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WEN By Chaz: Simple, Back To Basic Hair Care With No Lather Shampoo

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The hair care industry is a huge one that especially caters to women. For most of us, having a bad hair day is unacceptable and puts us in a bad frame of mind. We spend a lot of money yearly to wash, condition, deep treat, style, perm, straighten, curl, color and on and on. We hope to have celebrity hair, the kind that shines, is in control and healthy.

Most of us, however, never bother to check the backs of our shampoo and conditioner bottles. As long as the big lather activates, we believe good things are happening to our hair. Sulfates, instead, are present in most drugstore and even high end shampoos and treatments, and these chemicals are actually weakening hair strands. The synthetic ingredients damage tresses from root to end over time.

That is why Chaz Dean developed his famous no lather shampoo brand, WEN by Chaz. Chaz Dean has been respected around the industry for years now as a favorite celebrity stylist. He knew there had to be a better, healthier and natural way to care for hair. So, he turned to his clean lifestyle and approached product development through an holistic philosophy.

WEN Hair is all about the pureness and incredible benefits that come from plant- and fruit-based hair care formulas. These rich conditioning cleansers bring mega-watt shine, manageability and strength to hair of any type and texture. When you adopt the WEN no lather shampoo system, you don’t need a separate shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, de-tangler or deep conditioning process. All of those are expertly blended into one bottle of WEN by Chaz.

Celebrities love the no lather shampoo system and swear by it. Anyone can develop A-list hair. Proper cleansing/conditioning products matter. WEN by Chaz is back to basic hair care. For more product information and hair care tips too, check out Wen Hair official Facebook page and Twitter account.

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How EOS Outclassed other Competitors in the Beauty Industry and Earned Clients’ Trust

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For many years, women had to move from one supermarket or drug store to another in search of lip balms that addressed their unique needs and desires. Unfortunately, there were few lip balms and flavors. According to Fast Company’s report, the launch of pastel-colored types of lip balms known as EOS revolutionized the beauty industry less than a decade since their inception. The balms started by taking over nearly the entire shelf space at Walgreens, then Walmart, and eventually Target. Online stores eBay and Amazon have EOS products on their webstores too.

Debates about EOS lip balms took center stage in the main magazines like Allure and Cosmo. The honeydew and grapefruit were the most discussed flavors. Celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus were spotted on many occasions whipping orbs of EOS out of their handbags. Despite products sold by Evolution of Smooth (EOS) enjoying global recognition and immense profits, owners of the company have decided to keep their business strategy a secret.

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) in brief

EOS is an international firm that specializes in making and selling a broad range of skin care products like hand lotions, shaving cream, and EOS lip balm. The company specializes in producing and selling all-natural skin products, which are developed from botanical and fruit extracts. EOS lip balm is developed to pacify chapped lips and enrich the skin with vitamin E that ensures the skin is locked in the moisture. EOS has strived to make its products chemical free by reducing the carbon footprint available in its production processes.

EOS claims that its lip balms are chemical free. However, you must consult your dermatologist concerning any allergic reactions that may arise before buying this product. EOS is available in seven diverse fruit flavors, including strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, honeysuckle honeydew, medicated tangerine, blueberry acai, sweet mint, and lemon drop. Most of the flavors are 95 percent organic, and all of the lip balms comprise of natural flavors that offer a pleasant scent, taste, and protection for the lips.