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Lime Crime Pocket Candy Palettes Are A Major Hit

Published / by CapaConf

There are only a small number of brands worthy enough to be named revolutionary within the cosmetics industry and any self respecting makeup guru knows the super hip and super cute Lime Crime is one of them. This beloved company burst on the scene and made instant headlines as one of the very first beauty brands to make their start in the digital and social media world.

Lime Crime is an Indie cosmetics company best known for churning out some eye popping and wildly colorful lip shades. Their wonderfully eclectic colors are long lasting and comfortable enough for daily use. Vegans and animal lovers alike are thrilled at the fact that their products are certified by PETA as 100 percent vegan and cruelty free. Nature lovers can now be as trendy and chic as they are socially conscious thanks to the founder’s forward thinking.

One of the shining qualities about this beauty brand is that they don’t gear their products towards a specific demographic. This means that amazingly unique guys and gals are invited to take part in the wonder and sparkle of makeup without any restrictions. This company knows that makeup is for everyone and they produce magical colors and shades sure to be a hit regardless of gender.

Their latest launch to hit the shelves is the Polly Pocket children’s toy inspired eye shadow palette called Pocket Candy Palettes. These convenient, pastel works of art come in three different shades and house a total of five must see shades. The shades range from glowing and luminous to professionally neutral depending on taste and preference. The palettes each have totally adorable and delicious sounding names such as Pink Lemonade, Bubblegum and Sugar Plum.

Lime Crime has proven that they certainly know how to pair beautiful, buttery eye shadow shades with colorful and nostalgic packaging as with the all new Pocket Candy Palettes. At such an affordable price, you can take all three home for the chance to really customize your look. These beauties can be found online at Amazon or at the nearest Walmart or Urban Outfitters.