handling the case found the Maricopa County officials guilty of the arrest, and they were ordered to pay Jim and Michael a huge amount of money. The amount received from these county officials was used to start a human rights foundation that has changed lives of many Americans.

Jim and his friend have always been looking forward for the courts to rule in their favor and sent Joe Arpaio to court because of what he was doing when working as a sheriff. However, these journalists will not have their wish granted. Connect with Jim Larkin on LinkedIn

The case was ruled to favour the recently elected president opinion. Donald Trump announced that he was going to pardon Joe Arpaio, allowing him to walk free after committing numerous crimes. The American citizens are also not happy about the decision from Donald Trump. Most of them have watched the county sheriff operate his county with a lot of carelessness.

When Joe Arpaio became the county sheriff, he was highly respected, and people feared him because of the amount of power that surrounded him. This businessman took advantage of the power he was given, and many lives were lost during his tenure. Many people were angry because of these activities, and that is why they did not elect him for another term in office.

The people have been shocked by the decision that has been made by the president. Jim says that Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio are longtime friends who have worked together in the past.

Joe Arpaio was one of the strong supporters of Donald Trump and this is why the president decided that it was paramount to save him a jail term that was ahead of him. The decision has remained a huge disappointment to many people.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Frontera Fund Finances Organizations Fight for Migrant Rights

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The origin story of the Frontera Fund is a very interesting tale. The fund supports advocate groups for civil, human, and migrant rights. It is a subject made all the more important by the current hullaballoo surrounding illegal immigration. Founded in 2014 by Phoenix New Times co-founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin the fund is legacy-making insult to Joe Arpaio.

During his tenure as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arpaio caused much controversy in his methods to stem illegal immigration. Many called his tactics unconstitutional, chief among them Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The duo chased down every story they could find about the Sheriff, peppering his reputation with numerous scandals and allegations.

When he began investigating them the duo decided to print a confidential court-ordered subpoena. As this was a criminal violation Arpaio had the duo arrested. The arrest led to a wrongful arrest lawsuit, which then led to a $3.75 million dollar victory for the duo.

They turned around and used the settlement to create the Frontera Fund. Now they support groups who actively fight the legacy left by Arpaio, using money they won at his expense.

The Frontera Fund is a stern advocate Latino groups that fight for human, civil, and migrant rights. It supports numerous organizations, giving them the money they need to continue their work. The only requirements is that they be Arizona-based, and that the groups advocate for Latin-American communities.

The ACLU of Arizona

The AZ ACLU was created in 1959. In its long tenure it has accomplished many notable victories. A supporter of human rights, the AZ ACLU fights Arizona Laws that unfairly single out minority groups. It has successfully made many laws unconstitutional. Currently it defends worker’s rights to free speech, and ensures fair legal representation. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The AZ ACLU is the group that famously defended day laborer Ernesto Miranda in the case that led to institution of Miranda rights. They are always present in cases that fringe constitutional rights, fighting the good fight for minorities across Arizona.

The American Immigration Council

Based in Washington D.C., the American Immigration Council educates people on the topic of immigration. They show the history and struggle of the American immigrant in order to teach people about their plight.

The hope is that through such knowledge people will gain a better understanding of immigration, leading to a different course of action. The American Immigration council also advocates legal programs to assist immigrants’ treatment by the law, as well as policy programs to better the quality of life. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

By supporting these two groups the Frontera Fund fights for civil, human, and migrant rights. Ensuring that the Latin community of Arizona get a fair shake. Their advocacy has made life better for many, championing human rights and raising awareness.

Larkin and Lacey vs. Trump and Arpaio

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin met in the early 70s. Both were Arizona State University dropouts who worked on Phoenix New Times. Lacey published the inaugural issue two years before Larkin joined the team, but they’re considered co-founders. The newspaper was their response to Arizona’s ultra-conservative views on everything.

Over the next three decades, they built a multimillion-dollar media conglomerate. It started with Westword, a newspaper from Denver. After that, they purchased over a dozen like-minded newspapers from Los Angeles to New York. They even named their conglomerate after a paper they bought, Village Voice Media. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Michael Lacey | Twitter

In 2012, they sold VVM and focused on retirement and philanthropy. Around that same, their court battle against Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County was ending. They spent a lot of time and energy ensuring that justice was served, and it came as a $3.75 million settlement.

