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White shark Media’s Procedures for Targeting SEO Keywords

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Keywords play a crucial role in devising an SEO strategy and creating a search engine marketing campaign. They are used to classify a business and target a particular audience. They are also useful in creating the content of a website.


The Number of Times to Use a Keyword


The keyword should be mentioned on the title page. This will inform your target audience and search engines about the content of your page. You should also place the keyword in the heading. This strategy allows searchers to find topics related to your page on the search engines.


The created page should have a meta description. This element boosts page rankings and provides a good description of your page. Try using the keyword twice or thrice on a page. You can also implement it in pictures by making sure that the ALT text and filename of the image includes it.


How to Target Your SEO Keywords


The first step is to conduct your keyword research correctly. This entails finding the appropriate search terms for your website. This strategy will give you a clue on the type of problems the site you have created can solve.


Try listing all the search terms and group them into ordered categories. You should also turn them into titles and headlines. This will ensure that the content created sticks to the type of keywords chosen for your page. To avoid overusing the keyword, try incorporating synonyms and variants into the content.


About White Shark Media


As an established digital marketing agency, White Shark Media excels in serving small and medium-sized businesses with online marketing solutions. The agency was founded with an objective of delivering world-class services to clients. White Shark’s success story began in 2011 when three Danish entrepreneurs met. These entrepreneurs were versed in offline and online marketing. Their ultimate goal was to create a marketing agency that would take over the SMB market in the U.S. as well as Latin America. Gary Garth, a digital marketing expert, currently serves as the CEO of White Shark.


White Shark Media dominates the North and South American SMB market. The company was recently named as one of Google AdWords’ Premier U.S.-based SMB Partners. Besides being recognized by Google, Microsoft Corporation chose White Shark Media as a member of its Bing Ads Authorized Reseller Program. Microsoft also praised the digital marketing agency for its excellent track record in creating marketing campaigns targeting small businesses.

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Clients can’t stop praising White Shark Media in their reviews

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White Shark Media is considered as one of the leading Digital Marketing agencies in North America. They have been providing tailored and intuitive digital marketing solutions to some clients from small and medium-sized businesses for last few years. With their professional services and excellent customer satisfaction, they have developed a strong reputation for themselves in the market. They are now working with some of the biggest companies by helping their business to grow through Search Marketing campaigns. Their services include but do not limit to PPC Management, Google AdWords & Bing Ads, SEM Evaluation, Website, SEO and so on.



With the goal to provide world class experience to their clients, White Shark Media has become a dominant player in the SMB market in the US and Latin America. While they continue to boost a strong image for their clients, customers are also returning the favor by providing great reviews on their services as well. Even though this company has been working with multiple clients from different sectors, the feedbacks and reviews are almost the same and highly positive.



One of their clients Anthony, owner of a Medical Service from California who has been a customer for them for years, has highly praised its highly qualified and dedicated staff for their services. Anthony used to manage Adwords on his own previously. But now he prefers White Shark staff to do the job as he finds them more effective and efficient with quick follow-ups and responses. Another client of White Shark Media, Jody who is running a Water Well Kits & Pumps business from Texas has marked their services as absolutely fantastic. With the help of White Shark Media, his company is now targeting the right type of clients, and his business is growing.



Another positive review about White Shark Media from George who is running a retail business in Florida has shed light on their comprehensive services. According to George, he owes his success to this company and Google as they helped him to reach his clients and allowed him to expand his business. He was getting no result out of Craigslist and had no idea to manage his other web pages and Adwords. But it was the experts from White Shark Media who helped him to understand this phenomenon and perfectly position himself in the market.



There are many other reviews on White Shark Media in different places including social media sites where the majority of the clients have highly praised their excellent service quality and customer support. Each of these clients has recommended this company as it provides result driven solutions and constant support through regular and prompt communication.



Online Reputation Management: The Importance Of Knowing One’s Own Reputation

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With all this talk about online reputation management, there is one very important aspect of online reputation management, and this is gaining knowledge of one’s own reputation. If one does not know his own reputation, then he may not know what needs to be done in order to manage it. This is where getting an assessment of one’s own reputation comes in. This is where the person takes the time to gain an understanding on what people really think about him. Also, he gets to know how it affects his business. If the general outlook is bad enough to negatively impact the business, then it is time to take steps in order to improve it.

While search engines have a lot of influence on the online reputation of an individual, it is not a good idea to stop there. While tons of people visit a company from the search engines, not all of them will visit from the search engines. There are other sources of traffic that companies gain. For instance, it is important to monitor all of the social media accounts, hashtags, campaigns and anything else that is relevant to the company in any way. This way, the business owner will be more on top of his Reputation Defender review.

One thing that needs to be checked is whether or not the details are correct. For one thing, it is important that there are as little inaccuracies as possible. People that knowingly leave inaccuracies in their profiles risk losing the trust of their customers. Customers tend to look closely at the companies they do business with in order to find a reason to take their business elsewhere. Therefore, it is important for one to do everything he can to maintain a good image. Fortunately, there are plenty of firms and tools that will help with the reputation.


SEO 101- Knowing Where To Place Keywords

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When it comes to search engine optimization most people know the importance of keywords. Keywords are what make the internet go round. Without them your potential customers would not be able to find your website.

If you are wondering where to place your keywords for maximum results, follow these simple tips from leading digital agency White Shark Media.

#1 – Place Keywords In The Page Title

The page title tells both searchers and the search engines what your website is all about. Be sure to place several of your main keywords in this section.

#2 – Place Keywords In The Main Headline

Having keywords in the main headline ensures everything is congruent.

#3 – Place Keywords In The Meta Description

Placing keywords in the meta description tag is extremely important. While it won’t give you a boost in search engine rankings, it will help you better target your audience and improve overall click through rates.

#4 – Place Keywords In Images

This is something that is often overlook. Keep in mind the search engines will crawl every part of your website, even the images. Therefore, your image name as well as the ALT text should include keywords.

#5 – Place Keywords Throughout The Content

Again, the search engines crawl everything. Except of course the things you tell it not to. With that being said, placing keywords throughout the content on your website is extremely important. All you need is two or three keywords in the content and you should be good to go.

Don’t Overdo It

When it comes to placing keywords, the worst thing you can do is stuff keywords everywhere. While this worked 5 or 6 years ago, these days it is the quickest way to the Google sandbox. And once there you will lose your rankings and as a result your business will greatly suffer.

So avoid keyword stuffing at all costs. Read through all of your content before you hit publish. If you feel like you have repeated a keyword too many times, get rid of it or replace it with a different keyword.

About White Shark Media

During this time they have helped thousands of clients improve their online businesses through the power of online marketing.

They have grown at such a rapid pace that Google invited them to their headquarters in 2012 where they were assigned their own support team to help them leverage their growth and better serve their clients.