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US Money Reserve lands new deal

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In the modern generation, consumers are interested in the investments that offer quick returns. These individuals find themselves in trouble because whenever there are major economic changes, the investment they have made turns to be a loss.

There are so many investment opportunities in the global platform at the moment. Individuals who have been using technology for their investment purposes can attest to this. There are millions of opportunities online where people can earn some wealth.

However, with many conman everywhere on the internet, people are scared of trying some of these important opportunities. People have remained to be poor despite the many simple money making opportunities. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

In the past, wealth was considered to be invested in gold and other precious metals. People who had these metals in their pockets were considered to be wealthy. Gold was a crucial element in the society. With the changing market, people started to forget about this form of investment, and they focused on the modern ways of investment.

Veterans who felt that the consumers were making a mistake that they were going to regret in the future decided to start a company that would deal with natural metals that were approved by the American government. The company is called US Money Reserve, and it is one of the leaders in the international market.

US Reserve has been fortunate to land amazing deals since it came into the market several years ago. The founders and executive leaders of the organization had made sure that customers get the excellent results they want when purchasing precious metals. Customers are happy with the services they have been getting from the company.

This year, the company was fortunate to take part in the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. The event is expected to take place while the whole world is watching, and this is the primary reason the deal was offered to US Money Reserve. According to the news shared by most media companies, US Money Reserve will produce the coins to use in partnership with a company called The Perth Mint Australia.

These two companies have a reputation in the metal department, and they are considered to the leaders in the tight global market. US Money Reserve has appreciated the opportunity the event management has given it, and it promises the consumers nothing but the best services. US Money Reserve has already prepared itself for the event.

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Richard Dwayne Blair’s Financial Plan

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Financial goals need planning. Richard Dwayne Blair offers wealth management and retirement planning to clients within Texas and greater Austin. Richard Dwayne Blair’s main objective is to see members of his community having a financial direction in life. Financial planning involves three main pillars approach These financial directions according to Richard will help the members with many solutions. The financial planning approaches allow Richard to focus on the current financial status of a client. Moreover, the approaches help in determining the client’s retirement needs. The approaches help Richard to come up with a better financial plan for clients.


The first pillar approach helps in laying out the financial roadmap of a client. The approach helps in establishing the strengths and goals of the client, growth opportunities, and risk tolerance. This initial pillar helps in developing lasting and strong relationships between Richard and the clients. Throughout this pillar, Richard is able to gain a deeper insight into the concerns of a client. This helps him to come up with clear expectations.Visit This Page for more information.


The second pillar is developed to create an efficient, durable investment approach. The pillar is tailored toward the liquidity and distinctive goals of a client. This pillar is important because it helps Richard to reallocate and manage assets of the client. This in return captures the best performance when there is upward market movement. Moreover, it helps in lowering the impact on the portfolios of clients during negative markets. The third pillar involves the insurance needs of the client. No one knows when the storm comes. It requires proper planning in case the storm hits. Richard Dwayne Blair offers help to his clients in terms of life insurance, annuities, and long-term care insurances.


Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. The company is an investment advisory organization in Austin. The major goal of this company was to bring a positive impact on individual lives, small business owners, and families. Richard grew up in a family of teachers. His grandmother, mother, and wife were teachers. He understood from an early age how education helps one to grow confidence and knowledge. Richard realized at an early age that he could be of help to people with financial solutions. He found his way into the industry of finance immediately after graduation. In 1994, he established his own company Wealth Solutions. The company offers professional and personalized financial advice to its clients.




Equities First- AU Exists to Help Both High Net-Worth Individuals and Business Owners

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Equities First- AU is a lending organization that is offering several solutions for their respective borrowers in which they are capable of obtaining loans with some of the most practical terms of paying them off and with the lowest rates of interest. Equities First- AU is well aware that the entities that they’re currently offering their loans for, which are high net-worth individuals and business owner, are preoccupied with their own circumstances, obligations, and goals. This is why Equities First Holdings is going to do everything that they can to take a look at each of their applicants’ situations on a case by case basis to see what they may be able to do to provide a loan that is most suitable for them.

Equities First- AU does not discriminate when providing their loans in any way. They simply look at the personal situations of the applicants to decide whether they qualify for any particular type of loan that they’re capable of providing. The applicant is capable of making special requests pertaining to their loans, such as interest rates and terms of paying off the loans. The contracts of loans specify what all is entailed with it. Please feel free to ask one of the organization’s loan specialists what you may be able to do to get the best deal on your particular loan. They are very flexible with the loans that they offer, as they may be willing to work on interest rates that are most accommodating to your very own capabilities of paying them off within any specified period of time Equities First- AU takes a look at each of their borrowers’ capabilities of paying off both loans and the interest rates on the loans. A loan specialist may be able to work on loan contracts that are suitable for you to work with.

Why you should choose Stock-Based Loans instead of Margin Loans

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Equities First Holdings is an international leader and lender in alternative shareholder financing solutions. The company is experiencing more traction both in the margin and stock-based loans in an economic climate where financial institutions have tautened the lending rules. Not all borrowers who want to raise capital fast qualify for conventional credit-based loans. For this reason, many people opt to use the service of equity lending institutions, and this is making them gain popularity.

Even though some alternatives are still available for these people, many financial institutions have slashed their lending options to debtors, increased their interest rates and tightened loan qualifications. Usually, stock-based loans are characterized by a high loan-to-value ratio as compared to margin loans. The stock-based loans provide a fixed interest rate, offering certainty through the entire transaction.

Note that market fluctuation is unavoidable during the typical three-year loan duration, and you cannot do anything about that. However, the stock-based loans offer a hedge since the debtor is required to lower his or her investment risk when the market is on a downfall. Al Christy, Jr., founder of Equities First Holdings points out that the majority of stock-based loans come with a non-recourse feature. The feature allows a debtor to walk out from a stock loan at any point even if the value of the stock depreciates. With the stock-based loan, a borrower can keep the initial loan proceeds with no further obligation to the creditor.

As Christy points out, some people may think that margin loans and stock-based loans can be synonymous. Even though securities is used as collateral for the two forms of financing, they are entirely different. You need to be pre-qualified for you to get a margin loan, and the money you get must be used for a particular function. In most cases, the interest rate on margin loan varies, and one can expect loan-to-value ratios between 10-15 percent. On top of that, the lending company might decide to liquidate your collateral without warning in the event of a margin call.


About Equities First Holdings

Since Equities First Holdings was established, it has been providing alternative financial solutions to its customers. The company also supplies capital against traded stock to help the clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Currently, Equities First Holdings has completed over 650 transactions valued at 1.4 billion US dollars, giving customers a high loan to values at a minimum fixed interest rate. Equities First Holdings is an international firm with branches in nine countries. It has branches in Singapore, China, and Australia.

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