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Examples of Top Orthopedic Surgery Procedures Performed By Greg Finch

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Orthopedic surgeries are performed on individuals who experience skeleton and muscles issues in their human bodies. Orthopedic procedures are either surgical or non-surgical; however, most orthopedic surgeons like Greg Finch prefer to implement the non-surgical procedures when treating patients. Below are examples of the most common orthopedic procedures:


Total Shoulder Replacement

Total Shoulder Replacement is a process aimed at reducing the pain of a patient’s shoulder joint. Total Shoulder Replacement is painful but after some time, patients get some relief and feel better. Total Shoulder Replacement usually involves replacing the damaged parts of the bone and cartilages with implants made of either plastic or metal.


Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery is used to improve the lives of patients and lessen their pains. Increased back pains tend to limit the daily activities of a person. Therefore, spine surgery is highly recommendable in cases where non-surgical procedures such as physiotherapy and medication do not relieve patients of pain. Spine Fusion is a preferred process conducted by surgeons like Greg Finch when patients undergo spine surgery. Spine Fusion allows an orthopedic surgeon to join the spinal bones together and reduces the stretching of the nerves.


Total Joint Replacement

Total Joint Replacement is performed on patients ailing from severe arthritis and requires to be relieved of pain. Before the procedure, orthopedic surgeons need to make an assessment of the damaged joint areas. Afterwards, the surgeons can then replace those damaged parts with metal and plastic surfaces. The surfaces have a natural shape to help in the restoration of the knee movement and normalization of joint functions.


About Orthopedic Surgeon Greg Finch

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon whose main area of specialization is spine surgery, spinal fusion, and trauma. In 1991, Mr. Finch obtained his degree from Auckland Medical School before progressing to Royal College Surgeons Melbourne.


Greg hails from Australia but spent two working years in UK, USA, and Germany with the best spine specialists.