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Getting to Know Flavio Maluf

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Independence is a perfect thing, especially if it comes at a time when freedom exists. Flavio Maluf is one man who has always kept in touch with his inner being, and in turn achieved success. To date, he is renowned as the greatest President of Eucatex, a company he joined back in 1987. For years, Flavio has not only overseen operations at Eucatex but also made some of the greatest acquisitions in the corporation’s history. It is in 2010 that Flavio helped Eucatex open up another factory right in the heart of the City of Salto and Botucatu. Being the hardworking man that Flavio is, he has been able to drive Eucatex in the right direction, hence his fast rise to power. Eucatex has on the other hand grown to meet customer demands by supplying products and services to furniture manufacturers and large civil construction corporations.



As a Brazilian, Maluf has taken his nationalist spirit everywhere he goes. On this accord, he has been fortunate enough to work with other organizations across the divide. Maluf has also been instrumental in helping people across the globe reach a place of financial fulfillment. Contrary to beliefs that a person can only start a successful business with a boat load of money, Flavio thinks that you can establish a successful corporate empire provided that you have a product or service that attracts the attention of different clients. His advice to new entrepreneurs is that before setting up any business, you ought to do a pilot study and understand what your competitors are doing so as to come up with a better strategy than theirs.



Giving back to the community has always been something that Flavio Maluf has been doing, dwelling entirely on charity and philanthropy. Besides, Flavio has also been volunteering in programs meant to empower community members. Maluf’s passion has mainly gone to financially enabling the Hospital and Maternidade Idio Carli, a facility that was once home to the Santa Emilia Health. Therefore, Maluf’s insights show that he has the right ingredients to create and develop a business from the ground up.



Jim Tananbaum shares on ways to enhance more returns on investment

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Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital, and he is also its Chief Executive Officer. Besides, Jim was a Chief Executive Officer and founding partner of Theravance that shared a mutual business enterprise with the GSK’s franchise.

He started a private a healthcare firm in the year 2011 that carried out several types of research on the procedure of identifying leaders in the health sector. Also, it helped them to grow by providing sufficient capital, networks and the necessary knowledge and skills.

Jim was also the founding partner of a major biopharmaceutical company and various health care practice centers. Before he established Foresite Capital, he owned the renowned GelTex Pharmaceuticals. GelTex had the capacity to introduce drugs to the market environment which costs more than $80 million. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Jim’s vast experience has been improving on a daily basis due to his various investment accomplishments which include being a founding partner of Prospect Ventures Partnership. The time he began his career establishment, he formed a partnership with Sierra Ventures. It was through this platform that he was able to contribute immensely to several health care services.

He spends part of his day with members of his to his team as well his family. Jim Tananbaum says that he enjoys dining with them whenever he is not at places of work. When he is not with the family, he would be networking with friends.

According to INC42, Jim has strong belief that a person with the will to bring ideas into reality does not need capital alone, it is much critical to work with experts in the given field. For instance, the business that he runs has the greatest minds that make important discoveries in science that promotes the understanding of the healthcare field.

In comparison to various business personalities, Jim Tananbaum is the guy who knows how to get things done by taking calculated risks. The school of experience has taught him that spending time and analyzing a course of action carefully; he enhances the chances of making more profits on investment.

Early in his school days, the MBA student from Harvard University, Jim had a great passion for hard sciences. Also, he took mathematics and electrical engineering at Yale.

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Susan McGalla: How to Succeed as a Woman in the Workplace

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Susan McGalla has just shared some important advice for woman in the workplace, and it’s worth paying attention to (originally reported on PR Newswire).


The original article starts out with some history, giving context to why McGalla’s advice is prescient to the modern reader. A century ago most women worked in the home, making up less than a quarter of the workforce. Today almost half of workers are women. That’s great progress!


Unfortunately women are still being discriminated against, with less than half of female workers in America holding jobs as executive officers. This indicates, and Susan McGalla reiterates, that many women have a hard time advancing in the workplace.


Why should we listen to McGalla’s advice?


