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The Reasons Waiakea Water is Becoming a Staple for Eco-Conscious Consumers

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There is regular bottled water, and there is Hawaiian volcanic bottled water. To the uninformed there may be no difference between the two bottles, except the name, but there is more than what meets the eye. It is hard to imagine a time when bottled water wasn’t sold. There are many choices to choose from, but Hawaii volcanic water represents one of the most interesting options for a number of reasons. (Read more about Waiakea Water on 10 Best Water: Volcanic)


The water industry is crowded with competitors, which has led to a number of companies offering customers all sorts of perks. Some companies sell water with added vitamins. Others sell water that was filtered with the latest scientific gadget. Waiakea Water is different because it is not selling water that was treated with something unnatural, and the company is committed to the environment.


Waiakea offers naturally balanced water, which is sometimes just referred to as Waiakea water pH water. The company bottles its water in Hawaii, which makes it special. The filtration process that this water goes through is nothing short of a miracle. It is not based on science but on nature since it uses 14,000 feet of porous, volcanic rock to filter its water.


The water comes with a number of natural volcanic water benefits due to its natural pH balance. Most American diets contain food that makes the body a little too acidic. This could lead to a number of health issues mostly related to energy problems along with others. Drinking water with a positive pH value helps bring balance to the body, making it a little less acidic. Visit This Page for more information.


It should be noted that the Waiakea Water company also offers a new kind of degradable water bottles. Most plastic bottles take centuries to degrade, but Waiakea’s bottle only takes 15 years to break down into the earth. This is great for the environment and should make eco-conscious consumers feel better. Waiakea prides itself on using high-grade 100% RPET, or recycled polyethylene terephtalate, for all of its bottles. RPET is post-consumer recycled plastic and has incredible environmental advantages.


Those who were wondering why this company is making such a splash now know. The company really thought about its customers and the environment. There is no telling how far this company is going to go, but people should pay attention to the brand.


Waiakea Water has also won awards in the industry including Good Morning America and the World Beverage Innovation Award.