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Why Many People Consider Jim Toner a Great Trendsetter

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Getting rich is something everyone desires today. Many people are doing whatever possible to get out of life without adequate financial freedom. While some of the techniques people use to build up their wealth succeed, others fail terribly. According to some wealthy people like Jim Toner, everyone can become rich if only they give it the right perception. Such great business leaders and investors believe that people become what they are in their mind. His perception of wealth has always been positive, and this has energized him to achieve it.

Jim is committed today to give people the right advice when it comes to growing wealth. People who take his opinions and suggestions on wealth seriously eventually become rich. Without the right attitude and advice on money, you can hardly get it. Jim worked hard for his wealth with all determination, zeal, and focus. As a focused man, Jim took a principle, tested it, and made it work. He then realized that it was possible to use the same principle and help others get rich. Jim Toner has never been mean with information or secrets that others can use to be better than him.

As a man who has succeeded in wealth creation, he still doesn’t claim he is a genius in the real estate industry. Jim has bought and sold many real estate properties at an opportune time. If someone has used one way to make money successfully, he can teach others to do so. Before Jim started to deal with huge business deals, he used to market his programs to small groups. Jim Toner believes greatness doesn’t go to people with huge crowds alone, but also to those in smaller groups, as long as, they are committed to their goals.

Jim doesn’t push people to invest in the real estate ventures. He is a teacher who trains people to make wealth through practical sessions. He knows he is the best example people would emulate in the real estate industry. Many cable news network and broadcast stations have interviewed him on his education programs on real estate and his life. He gives veterans in Pittsburg homes that are fully furnished to make their lives better. If you happen to attend the first session of his education programs, you get all the tools he has used to succeed.

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Jed McCaleb Brings The One Payment System For All

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In the field of tech, Jed McCaleb is a name that stands out for his history of unique and innovative projects. Particularly in the field of cryptocurrency, few names stand out as much. He first came to the public’s attention as the founder of a company called Metamachine. This company invented a P2P file sharing program called eDonkey. This was one of the granddaddies of the file-sharing programs, and I personally remember it as one of the better ones. It was highly unique at the time of its release because it enabled multiple downloads and uploads from one user to many.

Some of you may remember a Bitcoin exchange program called Mt. Gox. Jed McCaleb invented that as well. This is probably what gave him the idea to create a simple and cross-functional payment system. For someone who has dedicated a lot of time to the cryptocurrency industry, it was only logical that he would take it to the next level.

These days, Jed McCaleb is running a much different kind of company. The company in question is Stellar Development Foundation. This is a company that provides a secure payment system based on blockchain technology and a digital token. The overall goal of the company is laid out in an article published by, and is quite ambitious to say the least.

Mr. McCaleb envisions a future in which his brand of blockchain-based fiat currency becomes the new global standard. The intention of Stellar is to unite all forms of payment all across the world in one global system that covers all kinds of financial transactions from simple bank transfers to stock market trading.

In fact, he feels that this future is not far away. In his own words: “In the next 10 years I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized on some blockchain somewhere. The change will potentially occur before 2028.” He bases this prediction on both the untapped potential of these markets, and the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency as a viable payment format. While this prediction may prove to be overly optimistic, only time will tell if this universal one world payment system can live up to its potential.

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In a recent talk with CNBC, Jed McCaleb, the founder of Stellar CTO Mt. Gox, said that he predicts a single payment, Blockchain powered system for the whole world. Stellar is a Blockchain powered global payment system using digital tokens same as the Ripple. Jed McCaleb went further by stating that there is going to be an operable global payment network shortly. There is also a chance for hybrid system facilitating payments of fiat currency with the help of Blockchain.

South Korea has already lined Ripple up with Woon Bank for the execution on a commercial level in late 2018, stellar is under consideration by legal, financial corporations as part of a fundamental shake-up of their payment methods. Jed McCaleb said that Stellar’s blockchain innovation could power a Universal Payments Network that processes payments and also traditional assets such as shares as well as stocks.

Before its recent drop to 0.2512, the (XLM) the stellar Lumen had been thriving for quite some time. Its latest adoption of the lighting network assisting in the neutralization of future drawbacks has greatly aided in the lead of press coverage.