Because she’s already proven herself in the business world and works to help other get ahead. She speaks professionally about how women can break through and get ahead in the business world.


So what is her advice?


First, McGalla advises getting a good education. Despite tuition costs going through the roof, she still advises getting a quality education to develop the skill set necessary to succeed in a primarily male workforce. The important thing, she stresses, is having a solid plan, which includes planning how to get money for college. There are lots of scholarships and other aid available to women who do their homework.


Her next piece of advice is to be confident. It’s easy to see why this would be difficult when trying to get ahead as the underdog in a field dominated by men. McGalla shares how management’s negative influence can reduce women’s ambitions. She recommends fighting this by finding and building your own support network to keep you motivated to push forward with bold career choices.


Her last piece of advice is to ignore the whole idea that it’s harder for women to succeed in the workforce, and instead just work hard. This prevents you from having an attitude or feeling that you deserve certain privileges, which can have a negative influence on how hard you actually work.


She ends with a great piece of advice: “Let your work speak for itself.”

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In The Eyes of Rick Smith

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Rick Smith is a man with a vision. Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, Richard Smith has been able to create a prison communication company that serves areas like Allen, Atlanta, Georgia, Texas, as well as Carrollton. Using the latest innovations, Rick has been able to come up with the robust Securus Technologies, a corporation that has made it possible for inmates to communicate with the outside world. It is because of Rick’s precious mind that Securus has also been able to monitor prison calls thus fostering homeland security. Securus Technologies came into being back in 1986, and since then, it has been able to transform prison communication. It is in 2008 that Rick took the mantle of CEO and had used his knowledge and influence to build the Securus brand. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

So far, Rick Smith has employed close to a thousand people to help run the company’s operations. Besides, Smith has also secured contracts with more than two thousand correctional facilities in the United States of America. Before arriving at Securus Technologies, Richard Smith used to work for institutions like Eschelon Telecom Inc. and Global Crossing North America. Apart from being the current CEO of Securus Technologies, Mr. Smith also happens to be a board member Integra Telecom Co Ltd and Eschelon Telecom Inc. Rick has an MBA from the University of Rochester, and a B.A. in Engineering from the State University of New York. He also has an M.A. in Engineering from the State University of New York, and an Associate’s Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. As a result, Rick Smith has acquired all the relevant skills needed to operate his telecommunication business successfully.

Under his leadership, he has ensured that Securus keeps on changing its communication technology so as to reduce chances of the institution getting hacked. In so doing, Securus Technologies has been able to gain access to communications that pinpoint criminal activities and has thus given law enforcement agencies enough evidence to apprehend and prosecute offenders. Corrupt prison officials have also found themselves on the wrong side of the law since they are known to create conditions that encourage illegal trade of drugs and firearms within prison systems. In so doing, Securus Technologies under the guidance of Richard Smith has been able to protect innocent civilians from serious harm. As of 2016, Securus Technologies had spent more than six hundred million dollars on prison communication technology. Thus, Richard Smith has been able to create a communication company that is unmatched by any other corporation in the United States of America and the world as a whole. With Securus Technologies having been able to adopt and adapt to new technology on a regular basis, it has become an institution that may impact prison systems in America and a corporation that people can trust. Read more on

The Leadership Skills of Jose Henrique Borghi at Mullen Lowe Brasil

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Advertising is not a bad word any more. Every company in the world is making use of it to do business today. They look for advertising companies online as well as in traditional brick and mortar shops. This is why advertising companies are competing in a tough market.

Jose Henrique Borghi always knew that advertising is a complex business as it has to show results besides being creative. Advertising requires a complete plan before getting implemented.

This is why advertising agencies today are highly specialized. People like Jose Henrique Borghi understand what it takes to produce an advertising campaign that is highly successful. This is why he is the winner of so many Lions at Cannes.

Every company and every brand are different. This is why what works for one company or brand may not work for another one. Hence each account must have its own advertising plan. This is exactly what Jose Henrique Borghi tries to accomplish for his clients.

