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Lime Crime is Bold, Loud, & Proud

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Lime Crime is a line of bold, colorful makeup that is designed for both men and women who want to stand out and be different than the “rest of the crowd”. The company sells a great line of makeup including traditional lipsticks and eyeshadows in non-traditional colors such as blues, greens, and black as well as a variety of hair-dying products and also nail care items. In addition, they also sell makeup a line of make-up brushes. They also offer bundles of items prepackaged together for special prices. Lime Crime cater to a young, eccentric population who want to show off their unique side with their uniquely-colored and designed makeup and beauty products.


These folks are out to revolutionize the way people view wearing makeup, and to provide an alternative look for people who want to be bold, loud, and proud of their look. Whether you just want loud and bold for a special occasion or enjoy wearing that kind of look every day, this company has something in stock for you! They seek to set a different tone in the design and fashion world while other companies rush to copy the latest trend, these guys looks to avoid copying these trends to provide customers as unique and refreshing alternative choice to beauty products.


These products is also available to order online so if you don’t live near their Los Angeles-based headquarters you can still order makeup no matter where you live! Their products are also being sold by several retailers across the US including in Urban Outfitters and in Canada at places like the Hudson Bay Company. All of their products are certified vegan & cruelty-free. They were never tested on animals. They have the endorsement of PETA and the Leaping Bunny to prove it! Lime Crime is a great way to stand out, look unique, and ensuring that you are treating animals and the environment well while you do it!



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Online reputation management is primarily concerned with the management of results on a website to mainly evaluate products and services and makes recommendations and referrals. The primary aim of ORM is to broaden public relations outside media relations. Recent studies by Online Reputation Reviews have identified it as a driving force behind Fortune 500 public relations since the 21st century. Online, the internet and the social media is now accessible, and it has a new meaning and is focusing on electronic communities, such as review sites and the top search results on the brand and individual.  Below are some of the things a person or a firm should put in mind about online reputation management.

Things you need to know about online reputation.

  • Protect your reputation: Your reputation can quickly be tarnished on the internet, so having online reputation managers. The managers specialize in making online makeover by burying the negative search results and replacing them with the client’s desire.
  • Protect your profile online: You can keep you safe online profile by installing anti-virus protection on your computer. The process needs an expert who designs and fixes your digital reputation and profile.
  • Be transparent: it is a communication mode to companies, and it is beneficial when embraced. It is important to be open to critics that come on your social media platform, provides feedback to the critics, allow your staff members to talk and discuss your products in public and also establish a 1-1 communication channel.
  • First impression: The first thing people see on your Google page will either attract them to your brand or push them away, always create the best first impression on your first page.
  • Understand your criticism: criticism can be the best school and chance to learn more about your audience and how to improve your brand and services.

Online Reputation Management helps marketers to analytics into guides that assist them to make decisions and grow their business. ORM helps entrepreneurs to know whether something negative or positive is happening to their brand and company.