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Perry Mandera, Humanitarian for Many Disasters

Published / by CapaConf

Perry Mandera has always been involved in community services and has centered his life on helping people. He served in the Marine Corps Reserves before starting his own charitable company of Custom Cares Charities Inc. Perry employs hundreds of people in Illinois.

He graduated from high school in 1975 and drove a truck for the Marine Corps Reserves. Perry developed a successful career in the transportation industry after working for many different transportation businesses. In 1980, at age 23 he started his own business. Perry sold that business five years later because his interests has changed to politics. He served the Republican Party in Chicago for four years. He was one of the youngest individuals to serve as a committeeman.

In 1986, Perry Mandera started Custom Companies, Inc. and his business is still flourishing today. His business recently exceeded $200 million in sales. In 2000, Perry Mandera was named “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the Illinois Transportation Association. He is now a board member of the ITA.

Focusing mainly on youth educational programs and youth charities, Perry has also given to the veteran benefits programs, cancer research and cancer prevention. His company tries to hire as many veterans as possible.

Custom Companies have donated transportation services to disasters reliefs such as the tornado in 2013 that hit Washington and Illinois and to the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina. His company donated supplies to families and Mandera purchased many supplies out of his own generosity. Mississippi and Louisiana were given supplies and food after Katrina. Supplies and food were also given to the California relief efforts after the devastating wildfires.

Custom Cares Charities was started by Perry Mandera and some other individuals and is a philanthropic appendage of The Custom Companies. Perry Mandera loves the winter holidays and strives to donate to those needy families through Custom Cares Charities.

Giving back to his community, Perry Mandera hopes to instill in all his employees that charity should not only start at home, but in the work place. Perry has an assorted list of charities that his Custom Cares Charities serves throughout many different neighborhoods and the Chicago area (Customcares).