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JeanMarie Guenot Is Helping Change Medicine

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JeanMarie Guenot has practiced medicine in pharmaceutical and biotechnology field for over 20 years ( She has experience in creating new companies and rebuilding others. The doctor is currently the CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics.


Dr. Guenot and Amphivena are working together to help create antibody therapies that work for hematologic malignancies. The doctor created SKS Ocular, which is a start-up ophthalmic company incubator, before she founded Amphivena.  In fact, under Jeanmarie Amphivena has risen to become one of the Bay Area’s biggest biotech startups, according to


JeanMarie Guenot graduated from the University of California and went on to get her MBA from University of Pennsylvania. She started her business career with Atlas Venture and while in that position she helped build life science companies. She trained in physical and medicinal chemistry.


As Dr. Guenot worked her way over to her science career she worked for Hoffman-La Roche as a principal scientist. Her main focus was on developing drugs for autoimmune diseases, among other diseases.


JeanMarie Guenot is considered an expert in her field of business and science. She is well respected by her peers and is well trusted in her work. Dr. Guenot has helped improved medications and their effects on certain diseases. Between her and others at Amphivena Therapeutics they are performing researches constantly to fight the battle of deadly diseases. Discovers are being made on a regular bases.


The doctor has a passion for what she does in her field of medicine and is always looking for way to make improvements involving medicine. With her knowledge in business and the medical field Dr. Guenot is finding new ways to improve the health of patients, even though she is not directly involved with the patient herself.


There are always new advancements in the antibody therapy research and development. Dr. Guenot is a person to watch as new treatments start showing up for pharmaceuticals companies to try and treat patients.