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Securus May Have Saved My Son’s Life

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Securus Technologies really saved me the other day. My son was incarcerated for a white-collar crime and he is in way over his head. He is not a violent person and I argued really hard that he should be sent to a minimum-security prison. Instead, they sent him across the state to a normal prison.


There are all sorts of gangs inside of the prison and he had to choose which one he belonged to. The gang he chose is getting him into all sorts of trouble. They even started to talk about murdering another inmate. My son was absolutely terrified but he couldn’t tell anyone.


My son and I talk on the phone often. We got lucky because his prison is serviced by Securus Technologies. They are a good company. They charge reasonable rates and their services are incredibly easy to use. I also really like their JPay system. It makes keeping track of your account really easy, too.


He couldn’t tell anyone about his gang’s plan because he’d become a snitch. “Snitches get stitches,” as they say in prison. If he became a snitch, he’d be the target of physical violence himself. And here’s the crazy part — he’d be a target by his own gang and rival gangs.


He would call me all the time with this nervous dilemma. He started to tell me about this coded language that his little gang uses to talk about crime so that prison guards don’t catch on. I went to the prison guards with some of this coded language.


They put it into this software system that scanned all phone calls for the phrase. They pulled up all these recorded phone calls with his gang members planning a murder. The guards were able to stop the violence and my son avoided being a snitch.


ClassDojo Revolutionizes Classrooms Worldwide

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ClassDojo has one purpose – to transform education as we know it. It is an application for teachers and parents, as well as students. They can connect and interact in a way that will be educational and bring many new ideas to the table and classroom.

At ClassDojo, it is a core belief that there is no ideal classroom. Depending on students and teachers every classroom is unique, and it is perfect if it fits them best.

The app of ClassDojo is used for communication. Teacher, students, and parents can share videos and photos as well as message each other. It is great for working on projects for teams as well as for distance learning. A classroom is not as narrow of a term as it used to be. With ClassDojo, as long as students and teachers interact comfortably and there is learning going on, the classroom can become the app itself anytime and anywhere in the world.

ClassDojo is also used in physical classrooms and schools. Teachers can prepare lessons according to the progress and needs of their students. The ClassDojo app is currently being utilized in 90% of the K-8 schools in the United States of America. It is also used in more than 180 other countries around the world. The ClassDojo app is so far available in about forty languages.

A cool thing about the ClassDojo app is that 20% of the team working on the app have a background in teaching. The team consists of more than a dozen of experts who value education and want to deliver a revolutionary product for teachers and students to enjoy. The app includes features such as Messaging, Video and Photo Sharing, a place for original content and big ideas, stories, and a classroom tab. The ClassDojo app has become a leading one over the past few years.