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Bio-Technology Guru Jeff Aronin.

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Jeff has most of his time spent in companies that deal with biotechnology either developing innovations in medicine or performing research. Jeff Aronin has gained much experience from the work he has done in this companies that enabled him to win the Weizmann Leadership Award in 2017. Jeff currently leads the company Paragon Biosciences.

Jeff Aronin’s previous work focused on the research and innovation of rare disease and was able to create a drug that would enable the treatment of muscle disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that is frequent in boys. The drug is however on the waiting list of FDA approval. Paragon Biosciences, on the other hand, is investment firm which has pharmaceuticals under its wings such as Decade and Surgeon Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Jeff Aronin leads instilling the mentality that the needs of the patients come first. Aronin has a different perspective on patients as he acknowledges them as fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. The many years Jeff has in the field has made him develop a deep understanding of the needs and necessities of patients.

Jeff is not only passionate and enthusiastic in his work he is all rounded and eager in other spheres of life such as his family and community at large. The passion for being all rounded saw him be part of the executive board of Museum of Science and Industry, the Economic Club of Chicago and Discover Capital Services. Jeff has a goal of developing a better world through assisting the community which drives him to his day to day activities.

The people around Jeff improve his life as he has an environment enriched with the successful people that equip him with the winning mentality. Jeff appreciates the power of teamwork and tries to incorporate the spirit of his team. Jeff founded Ovation Pharmaceutical which he was appointed the president of the firm after he sold it to Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals. Jeff loves to see people able to reach their full potential and be part of their story. Jeff has been able to balance both his family and business time.

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