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OG Juan Knows How To Party In Style

Published / by CapaConf

Recently, The Bro Talk published an article entitled, “Juan “OG” Perez’ Big Pimpin’ Hundred Thousand Dollar Birthday Tab”.

OG Juan reportedly spent large amounts of money while out on the town with his wife Desiree, Jay-Z, and other friends for OG’s birthday celebration. This wild night made headlines for the extravagant amount of money that was spent during the time of the wild birthday bash. This story went viral due in part to a server who posted a picture of a nightclub receipt on Snapchat that night.

It is rumored that over $113k was spent alone that night!

For OG Juan’s big night, the Roc Nation Group started out with dinner at Japanese restaurant and then made their way to Made In Mexico, a popular nightclub. Finally, the group made their way to the Playroom Nightclub where they reportedly bought over 40 bottles of champagne in one night. Many sources say that they saw the group handing out plenty of bottles to other patrons that night. Most of the champagne that they bought was from the brand Ace of Spades.

Needless to say, OG Juan had a birthday night that won’t soon be forgotten.

OG Juan and Jay-Z have had a working and personal relationship for over two decades. Juan’s wife Dez has also been a major force behind Jay-Z’s career and together, the two make up a big part of the Roc Nation family. Their famous friendship has been referenced through several lines in many of Jay-Z’s songs throughout the years and spanning multiple albums.

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