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Celebrities and Their Myers Briggs Personality Type!

Published / by CapaConf


You can argue that the Myers Briggs personality system is imperfect. In fact, just about every level of psychology and analysis can be considered imperfect. Still, we’ve found that the Myers Briggs personality test can be startlingly accurate. Today we’ll pick out a few personality types and their corresponding celebrities.


ESFJs – “The People Person” – Hugh Jackman

When it comes to ESFJs, they like to be the heart of the party. It doesn’t surprise us that mega-star Hugh Jackman has tested for this personality type. He’s a superstar in every sense of the word and you only have to catch his smile on stage to buy into what he’s doing.


ISFJs – “The Introvert” – Kanye West

It’s hard to peg a famous ISFJ at first glance. This personality type tends to be more reserved in nature, keeping everything close to their vest. Kanye West, for all of his bloviating, is a musical genius that falls under this personality type. Wildly enough, other ISFjs include George H.W. Bush and Mother Theresa. You probably never thought that you would put those three in the same sentence, did you?


ESFP – “The Superstar” – Leonardo DiCaprio

If you are an ESFP then you kind of think that the world is your stage, unlike INTP famous people, the people around you your audience, and your life a play. The ESFP is a superstar laden personality type that is headlined by people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Clinton, and Miley Cyrus. That’s one heck of a line up, isn’t it?