They used that money to create the Frontera Fund, which supports all sorts of activist groups in the Phoenix area and along the Mexican border. As for Arpaio, he was convicted of criminal contempt and faced many years in prison. Before he was sentenced, his old buddy President Trump pardoned him. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Trump and Arpaio go back before Trump became President. When Trump first announced his candidacy, he accused Obama of not being an American citizen. Even after Obama showed his birth certificate, Trump and Arpaio continued their accusations. Arpaio launched a full investigation into Obama’s birth certificate, trying to prove it was a fake.

After proving nothing, Trump and Arpaio stayed friends. It’s was that kind of stuff that made Phoenix new Times look into Arpaio. For 24 years, Arpaio mistreated thousands of jail inmates and private citizens. He particularly enjoyed tormenting Latinos and harassing them whenever he could. On several occasions, he detained them for no reason.

One of his biggest atrocities was Tent City. According to him, Tent City was just an answer to overcrowded jails. In truth, Tent City was a concentration camp. In Arizona, the temperature easily rises above 100 degrees. In the “inmate areas”, the temperature was upward of 123 degrees in the summer.

He also publicly humiliated male and female inmates by making them wear only pink panties while doing public work. If anyone fought back and disobeyed, they’d be severely beaten. Obviously, there are countless acts of sexual assault and harassment not being talked about.

Big Jim Larkin, Man of the People

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“Big Jim” James Larkin was a leader of the people in Ireland pushing for equal wages. Married in 1903 to Elizabeth Brown, his famous phrase was “fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay”. By all accounts, he was in Irish labor activist and organizer.

Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool, England, in 1876, and died in 1947. Born to Irish parents in Liverpool, he started out life as a dock worker, and first created the NUDL- which is the National Union of Dock Laborers.

His methods of going on strike were so harsh that the English government shipped him to Ireland where his parents were from. In Ireland, he is most famous for establishing the largest union in the Dublin area, the “Irish Transport and General Workers Union” (ITGWU). Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Before World War I in Dublin, he created protests in response to the war by creating the Irish Labour Party. He organized a bunch of strikes, and the most famous one was the one where he gathered 100,000 people in 1913 called the “Dublin Lockout”. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Biography

Workers went on strike for 8 months until they got what they wanted, which was equal pay and rights. He was so involved that he even traveled to the United States of America to gather money to help fight against the British. His apartment in Greenwich Village was the center of his activities.

Big Jim was so passionate about his work that in America he was even charged for communism and anarchy in 1920. He was later deported back to Ireland because of his acts in America. By the time he had got back to Ireland, the ITGWU had essentially dissolved.

He will forever be known as the man who revolutionized trade unions!


Focused Billionaire George Soros Distributes Supportive Resources for Society Changes

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As a businessman, George has mounted a net worth of $25.2 billion which as of 2017 makes him one of the 30 wealthiest people throughout the world. He is thought of by many in the business domain as one of the most-successful investors of the century.

George was born in Budapest in 1930; later immigrating to England in 1947 and enrolled in the London School of Economics and Political Science. That superb education led George toward a business career that would ultimately become extremely lucrative. George first began his business career in hedge funds; investing in numerous assets that were very often complex and required extraordinary risk-management techniques to maintain value. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

By 1969, George’s success allowed him to found Soros Fund Management. As a skillful and shrewd businessman, George was able to capitalize on the European Exchange Rate Mechanism within the United Kingdom, when the government underwent a pivotal change in the pound sterling; the world’s oldest form of currency exchange. This strategy proved to be the basis for George’s excellent decision-making for the following decades that not only created him wealth, but also allowed him to increase his philanthropy efforts around the world.

George is very well-known within the philanthropic community for being a supporter of civil liberties, social justices and political causes. George has donated an enormous part of his wealth through his foundation, the Open Society Foundations. Donating more than $11 billion within the last three decades, George has contributed to various philanthropic organizations worldwide.

George was an active participant for helping those within the community following the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. He provided $33 million in funding to civil groups in support of their efforts for resolving both sides of the issue and bringing people together.

