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Successfully providing their customers with financing solutions is what equities first holdings does very well. The company has been providing their customers with the funding they need to achieve their personal and professional goals since it’s inception in 2002, when it was founded by AL Christy in Indianapolis Indiana. The company has successfully financed over 700 transactions that total more than 1.4 Billion Dollars.

They do business in more than five countries that include the United States, The United Kingdom, Thailand, China and Australia. In Australia, Equities First Holdings has completed various transactions. the most recent one is with a company called Environmental Clean Technologies. The transaction between Equities First Holdings LLC and Environmental Clean Technologies Limited is valued at about 30 Million Dollars. The funding is for research and development in India.

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Railways & Randal Nardone: Billionaire Tycoons

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Transportation is one of the primary elements of a productive workforce. American industrial development in the 1900s depended on railroad barons to connect the nation together. Now, billionaire Randal Nardone & railways are providing the next stage of transportation development.

Transportation Movements

Those who have achieved the highest level of transportation can build empires. Those who fall behind, might see their empires crumble before their very eyes. Transportation has played a pivotal role throughout human civilization.

King Richard III said the following, according to William Shakespeare – “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.

Once the Spaniards could reach the New World, they could conquer it. Once the Union could depend on its powerful railroad network, it could defeat the Confederacy. The railroad tycoons were the difference between success and failure for many small Western towns.

But, when the airline industry started to grow, the railroads were left behind. Many stopped paying attention. They preferred to turn railroad tracks into bicycle paths, but not Randal Nardone Co-Founder of the Fortress Investment Group.

Valuable Railways of Tomorrow

Randal Nardone’s Fortress has purchased a couple of railroads throughout its history. It rolled some of these into its RailAmerica holding company. Eventually, Fortress resold RailAmerica through an initial public offering in October 2009.

Another Fortress railroad consisted of tracks between Jacksonville and Miami, Florida. This was referred to as the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC). Eventually, this was sold to a Mexican rail freight transportation company.

In 2014, the Fortress added Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway to the fold. The hedge fund planned to invest $10 to $20 million to repair the railroad infrastructure. The plan was to re-brand the railroad as the Central Maine & Quebec Railway.

Not everyone can take an old transportation asset and make it valuable again. Randal Nardone’s Fortress was able to do this. He seemed to have a golden touch – just like the billionaire tycoons of old.

And, valuable assets like these also made a new class of billionaires, including Randal Nardone. In 2007, Randal Nardone was #557 on Forbes Billionaire’s List. Mr. Nardone has an eye for value.

Randal Nardone Vision

Instead of focusing on glitzy assets, Randal Nardone focused on key underlying value. His Fortress was an important capital source for revamping the lines. Every day, the freight of production move along these railroads and their failure could be a catastrophe.

The Fortress Investment Group has built up an impressive list of assets. They understand that new forms of technology still build upon the assets of yesteryear. The train has been called the “Iron Horse” and “horsepower” is still used as a measurement of force by the automobile industry.

Recycling old transportation assets by the Fortress Investment Group has created a solid portfolio of wealth. This has sparked the interest of SoftBank, who added the Fortress to their Vision Fund Strategy in 2017. The railways continue to make billionaire tycoons, like Randal Nardone.

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A Glimpse Into Michael Burwell’s Financial and Leadership Expertise

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Michael Burwell is the current Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson focuses on giving financial solutions to the clients as well as providing financial advisory services. Michael Burwell graduated in his studies from Michigan State University in the year 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts. To add on this, he acquired a CPA in the course of his studies. He has been in the finance industry over 31 years with several leadership responsibilities in the topmost leadership positions. These include leading companies such as Global Transformation, Transaction services in the U.S., and also served as the chief financial and operating officer in companies within the U.S. He has worked as an audit for around 11 years and 12 years in the transaction advisory. According to Roger Millay, former CFO, Michael has a great focus on clients and is perfect for managing and leading a global company. He is believed to take the company to another level through his leadership and financial experience. He is an expert in financial matters and has all the information regarding the involvements in the market that affects the growth of a company.


On his announcement day, Michael Burwell thanked the leadership for the consideration and insisted that he is committed to customers and having integrative and collaborative engagements towards the success of the company. He said that he would look forward towards contributing to the wellness of the company tremendously. Michael Burwell has brought to the company top-notch expertise in handling finances. He is also very honest in his work, which makes the integrity the backbone of his work. Michael does a lot of work in effective management in the company, and as a result, the company is doing quite well. Other areas that have experienced growth include the mode in which transactions are carried out in the company. See Related Link to learn more.


Michael Burwell is an all-rounded person when it comes to roles and knowledge. These include the leadership roles, the human resource knowledge, technological services, strategies, financial matters, and outsourcing among others. This presented him the opportunity and honor to serve as the new chief financial officer at the company upon the voluntary retirement of the former CFO. All these have made him popular in his leadership and the financial sector. Thus, companies are looking forward to working with him. Michael has great value for clients and is committed to excellence in his endeavors. A combination of these has made him successful in business and his profession.


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Michael Burwell Comes To Willis Towers Watson As CFO

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Finding the right Chief Financial Officer is one of the biggest decisions a business can make. In fact, many companies will spend months or even years to find the right executive for the job. Recently, a top global risk management firm tapped one of the most experienced executives from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) to run their financial operations. That company, Willis Towers Watson, has selected finance veteran Michael Burwell as their new Chief Financial Officer.


