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Lori Senecal to Fill CP&B’s Newly Created Global CEO

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CP&B, who are MDC Partners, have settled on Lori Senecal as the right candidate to fill the global CEO position that was newly created. This will come after only six months since she earned her promotion to become MDC’s president and CEO. Lori had also held the position of global executive chairman at a sibling shop of MDC, KBS. Ms. Senecal will however, continue carrying out her duties in the role of president and CEO of MDC Partner Network. She will leave her post at KBS, which is a sibling of CP&B. according to a spokeswoman at KBS, her position will not be filled anytime soon as there are no immediate plans.

Responsibilities associated with the new role

In her new position at CP&B, Ms. Senecal will be responsible manage the global expansion and growth of the shop as well as the coordination of the eight global offices under it. She will also be expected to further develop the shop according to the agency. The chairman of CP&B, Chuck Porter, stated that Lori loves and understands the agency as she shares its passion and values. Porter exuded confidence that Lori would bring a high level of management expertise and experience. Porter further added that Lori Senecal has everything that he did not have and along with Steve Erich, Andrew Keller, Richard Pinder and other creative leaders, he believed they had finally assembled an international A team.

Andrew Keller, who is the current CEO of CP&B, will continue serving in the same role and focus on the United States. Andrew and Richard Pinder, an international CEO who cam e on board when CP&Bacquired House Worldwide (2014) will be expected to report to Lori Senecal. A spokeswoman revealed that this will enable every person involved to major on what they are good at.

What triggered her appointment?

Senecal was appointed after CP&B managed to win the global Infiniti account again in October, as a result of aggressive efforts towards new-business. Mr. Porter had also earlier revealed that CP&B was looking to increase its global footprint, which is expected at the back of the Infiniti win. Ms. Senecal in a statement stated that she was ready to play a role that would be significant in the agency’s quest for global growth by working with the available talents.

For more information, check out Senecal’s twitter account and crunchbase page.


AXA Advisors Offer Maximum Retirement Plans

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Life’s occurrences are highly unexpected and unanticipated. From disease to retirement, it is essential to be prepared for the worst just in case it happens. That is why AXA Advisors are instrumental to the French people. AXA is a multinational insurance company. Its headquarter is in Paris. The company provides services in global insurance, individual and public advisory services and investment management among other financial services. The AXA Group primarily functions in Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and North America. Since 1859, the group has been offering stable and reliable services to its clients with the aim of helping them live confidently, peacefully with surety. The AXA Group has also been helping their customers to realize their potential and achieve dreams.

Services Offered

AXA Group is prominent for its Equitable Services. It is a group of companies offering financial security and wealth protection services, management and advisory services, retirement plans, life insurance, health insurance and employee benefits. AXA Equitable Insurance Firm ranks among one of the leading life insurance firms as well as retirement savings companies in the U.S. It serves approximately 2.47 million households in the nations. With over 4,719 financial advisors, AXA Group works round the clock to ensure families and businesses acquire the best strategies in financial planning and security.

Retirement Plans

However little or much you save as an employee, retirement will eventually catch up. That is why AXA Group of companies offers long-term financial services tailored for retirement. AXA has contract restrictions, margins charges and costs linked to annuities. They are however not tied to mortality or expense risk charges. The contracts are subject to a financial advisor offering cost information as well as full financial details. All withdrawals are linked to regular income tax. They are usually subject to an extra 10% of the state income tax penalty.

About Vincent Parascandola

Serving as the Chief Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, Vincent handles the sales, management expansion, recruitment, maintenance, coaching of new financial professionals and productivity of the company. Vincent Parascandola has over 25 years experience in insurance and banking. His career commenced in 1987 when he served as an agent in Prudential Company. In that year, he bagged the name National Rookie.

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Why Adam Milstein was named among the top 50 most Influential Jews

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The Jerusalem Post published an interesting article about the most influential people in the Jewish community. The article went ahead to mention 50 prominent people that have supported Jewish endeavors. In the list was Israeli prime minister who was ranked second. Adam Milstein was ranked position 39 in the list. The list is made of other top-ranking politicians in the Israel Community. Many people that featured in the list are leaders, businessmen, philanthropists and politicians in Israel.

Adam Milstein was delighted by the recognition. He stated that he was privileged to work with several organizations that support Jewish causes in different parts of the world. He added that the recognition is proof that the Israeli-American community has made several accomplishments. Adam Milstein has played a huge role in fostering a stronger relationship between the American and Israeli community.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila Milstein are popular for starting a foundation that supports young professionals. They created a foundation known as Gila and Adam Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. Since it was established, the program has strived to help young professionals in the Jewish community. It has provided essential knowledge about their Jewish roots and the Jewish language. The council has become one of the fastest growing Jew organizations in the entire United States. It has strived to distribute Hebrew booklets to over 70 Jewish American families living in the United States.

Adam Milstein was also mentioned in the list for his various philanthropic endeavors. He has invested in several organizations that help the Jewish community. He recently stated that his philanthropy philosophy is built on three different principles. The first place is the active philanthropy through a family foundation. He strives to create a team with a lot of expertise that can support every project and program. The second principle is through a life path impact. He seeks to fund and grow organizations that engage people through their stages in life. His last approach to philanthropy is that of synergy. He provides funding and guidance to the community through programmatic and synergy partnerships. He helps other non-profit entities in their work.