For decades, George Soros has supported causes that relate to communities that are disadvantaged, societies that have endured injustices and many causes that have rebuilt communities around the globe. He has answered the call for many of those who are unable to meet their own needs. In 2009, George provided $35 million to the state of New York and all boroughs for the benefit of underprivileged children. The fund was aimed towards building the communities and proving children access to benefits during the same time that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was signed into law by then President Obama. Read more about George’s life story at

Though the years, there have been many significant causes that not only require voices to be heard, but also resources to mount platforms for communal participation to occur. George has been an active participant and supporter of countless solutions by stepping up to assist those in need of financial backing in order to bring worthy society changes.

The Role of Thor Halvorssen

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Different people can make different impressions in the world. Some may be positive some negative. When you are talking about leaving positive marks, one person who has successfully done that is one Thor Leonardo Halvorssen commonly referred to as Thor Halvorssen. Being from Venezuela, he is not only a human rights advocate in the country but also a film producer. In this article, we take a look of some of his achievements and successes.

How did Thor become a human rights advocate?

It was clear that Thor wanted to advocate for the rights of “the underdogs and powerless” as early as he was a teenager. It was in 1989 where he made his mark while in London by putting up opposition against the apartheid regime that was going on in South Africa. However, what led him to be a full promoter of human rights is the arrest of his father as a political prisoner in that case.

To show his desire, he created the foundation for human rights that was based in the UK. This was immediately after his mother was shot as a result of the political quagmire. The aim of Thor’s Human Rights Foundation is advocating for people who are arrested for political reasons to be set free. Also, the aim of the Foundation is to advocate for democracy and promote tolerance in Latin America.

Thor’s human rights group has been successful ever since it was created. For instance, due to the foundation’s efforts, political prisoners have been set free as a result, provided amicus briefs in international cases associated with human rights, and it has published several books with regards to human rights.

Thor’s career as a film producer

Not only has Thor Halvorssen been successful in terms of advocating for human rights but also as a film producer. His most recent work is producing the movie “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.” In the past, he has co-produced Freedom’s Fury and also Hammer and Tickle both of which were a total success.


Thor Halvorssen is a success both in film and more especially in advocating for human rights. While it is true his desire was boosted by his father’s arrest and his mother’s shooting, he handled the situation by looking on the brighter side. Instead of vengeance, he looked to advocate for more freedom instead. He will forever be remembered for his efforts with regards to that. for more.


Thor Halvorssen: An Activist’s Activist

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Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights activist and film producer. He is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual human rights conference held in Norway since 2009 and run by the Human Rights Foundation. Halvorssen was born on March 9, 1976. Halvorssen’s mother, Hilda Mendoza, was a descendant of Cristobal Mendoza, Venezuela’s first president. Halvorssen’s father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was an Ambassador of anti-Narcotic Affairs during the tenure of Carlos Andrés Pérez. He was also a special overseas investigator for the Venezuelan Senate Commission.

In his early adulthood, Thor Halvorssen went to the University of Pennsylvania, eventually graduating Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude with undergraduate and graduate degrees in History and Political Science. In 1993, Halvorssen’s father was arrested and held on charges of terrorism while investigating the Medellín cartel for suspected money laundering and bank fraud. During his stint in a jail in Caracas, the elder Halvorssen was severely tortured and beaten. Thor Halvorssen was vocal in garnering support for his father’s release, eventually gaining help from Amnesty International and other international organizations. He was eventually found innocent. After his release, the elder Halvorssen was appointed director of the Pan-American Committee for Society for Human Rights.

Later, in 1999, Halvorssen would be instrumental in getting Lucent Technologies to enact a policy in which they would have to certify that all products manufactured in China were not created using slave labor. In the he same year, he became the first executive director and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, an organization whose self-professed goal is “to defend and sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities.” This includes free speech, legal equality, due process, and religious liberty. In 2004, Halvorssen would step down as head of FIRE, instead opting to join its board of advisors. In 2005 he would help found the Human Rights Foundation, an organization which he is still currently president of. Halvorssen continues to be an advocate for human rights internationally to this day, while also branching out into film production.