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Putting Your Energy In One Bulk Order

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There’s a bulk order waiting for you, and the package is energy. It’s true; you can comprise all of your energy into one source and not have to worry about paying more. Understanding why you can pay one bill for numerous energy sources is important. The world has changed and has become more energy conscious.

There are service delays, hidden fees and costly installations when managing all of your energy through multiple providers. This is why Stream Energy built an infrastructure to get society out of energy inefficiency. The efficiency of energy can only be found in one bill that covers it all.

We have that opportunity here for you today with Stream Energy.

More Than You Can Now Handle

Let’s consider what it’s like to pay one provider for our gas, electricity, phone, T.V. and even emergency medical services. Let imagine what it’s like when we can use all of these energy sources while having them active at the same time and every time. This means your financial responsibility comes once a month.

Failure to any of your Stream Energy sources is now handled by one professional who knows your power and consumption. Your new installations will occur through the same operators, and as we recognize you. Multiple energy outlets is more than what anyone needs to handle, so take your time in making the final upgrade to one.

A Simple Solution As You Take A Simple Step

The simple step you now take is to consolidate. You’re living in a new world. The slow, cumbersome and tedious processes are no longer delaying your energy use. Everyone must connect to energy in a different way now, and doing it through Stream is to embrace the future and a life with much more ease.

Find out about our specials, and get in touch with an operator today.

Stream Energy is an open agency that cares about its energy consumers and works to perfect every package sold. There’s a new world to uncover with how you use energy. Getting your start today brings your ease of life to full closure.

Shervin Pishevar says Fed will start QE4 if markets don’t normalize

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Over the last five years, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has soared to record valuations. This is not just true in terms of real dollar amounts. It is also true in terms of the values of stocks relative to their earnings. The current Schiller P/E ratio, a measure of how much stocks are worth versus their average earnings, is currently at the near-historic high of 33.

Through all of this, the question that many are asking is if there is currently a bubble in equity valuations. One clue that such a bubble may indeed exist is the fact that the market recently underwent a 2,500-point correction over just a week’s time. Shervin Pishevar, one of Silicon Valley’s foremost financial experts, said that the sudden drop in the Dow Jones was in response to just a few-basis-points uptick in interest rates. This, he says, indicates that the market has become exquisitely sensitive to even the smallest variation in interest rates.

But Shervin Pishevar says that this leads to some deep concerns about where the market and the economy as a whole are ultimately heading. Shervin Pishevar believes that the Fed’s planned winddown of its entire balance sheet could precipitate interest rate increases of up to 3 or 4 percent. This, he says, could result in a catastrophic market correction of as much as half of its value.

Shervin Pishevar believes that the Fed will not let anything like that come to pass without completely reneging on its promise to reduce its balance sheet. For this reason, he says that a renewed round of quantitative easing is likely in the event that the market corrects by a large amount. But Pishevar warns that the next round of quantitative easing is unlikely to be as effective as the first round. That is because the Fed will be expanding its balance sheet and allowing the federal government to increase its own debt cheaply by such a wide margin that it may begin to exert serious inflationary pressures on the dollar. This could result in major inflation, including the possibility of runaway or hyperinflation.

Anthony Petrello’s Philanthropic Acts

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Tony Petrello is a highly respected philanthropist and the chief executive officer of Nabors industries limited. He is a generous man, and he has continually supported his community over the years. Tony and his wife Irene donate money to fund medical research institutions within his community. The philanthropic drive was a result of his daughter Carena who was born with a neurological disorder. Carena was born prematurely at six months. As a result, she developed a periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) due to lack of enough oxygen and blood supply. The illness grew to cerebral palsy, a condition that affects motor skills in children.

In seeking to find the cure for his child, Anthony Petrello has utilized his resources to aid the Texas neurological center. He has donated over 5 million dollars to the Texas Research Children Hospital. The contributions will help all children affected by neurological disorders. The main aim of the hospital fraternity is to ensure quality treatment to children by working with top-notch doctors and surgeons across the globe. Tony and his wife have been committed to giving their daughter the best medical care. Tony is a frequent speaker at conventions for families that have children suffering from the neurological condition. They have always shared their daughter’s story to encourage parents who have children suffering from cerebral palsy.

