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Kevin Seawright Helps Small Businesses

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Currently Kevin Seawright is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation (NEDC). This non-profit corporation was created by Ras Baraka, Newark’s Mayor, to aid new small businesses that must be located in that city through a city-wide development plan. That helps a business start off on the right foot, learn to understand their financials and tax and credit reporting, how to be successful, and how to be involved in the community and help the city move forward and grow.

NEDC also has its own loan specialist and helps with small business loans with very reasonable interest rates from some banks that are active in Newark, other EDCs and financial institutions, and the Small Business Administration.

In addition, the corporation has a small business development course one night a week for 12 weeks. The last time they gave a grant of $500 to each person who completed the course, and they helped locate a building or a kiosk for them.

Kevin Seawright is an administrative operations and financial leader in the private sector and in governmental operations. He is known for his strategic vision and business acumen, his keen ability to achieve goals and command opportunities, and being efficient in the outcomes by delivering results through the alignment of technological initiatives with economic and organizational goals.

Kevin Seawright acknowledges that you are only as good as the team that surrounds you. He has therefore worked tirelessly to establish a great rapport with those he works with, use his excellent team-building skills, enhance recruitment efforts, improve staff retention, and direct other negotiations. Currently he attends Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business for Executive Leadership.

For more than 13 years, Kevin has also used his financial expertise based on his Masters in Accounting from Almeda University to help better a number of communities on the East Coast and fosters positive relationships with city, neighborhood, and state associations.