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Samuel Strauch Is A Forward And Creative Thinker

Published / by CapaConf

Samuel Strauch earned his undergraduate degree from the Hofstra University in New York. He has studied at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam as well as at Harvard University.

He started his career by working in the banking sector. Eventually, he moved to South Florida to join the Real Estate business of his family. Samuel Strauch started his own company in 2002. That business is still growing today. He has managed to have an integrated platform that comprises of equity sourcing, acquisitions, besides development along with management, along with brokerage of real estate in both South Florida as well as Latin America.

Samuel Strauch is an investor in several internet businesses as well as restaurant business too. He is an art and photography enthusiast also.

Samuel Strauch is the Principal at Metrik Real Estate. The idea for this business came to him when he came to Miami. This was when he noticed the real estate boom here. He noticed how the city was getting transformed from being a sleepy vacation town to a metro located on the beach. He knew at that time that he could easily get international clients as well as investors together and start his own business.

Samuel Strauch loves to meet new people. This is the way he strengthens his relationships with his clients, investors, as well as partners and brokers in this industry. He is able to find new properties this way. He can forge new kinds of business relationships and gets new ideas too. His client base gets expanded accordingly. Samuel Strauch enjoys the fact that business becomes fun this way as you are able to establish friendships with those people whom you do business with.

He is always forward thinking. This is what sets him apart as he becomes the leader in his industry. Besides, he is creative too.