Jed McCaleb who has been a crypto designer for quite a while has anticipated Stellar’s innovation will change worldwide financial systems inclusive of payments, fundraising and stock markets by the year 2028. With a resume that incorporates the creation of the Mt. Gox Bitcoin as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Stellar, makes it hard to ignore him. What’s more, with the ongoing marvel of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), Jed McCaleb states that the financial framework does not directly tap the market.

The financial research organization, Autonomous Next reports these ICOs have assisted in the raising of almost $9 billion in barely over four years. However, the prevalence of ICOs has additionally observed the frustrating growth in numbers of fraudsters exploiting the innovations in raising funds as well as leave investors oblivious without their money. This movement has pulled in the attention of controllers from around the globe, yet supporters of token deals contend that they act on behalf of a fresher way of fundraising. Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

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The Innovative Gregory Aziz

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Greg James Aziz is a household name when it comes to the field of engineering and manufacturing. Gregory J Aziz is the President, Chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car. The company National Steel Car is the leading engineering in railroad freight car and manufacturing.

National Steel Car is located in Hamilton, Ontario where it has been conducting business for more than 100 years in providing quality engineering and manufacturing solutions. As a result, the company has gained a reputation as the leader in this industry due to its capability in providing customized solutions to the market. Since its inception in 1912, National Steel Car has designed as well as manufactured freights that are tailored to meet the needs of technology and the environment.


The success of the National Steel Car is as a result of the qualified and well talented human resource within the organization. Despite the changes in market conditions, National Steel Car has remained vibrant and competitive. The factors behind the success of the National Steel is dynamic, innovative, diverse, and the goals and objectives drive value. Each day the company aims at raising the bar of quality services higher and outdoing the competitors.


Being a company that deals with projects worth billions of dollars, National Steel Car has a broad sense of purpose and true to the course. As a result, the company has gained the trust of the customers since it delivers quality rail cars and on agreed time with the consumers. National Steel Car is the only North America rail car that is certified ISO 9001:2015 demonstrating the competence of the organization. For over a decade the company has received the TTXSECO award consistently cementing the reputation of the institution in the market.


The company has adopted a policy of ensuring the customers’ feedback addressed and in case of complains it’s addressed instantly. Through addressing the customers concerns, National Steel Car has continued to enhance good relations with their clientele base for the success of the business. The company management ensures there is a cordial relationship between their 2000 members of staff and the suppliers. Get Additional Information Here.


Achieving the above milestone, the Greg Aziz ensures the company meets the objectives set such as the following: One of the purposes of the National Steel is to honor the tradition of the company past. As for the founder Gregory James Aziz, Gregory J Aziz ensures that the core of the business that is the customer satisfaction is maintained at all times. The other purpose is to always lead in quality production.

Paul Herdsman Shares 12 Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Starting a company is easier said than done; a lot of work and mental preparation is required. Paul Herdsman—Co-Founder and COO of NICE Global, shares 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman for new entrepreneurs.


  1. Find guidance. You need someone to look at your work from another angle. Choosing a mentor that knows your field can give you advice on details you may be missing.


  1. Picture it. Picture what you want your business to become. Imagine what you would want it to look like in the future.


  1. Know the consumers. Always listen to what consumers have to say. Knowing what they want will tell you what you need to provide.


  1. Keep pushing forward. People get discouraged and give up easily sometimes. Push forward and be prepared for any downfalls, don’t give up.


  1. Be a risk taker. You will have to take risks. Investigate and gather substantial information before making risky moves.


  1. Do what you like. Like Paul Herdsman advised to pick a business you’ll enjoy. Find something that motivates you. Running a business can be draining if you’re not passionate about it.


  1. Learn from failures. Learn from the downfalls. The most successful entrepreneurs learn the art of recognizing mistakes through past experiences.


  1. Don’t cut corners. Be dedicated and ready to work hard. You will need to wear many hats at first and it might be a long time until you see the success you want.


  1. Go the extra mile. You must go the extra mile, especially when you have competition. Always do more for your customers than the competition does, stand out.


  1. Stay optimistic. Have a good attitude and be grateful for any positive outcome. Negativity is a killer, it will drain you faster and the vibe will reflect on your business.


  1. The staff matters. Be sure to build a diverse team. Take notes of your strengths and weaknesses and find those with characteristics that you lack.


  1. Your time is valuable. Paul Herdsman learned early that you sometimes have to say no. You may have to turn people down at times, but it’s inevitable. Focus on the company’s most important elements. See This Page for additional information.


