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Chris Burch Brings His Own Style To The Business World

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The business world is made up of many different industries. Every industry has a combination of aspects that make it unique. For business executives, the uniqueness of each business industry and sometimes the markets within the industries make it very challenging for executives to run successful companies. There is no set style that an executive has to have to be a successful executive. There are many different styles regarding successful executives.


Generally, successful executives learn the particulars of the business industry where their company operates. They use this knowledge to make decisions related to running a company. Successful executives understand that it is good to use their own style in running a company. It is very hard to run a company not being true to the business style of the executive. For executives in the fashion industry, it is even harder to run a successful company because the fashion industry requires a combination of qualities that are not found in most executives.


In the fashion industry, the ability to come up with new ideas and concepts is an important aspect of the industry. People look to the fashion industry for fresh ideas and approaches to fashion. The executives in this industry must be able to recognize good ideas and concepts while avoiding the bad ones. This requires qualities beyond the main core aspects of running a business. It requires a level of creativity and vision.


An idea in the fashion industry that has been used recently by various people and companies in the industry is the use of technology with fashion. This is an approach to fashion that is different than what many people are use to trying. For executives in the fashion industry, they have to be able to look at the use of technology and how best to match it with fashion.


Chris Burch is a business executive who has the qualities needed to run successful companies in any business industry. Chris Burch has ran successful multi-million dollar companies in multiple industries that include the fashion industry and technology industry. He has an understanding of the fashion and technology industries that gives him a perspective of both industries that most executives do not have at their disposal.


Chris Burch has accomplish a great deal in his professional career. He has a combination of qualities that make him a top executive in the business world. He continues to provide outstanding leadership and vision for the companies where he serves in an executive role.

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How Technology and Fashion Trend Together

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Over time, the fashion and technology industries have experienced many changes. In fact, the two grows together. Technology has become fashionable while fashion has become technologically fashionable. How the two grows together is an exciting journey. According to Christopher Burch, a preview of the past and present dictates what lies ahead in the future.


The introduction of the boom box in the 70s brought excitement as one would carry around favorite stations and tunes. It had two cassette decks where one would be used to play music and the other one for recording. The use of boom box was added to movie story line. Moving forward to the 80s, the Walkman enabled one to buy a more personalized music experience. A decade later, personalized music experience became even smaller with the invention of iPod. As such, technology seems to grow with the popularity of fashion. Today, technology and fashion continue to blend. Fashion designers take pride in creating technologically popular products.


Fashion needs technology to gain popularity and vice-versa. For example, wearing glasses was highly disregarded up until recently. From a computer geek’s viewpoint, Google Glass seemed intriguing due to the stigma of wearing glasses. Also, its cost seems astronomical for an average person. However, Diane Von Furstenberg came to the rescue of those that want the technology that does not require the wearing of glasses. Since fashion shows tend to wake people up to the latest trends, Diane’s model wears Google Glass as they are walking through the runway. Therefore, accepting Google Glass technology should have a similar effect on fashion shows. Thus, growth in technology may need assistance from fashion.


As seen, technology and fashion grow together and can even benefit one other. Therefore, the future of fashion leads into the future of technology. Technology and fashion work in handy to advance each other. Technology not only advances fashion but also creates functional fashion. The greatness of the future lies in what technology and fashion learn from each other.


About Christopher Burch


Christopher Burch is a renowned investor and entrepreneur behind the success of a series of companies. Currently, Burch serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. In many ways, Burch Creative Capital reflects Burch’s values and vision for new market opportunities. With a clear understanding of consumer behavior and experience in direct sourcing, Christopher Burch connects innovation to impact. Currently, Burch’s company supports the development of lifestyle and consumer products ranging from organic food, home furnishing, and apparel.