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Innovacare Health Should Be a Primary Option of Healthcare For Anyone

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Innovacare Health is providing citizens with a tremendous opportunity that they should not resist. At a time when health insurance is becoming a mandatory requirement for people to enroll in by law, people are noticing health insurance plans prices rising. This is because there are a myriad of companies that are noticing that there are several opportunities for them to profit by cutting costs and raising prices during a time when people are running around and looking for an insurance company to cover them. Why not search around until you find a company that is most suitable for you? The problem is, most people are not wanting to pay the fine that comes along with deciding not to enroll in a healthcare insurance program.

Innovacare Health is offering people their insurance services for as cheap as it comes. However, one should not confuse this with quality of services as they are one of the top providers of healthcare services in the entire market. They are currently offering great deals in both insurance package options and physician services. If you are to unexpectedly become sick or hurt, you can use either of these options to better you situation. Read more about Innovacare on Businesswire.

Innovacare Health is by far one of the more nationally recognized companies that is providing health insurance coverage packages. It is important to know why they are recognized as being a top choice as well. Perhaps the company’s CEO is enough of a reason for many. After all, oftentimes, a company’s values and quality are a reflection of their leaders. The company’s CEO, Rick Shinto, was awarded with the award of the year from Ernst & Young in 2012. It was given to him because he properly demonstrated excellent workmanship in various areas, such as personal commitment to communities, businesses, and great financial performance, and innovation. As the CEO of any company can certainly be a reflection of the company, one will want to also conduct their own researching of reviews and ratings given to the company. Innovacare Health is one that has receive positive ratings from prior and current customers, thus, making them a terrific choice. Visit their website at InnovaCareHealth.Com.

Everything You Need to Know About Medicare Advantage from InnovaCare Health

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Getting insurance can be quite difficult if you are not aware of what works best for you. Many people have little understanding of Medicare Advantage and its potential benefits. Medicare Advantage is contained within Part C of Medicare. It is a health insurance option that is available to citizens of the United States. The plan is based on a monthly fee that the subscriber has to pay.

To qualify for this program, one has first to sign up for parts A and B Medicare. One insurance company usually manage all the parts of Medicare. Wellness benefits are normally included in Medicare Advantage, something not found in Original Medicare. The best part is that there is a limit on the out of pocket fees. There is no such limit in original Medicare. With Medicare Advantage, however, you have no option for supplemental insurance. It is a type of insurance, which helps to reduce the out of pockets fees. With Medicare Advantage, you may also potentially get dental and vision services. However, you may need to seek a referral from your physician if you want to visit a specialist.

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Daniel E. Straus, CEO & Chairman of CareOne, InnovaCare Health


About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is a major player in the managed health services sector in North America. The company specializes in offering Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. These are the two major conduits it offers its services. The company, which has its headquarters in Fort Lee, New Jersey, is a leader in healthcare innovation. InnovaCare aims to meet the challenges of today’s healthcare requirements for all people. The company always strives to come up with models that are fully integrated with the technological advancements of this age.

The Leadership at InnovaCare Health

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides
She is the current Chief Operating Officer at InnovaCare Heath. Penelope Kokkinides took up her current role after gaining extensive amounts of experience over time. Before her current role, she was in a similar position at Aveta Inc. She has also served as the Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health HMO, Inc. She has more than fifteen years in the managed care sector.

Richard Shinto, M.D.
He is the current CEO of InnovaCare Health. Before its sale in 2008, Dr. Shinto was the CEO at Aveta Inc. Dr. Rick Shinto has more than twenty years in the managed care sector.