Nice Global, led by Paul Herdsman, focus on employee satisfaction, skills, and professional growth. Paul Herdsman is also a co-founder of Inbound Call Experts LLC that has headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. His primary areas of interest are entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.


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How Gregory Aziz, Flipped The Fortunes Of National Steel Car

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For decades now, Gregory James Aziz has served as the CEO of National Steel Car and steered the company to a global leader in railroad freight car manufacturing. National Steel Car has been committed to the highest standards of engineering and manufacturing for more than a hundred years now and has earned its place as first North America’s major player in the industry. Greg Aziz bought the company back in 1994 when he was still an investment banker in the city of New York. At the time, the company was owned by Dofasco, a Canadian company and was on the verge of collapsing.


Aziz believed he could swing the fortunes of the slain giant and turn it back to winning patterns. This is a mission he has been able to accomplish because, at the helms of power as the President of National Steel Car, the company made a turnaround. Under the leadership of James Aziz, the company doubled its production by more than nine thousand units and also increased its staff to three thousand up from only six hundred employees. James oversaw a massive reallocation and injection of resources in the company ensuring that human and capital investment were given first priority.


Before he was involved in National Steel Car, James Aziz, was working with Affiliated Foods; a family business that was involved in the food business. His business acumen enabled him to grow the company to international standards tapping more markets in South America, Europe, and Eastern Canada.


Greg was always ambitious from the start since he graduated in 1949 from the University of Western Ontario. His displayed exemplary leadership at Affiliated Foods and would later move on to Investment Banking. It is during his time working as an investment banker in New York that he would spot an investment opportunity in the railroad freight vehicle manufacturing industry, and this got him to the acquisition of National Steel Car.


It is evident that Greg James Aziz has played a major role in the railway industry both as an investor and also as the CEO of National Steel Car. It is because of his relentless efforts to achieve excellence in manufacturing and engineering that has seen his company receive global accolades. National Steel Car has been the recipient of the TTX SECO award for the last twelve years for their consistency in maintaining highest standards in the industry.

More about Gregory Aziz


Greg is married to Irene, and the couple is blessed with two daughters called Karina and Natalie. He schooled at Ridley College and later majored in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. Greg and Irene are the main sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is the biggest agriculture exhibition in Canada.   Get More Information Here.

National Steel Car And Gregory Aziz

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There is a top leading company in producing and manufacturing railcars and the name of that company is National Steel Car. It is not just one of the countries, but one of the world’s leading companies. It is located in the town of Hamilton, Ontario. Who is responsible for it? The answer is none other than Gregory James Aziz.


He is, in fact, the Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of the company. It is because of him that the company has risen to success in recent years. He took National Steel Car when it was barely producing 6,000 railcars every couple of years and raised that number to 12,500 railcars being produced and manufactured annually. With that number rising, the need for employees also rose. In a time of bleak futures and a job market that was very low and unstable, he created several new job opportunities.


The employment base at his company started at 600 and that number rose to 3,000 workers that were employed by the year 1999. Gregory James Aziz, also known as Greg, had a good childhood with a family that instilled in him the value of hard work and pursuing your dreams. Greg took note and when he graduated high school, he decided he wanted to attend Ridley College. He spent his days there studying and learning. Aziz discovered he had a passion for business and the distribution of goods. He moved on to the University of Western Ontario and majored in economics.


He thrived in the university and graduated. With his strong educational background, he decided he would partner with his family in their food business and help them out the best he could. He was able to expand their business, Affiliated Foods, and they began being able to distribute fresh food to markets in the United States and Eastern Europe from countries such as South and Central America.

Satisfied he had helped them achieve success, Greg Aziz moved on to pursue other dreams. He moved to the United States and began working. It was from here he was able to organize the purchase of National Steel Car in the year 1994. He took the little company and turned it into a huge success. Today he manages National Steel Car but also enjoys spending time with his wife Irene and his two daughters who have, no doubt, been huge supporters of him and have kept him motivated along the way. See This Page for additional information.


How Nick Vertucci became Founder of NV Real Estate

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Nick Vertucci is quite an exquisite man to say the least. He founded NV Real Estate which started from a very humbling past. As the common rags to riches stories go, Nick Vertucci did not start in a very wealthy family. His family always struggled to make ends meet and the situation never seemed to get any better. When he was only ten years old, his father passed away. To most people this might look like the end of everything. How could he endured such sadness, especially at such a young age? Well, by the time Nick Vertucci was eighteen he had already started his own business and specialized in selling computer accessories. This business however, came to a screeching hault in 2000 when the big computer scare went viral.

