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Understanding the Ideologies of Dr. Avi Weisfogel and Dental Sleep Masters

Published / by CapaConf

There are statistics which show that 80 percent of the people with sleep disorders have not received a proper diagnosis. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been working on getting more people tested and treated for sleep apnea for the past few years. Dr. Avi started his first dental practice in New Jersey close to 20 years ago. Through the years, he has provided excellent services to his customers, which has led to him gaining a lot of trust from his clients and the community in general. He has received very many awards and accolades for his exemplary performance and superior quality customer service.


During the time he was operating the practice, Dr. Avi realized that sleep disorders were common in his patients. He brought together doctors, dentists and several other health workers to help with research into the issue. Healthy Heart Sleep was the name of the initiative that he started in 2010 to deal with these sleep disorders. The company has collaborated with physicians from all parts of the world and supports them with the advice and other support that they need in their sleep laboratories. Another initiative that he started off was the Unlimited Sleep Patient. The effort is also focused on getting patients who have sleeping disorders and getting them the best treatment.


Dr. Avi sat in an interview with Ideamensch and talked about the journey he has been going through to get to the point he currently is. At the moment, the entire team is working on fine tuning a device that stimulates the upper airways and deals with sleep apnea. The device has already gotten approval by the FDA and will hopefully be used to make lives better for apnea patients.


When asked how his day is typically organized, he stated that his time usually starts at 6 in the morning. The activity that he quoted as the one which helps him get grounded and also get some perspective is praying. When asked about the trend that fascinates him the most, he explained that the possibility of speaking and interacting with other people from different parts of the world.


Finally, he was asked what he would do differently if he were to start from the beginning; Avi stated that he would approach everything with more humility. However, looking at the initiatives that he has been part of, including the Operation Smile initiative in the third world countries, it is easy to say that he has been more than humble in his approach to life.