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The Messy Bun From Wengie

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Create a messy bun with little effort using a sock that you don’t use. Cut the toe off the sock. Roll the sock until it looks like a band. Tie your hair in a ponytail, pulling the hair through the sock until the hair covers the sock. This will create the ideal messy bun, and the sock keeps the hair from falling as it’s made of a stretchy material. You can add pins for securing the bun in place if you like.


Wengie’s Hair Hacks For Healthy Hair

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Australian beauty and lifestyle Youtuber, Wengie, has such awesome hair! How does she do it? In her video 10 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know! Wengie shares some of her hair hacks for having beautiful, healthy hair.


  1. Healthy Hair Starts on The Inside

Eat food with essential nutrients for your hair. Alternatively, Sugarbear is a gummy supplement that contains all essential nutrients for long and healthy hair—alivable on or


  1. Clean Your Hairbrush

A dirty hairbrush spreads old grease and oils into your clean hair.


Extra Hair Hack

For great smelling hair, try brushing your hair with a dryer sheet. It will de-frizz your hair and leave it smelling super fresh.


  1. Two Ponytails For Longer Hair

To make your ponytail look longer, tie half of your hair into a ponytail and tie the other half of your hair into a slightly lower ponytail. With the two ponytails resting on each other, from the back your ponytail will appear longer.


  1. Apply Hair Mask Before Shampooing

Great way to condition hair and give it volume.

Hair Mask: Melt 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and massage it into your hair. Set for 30 minutes before showering. Dyed-hair friendly.


  1. Do Not Rub Hair With A Towel

Rubbing with a towel causes frizz and breakage. Wring out your hair instead and then pat dry your hair.


  1. Hairspray

Hairspray a makeup brush to brush down a part.

Hairspray a toothbrush to brush down baby hairs.

Hairspray a bobby pin before putting it in your hair to help keep it in longer.


  1. Trim Split Ends

Twist your hair until the split ends become visible and then cut them using hairdressing scissors.


  1. Curl Your Hair Faster

Put your hair up in a ponytail and quickly curl a few sections of hair. You’ll get cute wavy hair.


  1. Dry Shampoo

To reduce the appearance of oil and grease in-between washes. Apply at night to fully absorb oil. Blow dry hair in the morning to get rid of any dry shampoo residue.


  1. Don’t Sleep with Elastics

Sleeping with elastic hair ties in your hair creates friction and makes your hair brittle and break. Instead, use gentle hair ties; you can even make your own from old nylon stocking. Sleeping on a satin pillow can also reduce friction.

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Simple Ways To Get Healthier Hair

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Healthy hair should be soft, shiny and full of bounce. There are many things that can cause hair to become dry or unhealthy. Diet, environment and a variety of other factors can really affect your hair health. Keep reading to find some of the best ways to keep hair healthier and shiner.

Have A Better Diet

Many people do not realize how bad a crappy diet can be for your hair health. Your diet can affect how much your hair grows as well as how shiny and soft it is. By having a diet full of healthy foods your hair can be healthier. Eat foods that offer vitamins and minerals and offer nourishing benefits. The best kinds of foods to eat for better hair health is fruits and vegetables as well as protein. All of these things help to make hair healthier. Calcium is also great for hair health.

Use A Deep Cleanser

Deep cleansers help to make hair cleaner and healthier. One of the best deep cleansers is the WEN Hair cleansing conditioner. This item is great because it cleanses as well as conditions hair. Wen is a very popular hair care brand on Sephora that has been offering women great hair care products for well over a decade. The deep cleansing conditioner is one of their best selling products. Simply wet hair and apply the cleansing conditioner. No need for shampoo or anything. Allow the conditioner to sit for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing completely.

Use Anti Frizz Products

Frizz can make hair appear unhealthy and dry. It can also ruin hairstyles. Another great product by Chaz Dean ( is the Wen Hair Anti Frizz Styling Creme. It works like a leave in conditioner making hair softer and smoother. The product is very simple to use. Simply apply is to the bottom half of wet hair and style hair as normal. Hair will be smoother and shiner.

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