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Talkspace on Divorcing a Sociopath

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On an article posted by Talkspace one lady remembers how four years ago the decision of leaving her husband had weighed down on her. She had been confused and foggy about the whole issue, as she had never heard of a personality disorder. For her, she felt that harmful people came with a sign announcing their nature only to find that they are not easily identified. She only discovered that there was much she was unaware of. It was not until much of the abuse in her marriage-escalated from emotional to physical that at a friend’s suggestion she was able to Google about antisocial personality disorder that she was in the know. Weeks later is when she learned more about what had been going on in her life without her knowledge. It was as though a large curtain had been lifted.

It was from her research that she came across descriptions of people and conditions that sounded similar to her husband. That is when she began seeing how her husband was unapologetic for all the years they had been together, how he was never empathetic to any story of pain and how he was irresponsible both at home and at work. How he would often react to issues without thinking and even how he was not friends with any of exes. She was in denial that her husband could have one of the most difficult personality disorders to treat. One that was commonly known as a sociopath was something that she was in denial for. These kind of people are often numb to the emotions of others.

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