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A Solid Foundation For Evolution Of Smooth

Published / by CapaConf

EOS has gone from a little known brand to instantly recognizable in only a few short years. The growth of the company in such little time is an achievement in itself, but all of this growth was done without an active marketing plan. For the very small amount of marketing that was done to promote EOS, the growth rate at which the company expanded was almost quizzical. The answer to this puzzle lies in the genius packaging design that caught the eye of every woman and made it’s way into her hand and then her purse.

When the company started out, they made sure they Target women and heard them about what they really wanted in a lip balm product. Easy to find in a purse, easy to open, easy to apply, and a pleasure to use all made the list. The company’s founders, previously in brand packaging and helping to run startups, put their expertise together and formed a product responding to all of these needs. The resulting product was colorful, fun, fit in the palm of the hand, was easy to open with a simple twist, conformed to the shape of the mouth, closed with a soft click, and was made with all natural ingredients. How could any woman resist, including the female buyer who was the first to initiate the product into any store, and that store was Walgreens. Ulta and Target soon followed the EOS product trend.

Success in their sales led them to invest in their own custom machinery instead of hype, so they could respond to the demand of the product, and the company now sells over one million units per week. The brand has kept up with their modern face and has invested in Facebook videos to promote their product now that they have reached success on their brand’s popularity.  See,