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An Insight to Techstyle’s Management And Founders.

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TechStyle, a company which has brought about top notch fashion sense and product by the use of technology. This year, the firm set to earn a revenue approximated to be $700 million, a figure arrived at with the help of its two thousand employees and 4.5 million subscribed members.

Founded by two visionary entrepreneurs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the company’s profile will boost with the launch of a new product next year which will also lead to an increase of the company’s valuation and sales.

Adam Goldenberg, Techstyle’s co-founder active career life currently stands at twenty years which began at the tender age of thirteen years old. At 13, Adam started an online based bulletin board, whose performance was excellent. After some time, the bulletin was boosted to increase its revenue and transformed into Gamer’s Alliance, a then-popular gaming website. At the age of 17 years, Adam sold the gaming website to Intermix, founding company of Myspace social media. Intermix later offered Adam Goldenberg a fulltime position of a Chief Operating Officer as a teenager, 19 years, making him the youngest chief operating officer in History. It is while at this COO position that Goldenberg realized the potential that lies in e-commerce making him found another enterprise, Intelligent beauty. With time, Intelligent beauty led to the birth of other companies such as JustFab. Goldenberg’s aggressive use of technology throughout as he grew and his previous experience enabled him to co-found TechStyle successfully

Don Ressler on the other hand, is a well-known online entrepreneur having run successful ventures across online platforms in the past. One of his experience is sourced from his successful venture Fitness Heaven which was later sold. Don Ressler also worked with Intermix where he boosted the value of shares before finally selling the organization to News Corp at a very profitable tag of $670 million. Other start-ups by Don include Alena media and Hydroderm, a skincare brand.

Don and Goldenberg’s successful partnership journey started when they founded Intelligent beauty which gave a basis for the creation of TechStyle. While Don runs the company’s customer experience, vision and talent, Adam manages the company’s internal systems, data and marketing.

TechStyle is a technology based entity owning a fashion operating system platform with distinct features such as the CRM membership system, e-commerce system, personal styling system, enterprise data management system and the supply chain and fulfilment system. An incorporation of all the above systems have not only given clients an exquisite shopping experience but also customer service that is next to none.

Both Goldenberg and Don’s purpose is creating incremental builds into their organization as products and software features to ensure that they dominate the digital space in fashion sense.

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