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Dr. Johanan Rand’s Interesting Approach to Healthy Aging

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Jonathan Rand is a Physiatrist, Rehabilitation Doctor, founder of Healthy Aging Centers. He attended Alert Einstein Medical Centre where he trained as a medical doctor in New York City. Dr. Rand believes that if he cannot support a medical diary, then he cannot advise his patients to it or its treatment. He is also a role model to people since he lives a healthy and fit lifestyle and motivates his patients to achieve their health goals with so much passion.


Hormones and Aging

Hormone levels reduce in both men and women as they advance in age. In women Progesterone and Estrogen levels fall between the ages 35-50 years which causes hormonal imbalance. This makes the body vulnerable to acquire diseases like heart disease, breast cancer, uterine cancer and others. Studies have shown that women who replaced their hormones with Bio-identical hormones in a very balanced way after hitting their menopause felt much better and remained healthier way longer as compared to those who did not replace (Releasefact). Our hormones declining is what makes us as human beings age. Hormones should not be replaced with chemically altered hormones but with Bio-identical hormones of Progesterone and Estrogen which will protect the body from many diseases. It also improves skin tone, sagging breasts, and libido. Dr. Rand is set to develop a program which will have Bio-identical hormone therapy replacement, a nutrition and supplement program, a fitness program and many other programs.

Men too have Testosterone levels which reduce with age and may cause their bodies to get ill quickly. In men, as their Testosterone hormone drops their Estrogen increases gradually. This hormonal imbalance in the body causes them to be in a state called Andropause. The dropping of hormone levels in men occurs in a slower state than in women hence health deterioration results in men may take a longer time to be seen as compared to women. Dr. Rand also has a program for men to attend to analyze their problems and find a solution to the deficiency of the hormones they lack. He ensures that there is a program which offers teaches them about proper nutrition and supplements they can take. They also provide bioidentical compounded hormones for them to replace the lost hormones.

To Those Seeking the Ideal Plastic Surgeon in the La Jolla, San Diego Region, Consider Dr. Mark Mofid

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Sometimes genetics is a mixed blessing. You exercise, conscientiously count carbs, and yet there are still parts of your body that refuse to lift, curve, or tighten, “Perhaps it’s time” you say to yourself, “to find a good plastic surgeon.” Assuming you’re a golden-stater, living in the La Jolla, San Diego region, who’s just reached this pinnacle decision, what sort of qualities do you want in your doctor candidate? How about a candidate that’s thoroughly committed to his patients and the practice of plastic surgery, someone that puts in the time to consistently improve, who inspires confidence?


Sound good?


Dr. Mark Mofid shared a seminal story, about his surgical beginnings, on It seems his first customer had such faith in the newly minted doctor, his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and his medical accreditation from John Hopkins attesting to his stellar academic chops, although thus far having only his residency under his belt, that the customer followed him from Baltimore to San Diego.


Not only did this customer have the confidence in Dr. Mark Mofid needed to follow him cross-country, it was for the purpose of receiving a full body and butt lift. Talk about pressure! As Mofid explains it, the procedure was just hitting its stride in the US. So, he spent weeks of training and preparation. Not satisfied with having the basics down, Dr.Mark Mofid went to the source, to get further training in Brazil. Today, Dr. Mark Mofid feels confident in calling himself a professional. A glance at his profile at indicates his current customers concur. Take Rosa M. Herrera, for example, who states, ” Very attentive, did a great job with my breast reduction. No stitches and wonderful scarring. ” Go To This Page for additional information.


Regarded as a welcome staff addition, with privileges accorded him at numerous La Jolla and San Diego hospitals, it would seem Dr. Mark Mofid ‘s standing is equally high amidst the reconstructive community. His written work has graced the acclaimed pages of the journal, “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,” and he’s a clinical faculty member of the University of California’s San Diego Division of plastic surgery.


Is Dr. Mark Mofid your ideal candidate? He might be!