Nabors Industries have made enormous contributions to humanitarian acts under Tony Petrello’s watch. In 2017, the Houston community and its environs were affected by Hurricane Harvey. There were floods everywhere, and houses were destroyed. Nabors industries responded quickly to the calamity and gave the affected families both financial and physical support. The company gave its employees a paid leave and also provided hot meals for the families. CEO Tony has made a substantial impact on his Houston community.

Tony Petrello is a Yale University alumnus. After the death of his mathematics mentor, a Yale University professor, he created an award in honor of his math’s professor Serge Lange. Tony contributed 150 million dollars towards the fund. Their mission is to reach 450 million dollars, and the money will be used as a yearly award offered from Yale University. Recently, he made headlines when he hosted a grand homecoming party to Tommy Tune at his home in Houston. Tommy Tune is a winner of several prestigious awards for his work at Broadway. Tommy was excited to grace the cocktail party. The guests in attendance were the Miller Outdoor Theatre advisory board member and 50 other guests.

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Vijay Eswaran uses the Fundamental Traits of Lions and Sheep to Illustrate Different Traits in People

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Respected motivational speaker and entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran use the fundamental traits of lions and sheep to illustrate the different traits in people. Mr. Eswaran is also a generous philanthropist, and founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies.

The QI Group of Companies operates in various industries including retail, direct selling, real estate education, and hospitality in over 30 countries around the world. Mr. Eswaran is a best-selling author of the book titled ‘In the Sphere of Silence’. Vijay Eswaran has a wealth of knowledge in philosophy and intellectual understanding of life both in business and leadership qualities on a personal and professional level. He has developed a clear understanding of the fundamental traits of people and describes them with the fundamental traits of lions and sheep.

Vijay Eswaran proclaims that over ninety percent of the people on the planet have traits similar to the sheep. One attribute of a sheep in people is a propensity to blame society for everything that happens to them. Sheep rarely strike out on their own path; they’re more apt to follow other sheep versus striking out on their own. Lions, on the other hand, are natural leaders and strike out on their own path in spite of obstacles opposing them.

They move without fear to the beat of their own drum and without fear of opposition, but they actually embrace confrontation and opposition. In a lot of ways, lions illustrate less than 10% of the people in the world that are trendsetters, entrepreneurs, successful business people, and intellectual leaders.

Those individuals have denied their fear of the unknown and blazed a path to both business and personal success. People with sheep traits, however, are natural followers and rarely step out into the unknown and pursue opportunities outside the scope of their individual reality. The successful businessman and entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran brilliantly describes the traits of lions and sheep to illustrate the different traits of people.

Shervin Pishevar, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

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Shervin Pishevar is the co-founder and chairman of Hyperloop Technologies, Inc. and the co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital. He is a very accomplished person, angel investor, an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. He has been honored to serve on important boards that have formulated the guidelines for changing laws. He is also a scholar chosen to sit on the Fulbright Scholarship board.

Hyperloop Technologies Now called Hyperloop One was conceived of by Shervin Pishevar and Elon Musk on a flight to Cuba in January, 2012. Hyperloop One is a form of electromagnetic propulsion as a jettison to send passengers traveling inside a pod from one point to a final destination. Currently, Pishevar and Musk have enlisted several companies to participate in the first Hyperloop systems: the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Canada, Finland and the Netherlands. The first 500-meter loop was tested in north Las Vegas in May, 2017.

The Investment firm provides funding and management coaching to take promising technological companies from start-ups to global brands. Shervin Pishevar and Scott Sanford founded this venture funding company. The portfolio of The Investment firm consists of companies that already have become household names: Airbnb, Uber, Shyp, Hyperloop One, Beepi, SpaceX and Munchery.

Shervin Pishevar has accomplished many notable things including co-authoring the article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association used by the United Nations to create the Istanbul Protocol, the international guidelines for maintaining evidence of torture. Pishevar was an Entrepreneurial Ambassador on U.S. Department of State delegations to Russia and the Middle East. He was honored in 2012 with the title of Outstanding American by Choice by the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Shervin Pishevar emigrated to the U.S. from Iran with his family after the Ayatollah Khomeini threatened his father’s life. His father, Abraham Pishevar was a radio and television executive in Tehran, Iran. Shervin Pishevar went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. He is the author of several U.S. patents including a patent on “jewelry having electronic modules” and a “system and method for providing a web-based operating system”.