Mr. Burwell brings over three decades of experience in the financial sector. As one of the top former executives at PwC, Mr. Burwell is considered one of the foremost experts in corporate finance. Previous to his position at Willis Towers Watson, Mr. Burwell served as PwC’s Chief Financial Officer in the United States as well as the Chief Operating Officer. He also held the position of Head of Global Transformation at PwC. In all, Michael Burwell spent over a decade in senior-level positions at PwC before coming to Willis Towers Watson.


As the Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Burwell will oversee the financial operations of Willis Towers Watson. Michael Burwell responsibilities will include managing the finance and transactions of the company as well as working with the management team. Mr. Burwell will help the company as it continues its growth as well as its global expansion. And as one of the largest risk management firms in the world, Mr. Burwell will help oversee operations on several continents.


In a recent press release, Mr. Burwell expressed his excitement to work at Willis Towers Watson as their Chief Financial Officer. He also expressed his desire to work with the management team and bring his extensive experience to every corner of the company’s financial department.


Michael Burwell is a Certified Public Accountant. He was educated at Michigan State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Mr. Burwell’s career includes over 31 years at accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers where he held multiple senior-level positions including Partner.


Willis Towers Watson is London based risk management and advisory company. The firm assists corporate clients with everything from brokerage services to insurance and actuarial services. As of 2018, Willis Towers Watson employs over 40,000 people in over 140 countries.

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Endeavors of Michael Burwell

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Willis Towers Watson Public Limited, the leaders in global consultation, brokering and solutions firm was able to announce the hire of Michael J. Burwell in October 2017. Michael Burwell takes the post of Chief Financial Officer which was initially held by Roger Millay who retired by his own will in 2017.


Michael Burwell has over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry and offering of professional services. Michael was a former worker at PWC, Pricewaterhouse Cooper where his initial years there he worked in insurance practice serving many clients in audit services. In 1977 Michael joined a partnership starting out as a transactional service at the Pricewaterhouse Cooper at the Detroit Brach. The central region leadership of PWC was taken over by Michael Burwell who was later on named the leader of the whole United States Region in the Department of Transactional services.


Michael was able to climb up the ladder of leadership as in 2008 he became the Chief Operating Officer of the PWC and in 2012 Michael Burwell advanced to be the Vice Chairman of Global and United States Transformation. In transformation role, Michael was able to improve efficiency in the supervision of principal departments of Finance, Technology, Human Resource and Capital. Michael was able to develop his services in a way that he became a senior partner to most of his clients.


Michael is an exceptional auditor who has more than ten years of experience as an auditor and also transactional advisory services. Michael has an extensive client list of companies to individuals where he has the reputation of assisting clients in premerger due to diligence and evaluation. Michael’s contribution to Willis Towers Watson Company will be significant for reaching the companies potential utilizing his managerial skills and understanding in the finance field.


Michael attended Michigan State University where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Michael is also a CPA holder. Michael’s expertise in the finance industry, transformation and transaction are essential for the role he is to undertake. The experience that has been able to acquire over the years will also be a big boost to his position of Chief Operating Officer.  Refer to This Article for related information.


Michael Burwell Named CFO of Willis Towers Watson

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On October 2, 2017, brokerage and solutions company Willis Towers Watson made Michael Burwell its acting CFO. Burwell brings with him an impressive resume, having spent the last 31 years climbing the ladder at Price Waterhouse Coopers. A graduate of Michigan State University, Burwell received his BBA in 1986. He immediately began working for PwC in the assurance department where he is handling audits. 31 years later the seasoned professional takes his second CFO position, only this time it is for a completely new company. Although Michael Burwell has been a CFO before, the opportunity to become part of a new environment is exciting. WtW has been around since 1828, and presently serves 140 countries spanning the globe. Burwell will find a new challenge here, and according to the current management of WtW, it is a challenge is more than experienced to handle.


John Haley, acting CEO of Willis Towers Watson, expressed enthusiasm for the new addition to WtW’s leadership team. Citing that his proficiency in finance will be beneficial for the company’s long-term growth. The appointment comes in the wake of former CFO Roger Millay’s voluntary retirement. Millay served the company well, but many prospects that Burwell’s addition will take WtW in a profitable direction.


Burwell’s tenure at PwC was very profitable. In 1997, he established PwC transaction operations in Detroit. The inclusion was successful, leading to the promotion of overall US Transaction Services Leader for PwC’s central region. Michael Burwell leadership improved over services for the central region, and lead to a promotion as CFO in 2007. From there he climbed the ladder to COO in 2008, and finally Vice Chairmen Global and US. In this role he augmented the organizational effectiveness of interior functions such as; Global Strategic Sourcing, Human Capital, and Finance Technology.


For his part, Burwell is looking forward to his new position. Impressed with the leadership of the company, which he managed to observe in numerous exchanges, Burwell is looking towards the future. Michael Burwell hopes that he can contribute to the fantastic culture has witnessed so far. Taking into account his stewardship of PwC as Vice Chairmen, such contributions will be many. Click Here for more information.