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Diversant, LLC: Building on John Goullet’s Success and Reputation at Info Technologies

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John Goullet is the Principal at Diversant, LLC. The company is a well-known firm in the information and technology sector. It was co-founded by John Goullet after years of being in the industry. What most people do not know is that John was also the founder of Info Technologies. He established the company back in 1994 and became its CEO.

Before he formed his own company, Goullet worked in IT staffing. Before that he was a computer consultant. While working as an accountant executive for an IT staffing company, he made the decision to form his own company.

Info Technologies

Info technologies was formed with the intention of matching personalities with IT jobs around them. Goullet would work with clients who need diverse IT expertise. He ran a database which acted as an agent between the clients and their potential employees. The company worked on the premise of linking up clients with professionals who matched their required skills and needs.

John Goullet grew the company into an award-winning firm. In fact, the company won several awards and got mentioned in the Inc. Magazine’s top 500 firms. The company was also ranked among the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. With a clientele of many top firms and investors, Info Technologies became one of the most reputed firms around.

Why Diversant?

Currently, John Goullet is the Chairman at Diversant, LLC. The company is a merger between Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. The strategic merger is geared towards expanding the scope of the company’s IT staffing solutions, as well as to widen their clientele. The company is also pleased to welcome the expertise and professionalism which both firms had established successfully.

Goullet is hopeful that the merger will enhance their mode of delivery. Their company has already come up with innovative ways to boost their staffing services and returns. Apart from their IT staffing solutions, Diversant, LLC is also involved in charity and community development. If you are looking for IT staffing solutions for a small-size firm or a large one, Diversant, LLC is definitely your best bet.

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