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Market America for Making Money from Home

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Home-based businesses are booming for the sole reason of enabling people to work from their house and not have to change their life because of their work. If you’re currently working a job right now, you know how difficult it is for you to get someone else to watch your children while you’re away. Plus, you may not even be making the money that you need and want, so you’re left trying to find another job to supplement what you’re not making. This is why there has been a better option for people who want to earn a living from the comforts of home. This option is known as Market America, and it’s a company that’s been around for well over a decade.

With Market America, you can choose a line of products from their site and then sell the items of your choosing. You will create and build a Market America site where you’ll be responsible for maintaining listings and marketing it to the public. By creating your own site, you’re able to get people interested in those products so that they purchase them online. Once a purchase goes through, you will receive a relatively large percentage of the sale price and will not be at all responsible for shipping the products to the customers buying them. Market America takes the guesswork out of being your own business owner, and there’s not much involved on your part to make great money.

In fact, a lot of people who have chosen Market America have been able to totally replace the current income they were making. They can get away from corporate America and totally run a business from the comfort of their own kitchen, living room or bedroom. If you ever have any questions or problems with running the site, Market America is there to assist you in any way that you can. Unlike other companies that sell you the products and then leave you hanging, this company works with you diligently each and every day that you’re running and maintaining a site to sell their products to the general public. Twitter

The Latest and Greatest in New Jersey Real Estate Development

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The latest news in commercial real estate is that Boraie Development, a commercial developer in New Jersey has been focused on the launch of a 250 unit rental project in Atlantic City. This rental project will be responsible for the creation of more homes in the area, but it will also mean more jobs for those in Atlantic City. There is more good news for residents and employers in the area. The project is on target to be wrapped up during the summer months in 2018. This is exciting for those who feel they commute too far, and it is welcome relief for those who desire to walk to their employer rather than drive. Those who desire a place in the city will be pleased to see this completed project this summer. For more details visit Bloomberg.

One of the most fascinating bits of information was the tour that was just given to those interested in seeing the site where building is taking place. One of the most common things these days is renting at the market rate. This will be one of the first market rate projects to be built in nearly 25 years in the Atlantic City area. The name of the new project will be The Beach at South Inlet, and the complex totals nearly $81 million dollars. The number last given of consumers it will serve totals around 50,000. This is a good number given the size of the city, and those it could bring into the city due to the new complex.

Boraie Development is focused on offering a wide array of services within the real estate market. Focused on the urban market, Omar Boraie has put its energy and expertise into urban development, with an emphasis on sales and marketing, as well as property management. Boraie is also known for having a stellar reputation in serving its clients and providing prompt and thorough service to all who work with the development company. Check out their website

What is their strong suit? One of the greatest advantages Boraie Development has today is working with the strongest and longest running financial institutions to not only get clients what they need, but to close deals quickly and efficiently. All those who work with Boraie Development, including contractors and architects are always proud to be a part of a project that they are spearheading.

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Susan McGalla on how to get women in leadership positions

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How do we get women into positions of power? Statistics say that S&P 500 companies have only a very small percentage of women in C-level positions. What does that say about the progression of our country when it comes to gender diversity. Even on that note, making companies more ethnically diverse can outperform other companies by a whopping 35 percent. Companies that were incorporate more gender diversity would benefits by a 15 percent performance boost. There are a lot of support groups for growing women business owners. There are initiatives that gather women together to speak of their plans, make connections, and share their stories. That is great and all, but it is not going to solve the bigger problem of simply getting women into leadership positions. The solution is to get powerful women to mentor budding business women or women entrepreneurs. Give the women in leadership roles intensive to help other women succeed. They need advice, leadership, and opportunities to grow in their desired field. Also, get men on board to help by supporting these women. It’s a win-win for everyone who is invested in making the businesses more gender diverse. Only a quarter of women in the world hold senior positions in companies. It is time for that to change.

Susan McGalla is an expert consultant, successful businesswoman, and entrepreneur. At her business, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, she helps clients with talent management, branding, operational efficiencies, branding, and much more.

McGalla works for The Pittsburgh Steelers as their Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. She started in February 2015 and is still going strong. She also has worked for other big retail chains in high level positions at American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal Inc.