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Class Dojo Fostering A Positive Relationship Between Teachers And Parents

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Class Dojo is an online tool that helps foster communication positively between the teacher and parent. The purpose of Class Dojo is to keep parents up-to-date on their children’s progress and classroom conduct. Teachers love Class Dojo because they believe it strengthens the lines of communication between home and school. You can use Class Dojo on any computer, smartphone or tablet. Teachers can use the program on interactive projectors and whiteboards.

There are several helpful tools on the Class Dojo website. They can provide ‘cheat sheets’ for parents to learn how the program works. It can create back-to-school night presentations, video tutorials for teachers and letters to parents.

How It Works?

A teacher can set up their class profile directly on the Class Dojo website. The profile is largely based on the grade level. Teachers then create only positive class values for example:

* Staying on task

* Being helpful

* Participation

* Working hard

* Perseverance

* Teamwork

While the Class Dojo goal is to remain positive, parents still need to be aware of poor behavior. Class Dojo will give a teacher the option to add class values:

* Being unprepared

* Off task

* Missing homework

* Being disrespectful

* Talking out of turn

The class value options are purely customizable and can be chosen based on the classroom and their goals. Students receive their Dojo points based on their positive behavior. If they display any of the negative class values, then points will be taken away. Once your teacher has your email address, he/she can email you an invitation with an access code to access your child’s Dojo student profile.

For Parents

As a parent, you can easily access Class Dojo through the company’s website and it is compatible with Android and iOS. You can view information for multiple children across multiple classrooms all in one place. Your child’s behavior is broken down on a circle graph making it easy for you to assess how well/poor they are doing in class on average. Parents are able to access the Messages, Notifications and Class Story section on the app. Class Dojo is 100% free to teachers and parents.

The Ten-Year Mark for Rocketship Education Shows how Successful Their Program Is

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Rocketship Education recently received attention for its dedication to serving the educational needs of children from low-income families. This network of cha

rter schools has now been assisting both students and parents for ten years. In response to their achievements, the team took a look back at what they learned from the programs they implemented within their schools. The stand the network takes on encouraging parents and educators in the community to demand higher quality education needs to have a higher focus in order to see increased results. They also take pride in the empowerment they have given to low-income families in order to help them make educational changes within their own communities. They believe in classroom diversity, which extends to the educators they hire.

Rocketship Education’s belief in empowerment goes hand-in-hand with their philosophical viewpoint that every student can succeed. Their dedication to providing students at the elementary level with the skill sets they need to succeed in high school and beyond have given the children from disadvantaged areas a brighter future. This dramatic change can be seen in the progress the Rocketship charter schools have made in the area of San Jose. Not only have the school’s original attendees gone on to graduate high school, but many have become enrolled in college as well. In fact, the differences this network has made in this region has led to the launching of 25 additional Rocketship charter schools.

The Rocketship Education program places its focus on three main objectives. They believe in staffing their schools with excellent leaders and educators, they strive to provide students with personalized learning and they take an active role in engaging parents. In fact, this network of charter schools believes a parent’s role in the educational process is so important that they allow them to help in the hiring process for teachers. Parents in Washington D.C. interviewed prospective candidates for a Rocketship charter school that was scheduled to open later in the year. Parents who take an active interest in the educators teaching their children, are looking for individuals who share the same core values held by themselves and the Rocketship network of schools.

Journals of Wessex Institute of Technology

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Wessex Institute of Technology, or simply WIT, currently publishes seven international journal titles containing well researched information. Each journal is a compilation of articles based upon a certain subject. The writings and viewpoints of many different researchers join hands to produce these journals containing valuable information. An eighth is due to be released in 2018. The journals published are as follows: WIT Transactions on the Built Environment, WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences, International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, International Journal of Energy Production and Management, International Journal of Heritage Architecture and International Journal of Environmental Impact.

These journals are published by WIT press, the publishing service. They are also archived online in the WIT press eLibrary. Many of the journals published are marketed by Elsevier with editing links retained by WIT. More journals are scheduled to be released in the future. With many different topics, each reader is sure to find a journal which catches their interest.


Heldrich Loan Fails to Make Payments

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In a Press of Atlantic City article, it has been reported that the Middlesex County Authority has failed to make their $1 million dollar payment on a $20 million dollar loan. They received this loan from the Casino Redevelopment Authority. This is not their first missed payment, they are almost $7 million in backed up payments over the past five years.
The original loan was made in 2005 to finance the Heldrich, a New Brunswick Hotel and Conference Center, that was developed by the New Brunswick Development Corp. The New Brunswick Development Corp, Devco has been set up as an example of what public money can be done with non-profit and is the model for Atlantic City Development Corp. Both New Brunswick and Atlantic City are led by attorney Chris Paladino.

The Heldrich, which opened in 2007, has failed to make the profit expected.  That loan was part of a $107 million dollar. The rest of the package was stitched together by $70 million in bonds. They are hoping with the recovering economy that the Heldrich will start to repay the loan soon.

New Jersey Development Corporation is a company that specializes in urban development. They work with what the people need within the community to strengthen the community. They use their expert knowledge to leverage resources to public-private partnerships to develop urban projects that work.

Kabbalah Centre and Its Teachings

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There are a number of religions all over the world. Most of them may be known to us, but still, there are others, whose existence we may not be familiar with. An example of faith that might not be known to many people is the Kabbalah. Many people have joined the faith and have devoted their time to studying its teachings. Kabbalah faith came from Judaism and has maintained its teaching, though combined with teachings of other faiths. An article published on the guardian on 26th October 2015 looked at the growth of the faith in the UK. The tradition considers Jewish texts as the ultimate universal wisdom that every man should have access to, but should only supplement the faiths of other people. The faith merges Jewish concepts with other theologies and traditions, to accommodate the needs of people all over the world.

One of its devotees, Marcus Weston, gave some highlights on what the faith teaches. According to him, the teaches spirituality to diplomats, businesses, local authorities, and charities. The article portrays a Kabbalah devotee as a smart, charming, and happy man, as the faith seeks to create joy and eternal fulfillment in its devotees. It established its London headquarters in 2002 and had attracted 1,100 students, by 2015. The numbers continue to grow rapidly and other students are forced to be on the waiting list as classes are sometimes full. The faith aims to remove all forms of suffering, pain, and chaos from its followers.

About Kabbalah Centre
The first centre in America was established in 1965, in New York, by Philip Berg, before it was moved to Los Angeles, California. The organization is non-profit and has the main goal of teaching kabbalistic and Zohar teachings to all those who are interested. The teachings happen on-line or in the centers, established in various cities worldwide. The first teachers were Philip Berg and his wife, Karen berg. The centre is multi-ethnic and the teaching staff is comprised of people from different races, countries, and backgrounds, who offer guidance and training on Kabbalah.