After his first business went up in the air and was far from sight, he started a new interest. The new interest was in real estate. Nick Vertucci realized that real estate was the way to go with his businesses and so this is where it all began. He knew that people would always need a place to live and there for, there would always be a demand for living places. He also kept in mind that as cities and towns grew in population, demand for living would increase, therefore yielding much higher profits through real estate.

Nick began training as a student in the real estate industry. He learned many skills from buying small houses to repairing old creaking houses. He had doned it all and found the perfect way to turn his bank account from an empty space to a flourishing spring of never ending money.

From all of the skills Nick had picked up along the way, he decided to go out on a limb and introduce NVREA. It’s now his real estate training company. He still currently works on the company day in and day out in the hopes of teaching many others the skills necessary to succeed in real estate. He has said that teaching will provide greater money than using that skill by yourself.

Putting Your Energy In One Bulk Order

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There’s a bulk order waiting for you, and the package is energy. It’s true; you can comprise all of your energy into one source and not have to worry about paying more. Understanding why you can pay one bill for numerous energy sources is important. The world has changed and has become more energy conscious.

There are service delays, hidden fees and costly installations when managing all of your energy through multiple providers. This is why Stream Energy built an infrastructure to get society out of energy inefficiency. The efficiency of energy can only be found in one bill that covers it all.

We have that opportunity here for you today with Stream Energy.

More Than You Can Now Handle

Let’s consider what it’s like to pay one provider for our gas, electricity, phone, T.V. and even emergency medical services. Let imagine what it’s like when we can use all of these energy sources while having them active at the same time and every time. This means your financial responsibility comes once a month.

Failure to any of your Stream Energy sources is now handled by one professional who knows your power and consumption. Your new installations will occur through the same operators, and as we recognize you. Multiple energy outlets is more than what anyone needs to handle, so take your time in making the final upgrade to one.

A Simple Solution As You Take A Simple Step

The simple step you now take is to consolidate. You’re living in a new world. The slow, cumbersome and tedious processes are no longer delaying your energy use. Everyone must connect to energy in a different way now, and doing it through Stream is to embrace the future and a life with much more ease.

Find out about our specials, and get in touch with an operator today.

Stream Energy is an open agency that cares about its energy consumers and works to perfect every package sold. There’s a new world to uncover with how you use energy. Getting your start today brings your ease of life to full closure.

Gregory Aziz: Figuring Out the Impossible and Doing It

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It’s difficult taking over a company that already has a well-established reputation. The older the company, the harder it is to successfully lead it into the future. There are many contributing factors that have to be considered at the same time.

If anyone’s thinking about joining a company that’s been around for more than 100 years, it’s not easy to take a management position. Companies that old have their rules and standards that every new manager must adhere to. At the same time, it’s important to bring their own flair to the company.

Trying to figure out how to introduce new ideas without stepping on anyone’s toes is nearly impossible. On one hand, the new idea might work out and earn that person a promotion. On the other hand, the idea might go against what the company believes in without realizing it.


It’s important to find that perfect fit when choosing a new CEO. CEOs, in particular, have to consider a lot before making any changes, major or slight. If they make the wrong the choice, it could affect the entire corporation and damage the company’s long-standing reputation. It’s almost not worth the risk. Get More Information Here.


Fortunately, this is not something that Gregory J. Aziz had to deal with when he joined National Steel Car. He joined and immediately noticed how much everyone wanted to be there, and how much the company enjoyed having everyone there. That’s something that’s easy to capitalize on without making drastic changes that dishonor the company’s founding values.


Luckily, National Steel Car values its workforce as much as Greg Aziz. James Aziz began making changes that affected the employees in a positive way. By lifting their spirits and making them valued members of the company, productivity and efficiency increased ten-fold.


Under his leadership, the company experienced more success than ever before. National Steel Car was already one of the leading manufacturers of steel cars, but James Aziz made them the first ISO certified manufacturer in North America. Little changes brought big success without very much effort on anyone’s part.


That’s the genius that is Greg Aziz. He figured out how to perfect the company’s already perfect record and developed more innovate products at the same time. The company’s customer base has grown exponentially.


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