His company is Mullen Lowe Brasil. This is one of the most popular agencies in advertising in Brazil today. It has an enviable list of clients. It is well known for providing creative and incredible advertising campaigns for all its clients.

Jose Henrique Borghi is the president of this advertising agency. He enjoys a good reputation in Brazil as he has been able to accomplish a lot in his professional career. He is known for his creativity and innovation. Few others are able to understand advertising the way he does.

Jose Henrique Borghi is also known for his unique working style. He asks the staff at Mullen Lowe Brasil to work in an outside environment and not in a normal office setting. They are required to assist in projects which are at other locations. This boosts their creativity. To know more click here.

Entrepreneurial Mastermind Don Ressler

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Starting up a business can be a daunting task, but there are a few people that know how to work the market, and it shows in the work of Don Ressler. His involvement with the fashion company TechStyles (formerly JustFab) has helped the enterprise get off the ground and into the thriving business we see online today. Don Ressler is the co-CEO of TechStyles, working alongside CEO and long-time business partner Adam Goldenberg. Together, they have created an online shopping experience that has changed the way customers and businesses look at e-commerce. An example of this web-based store is Fabletics, which focuses on women’s athletic clothing which employs a subscription service to get access to a full range of features on the site. This subscription on comes in the form of a monthly fee, where customers pay to receive full outfits sent right to their inbox. Additionally, if a buyer chooses to skip a month, they can do so by logging into their account and selecting the appropriate checkbox.

During his time with his previous company Intelligent Beauty, a business dedicated to marketing product online, Don Ressler began to think about new, more efficient ways to market his product. He wanted to enhance the buying experience, and make it more personalized towards what the customer is interested in, rather than showing a web page full of clothing and styles that may not appeal to the client. Through the web-based subscription service, customers get exactly what they want in athletic wear without the hassle of browsing through pages and pages of product on Ressler also knows that size matters and is pleased to introduce an expanded size range to fit women from all walks of life.

It all started after Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg left Myspace. Don Ressler pursued his business in Intelligent Beauty but wanted something more that would revolutionize how online shopping was done. With Mr. Goldenberg, the pair came up with JustFab, a company that would grow exponentially in the next few years. They received $33 million from Matrix Partners, using the funds to start up their new enterprise at Once JustFab was well established, Matrix then supplied an additional $76 million to continue to improve, enhance, and maintain the company’s expenses. The company is based in El Segundo, California to which Don Ressler remarks is a fun central hub for their business, which allows them to stay on top of current styles and trends. Their hard work has paid off; their enterprise is worth an estimated 1 billion dollars and has recently rebranded itself into the TechStyles of today.

Eric Pulier: Philanthropist Entrepreneur Extrodinaire

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Eric Pulier is a noted entrepreneur and philanthropist who has left his mark on the world many times over. A Harvard graduate who started his first company in high school, Pulier has been making strides in the tech world from an early age. The following is a brief breakdown of his extraordinary life.


Humble Beginnings


Pulier was born and raised in a small suburb of New Jersey. He developed an interest in computers early on in his life and was already programming them in the fourth grade. In high school, he started a database company and then moved on to attending Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude.


Entrepreneurial Successes


In the early nineties, Pulier moved to Los Angeles and started the company People Doing Things, which focuses on the usage of technology in areas such as health care and education. From there he founded many companies and institutions, one of the most revolutionary being Xprize. Xprize is an institution that focuses on helping individuals achieve their highest potential, and has many competitions and prizes that help recognize the achievements of underprivileged individuals.


A Huge Heart


Not only has Pulier founded many commercially successful startups, he also works tirelessly towards philanthropic pursuits. He especially focuses on children with chronic illnesses. He led the charge on building Starbright World, a social media network exclusively for children suffering from chronic illnesses, and helped found The Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp that aims to provide the idyllic summer camp experience for chronically ill children who normally would not get to experience such things.


Eric Pulier has already had an incredibly positive impact on the world and he shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. From founding incredibly successful startups to focusing on service-oriented architecture, it’s clear that he will continue to try and shape the world for the better.